Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 974 - Means To Mass Produce Cosmic System State Peak

Chapter 974 - Means To Mass Produce Cosmic System State Peak

Chapter 974 Means To Ma.s.s Produce Cosmic System State Peak

Another hour later, the group pa.s.sed a dune. Lin Ling’s eyes glowed as she scanned the surroundings. Then, she smiled.

She pointed at a place. “There’s chi moving there.”

This meant that there were sand beetles. Lu Ze smirked. “Let’s go over.” Everyone headed.

As they got close to that region, the sand exploded and a terrifying chi rose. This chi was a peak cosmic system state and even close to a cosmic cloud state.

That shocking pressure instantly condensed s.p.a.ce.


The group gasped. What was going on?

Weren’t they sand beetles? Why was there such a powerful beast?

At this moment, figures spewed out of the dunes. They were sand beetles.

Behind this was a flas.h.i.+ng gold sand beetle. It was about five meters tall, and its cultivation level was only level-5 cosmic system state level. But its chi was extremely terrifying.

It slowly crawled out and stared at Lu Ze and the girls.

This sand beetle wasn’t ordinary at all. It was faint gold. It looked like a boss.

This level-5 cosmic system state beetle was completely different from that level-5 cosmic system state scorpion. It was much stronger.

The golden beetle shrieked, and the sand around them began swirling and surrounded them.

Before they could even retaliate, they died.

The group woke up in a room. Their eyes were still shocked.

It was a super beast indeed. They couldn’t even dodge that last attack. Lu Ze’s mouth s.h.i.+vered. “It was probably a divine art.”

Qiuyue Hesha mumbled, “I didn’t expect the sand beetles would have such a super beast.”

The sand beetles were the weakest beasts on the fifth map, and yet they still had such a powerful beast. What about the stronger beasts then?

Thinking about this, their hearts ached. They might die much more on this map.

Half an hour later, the group sat up. The girls were eager to see Lu Ze open the crystal and the dark green orb.

Lu Ze laughed and took it out. He opened the crystal which revealed a pair of wrist guards.

Lu Ze smiled. “Li has one already, so Alice can have it.”

Alice took it happily. Lu Li already had a wrist guard, while Alice had s.h.i.+n guards.

Lu Li was slightly frustrated. Lu Ze kissed her and said, “The next one will be yours.”

Lu Li blushed and glared at him. She wasn’t prepared at all for the kiss!

The other girls laughed at this. Lu Ze felt it was best that he didn’t play with her anymore or she might explode.

He quickly changed the subject. “Okay, let’s have a look at that new drop.”

Lu Ze took out that orb from his mental force dimension.

Everyone looked at it curiously. Lu Ze scanned with his mental force, and information appeared in his brain.

Lu Ze was excited. This was a treasure. Seeing this, the girls were more curious.

Nangong Jing wondered. “What is it, Ze?”

Lu Ze beamed. “It’s a one-time divine art rune, but this one contains G.o.d art instead. Use your spirit force to activate this ball. It can release a poison G.o.d art attack the same level as the scorpion’s.”

The girls were stunned and then smiled excitedly.

The scorpion’s poison beam was a peak cosmic system state. It was poisonous too.

It might really be able to poison a peak cosmic system state to death.

Lu Ze was barely a peak cosmic system state power but died from the poison.

It only required a small amount of spirit force to activate the orb, and they get an attack. This was great.

Alice, in great marvel. “I wonder if the other scorpions have such an orb.”

The group became excited that a peak cosmic system state move!

It can be ma.s.s-produced, too.

It was beneficial to them now, but what if they gave it to other people?… It would be a battle royale a few days soon when other civilizations arrive.

If every human fleet carried a few of these b.a.l.l.s…

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “It seems that we need to hurry and find more scorpions in the next few days.”

Everyone agreed.

Lin Ling, in deep despair. “However, with my current power, I can’t find scorpions yet. Otherwise, it would be easier hunting them.”

Lu Ze patted her head. “The battle royale will probably last a while. We can take it slow. Don’t worry.” Nangong Jing nodded. “We’ve only taken the stored resources of those large resource points. There are still medium to small ones and not yet excavated ones. The blade demon region will be chaotic for a while.”

Lin Ling nodded.

Lu Ze smiled. “Look, we’re all sweating. Let’s go get a shower.”

The next day, Lu Ze opened his eyes. He chose to learn chi concealing G.o.d art first.

He looked on the side, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were learning the sand G.o.d art. Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice were probably cooking Lu Ze stretched and went outside. He saw Ying Ying laying on the couch and watching cartoons.

His heart ached. Would Ying Ying allow him to have breakfast today?