Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 973 - New Drop, Dark Green Ball

Chapter 973 - New Drop, Dark Green Ball

Chapter 973 New Drop, Dark Green Ball

After dinner, the girls sat on the couch playing with Ying Ying. Lu Ze was annoyed at her.

She didn’t leave any food for him!

After a while, they went back to cultivate. They entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

These few days, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had completed a set of four pieces. Lin Ling had two pieces, while Lu Li and Alice had one each.

As their equipment increased, so did their combat powers. This brought Lu Ze great help.

After entering the desert, Lu Ze and the girls concealed their chi and searched for their prey.

Five hours later, they killed seven waves of sand beetles. They acquired large amounts of drops, including an equipment crystal After flying a few thousand kilometers, they pa.s.sed a patch of dunes. At this moment, the power suddenly surged up into the sky. The distant dunes exploded painting the sky dark.

A dark green beam blasted at the group.

Was it the sand scorpion?

Lu Ze and the girls had seen way too many bosses these few days, but they didn’t see any sand scorpion.

Now, they encountered another sand scorpion again.

Lu Ze took the girls away.

The beam blasted into the sand and corroded it, forming a dark green poisonous mist.


A huge figure came out of the sands. It waved its two huge pincers and tossed at Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s fight it again.”

The girls smiled. They weren’t the same as a few days ago

They were stronger now.

Lu Ze tossed at the scorpion.

The sky was instantly covered in dark mists.

The scorpion slowed down. It felt the aim and spread out more poison.


At this moment, Lu Ze appeared outside the mist. Now, things were different.

A dark green light flashed in his eyes, and he also glowed dark green. He had a poison G.o.d art now as well!

It wasn’t very strong but enough for him now. He wasn’t going to use it to fight people. He just needed it to stay alive.

As he used the poison G.o.d art, the poison he inhaled before was cured.

He charged into that mist.

Lu Ze felt some pain again. At the same time, his head felt dizzy. However, it was much better than last time. His combat power wouldn’t be affected at all.

Lu Ze used Stone Transformation Divine Art as well.

The scorpion paused for a brief instant. However, it was too easy for Lu Ze to grasp such an opportunity.

He appeared at the scorpion’s tail and punched.


There was a slight crack.

Violent power surged inside the scorpion, and it howled. Its body overturned, and its chi weakened.

It was injured.

Lu Ze used Stone Transformation Divine Art again and then pursued Earth Shocking Blow.


Another punch, then the smashed scorpion flew.

Blood was flowing out from its tail.

Its chi weakened again. Lu Ze didn’t hesitate or didn’t give it any chance. Lu Ze resumed the attack.

In the black mist, the flying scorpion’s body kept on getting struck. The wound on its tail was growing worse too. Blood dripped like a fountain.

After dozens of attacks, the scorpion’s chi became so frail that it disappeared completely.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s skin was completely dark green. His organs were showing signs of corrosion.

Even though he had poison G.o.d art, a beginner like him couldn’t be compared with a master like a scorpion. However, a dark green light flashed.


Green smoke came out from Lu Ze’s body. His skin slowly regenerated until normal.

As long as he had enough spirit force, he could slowly remove the poison.

The girls flew over. Their faces were pale too but much better than last time.

This meant that they were also stronger. Lu Li asked, “Lu Ze, are you okay?”

They saw Lu Ze die of poison last time. They were truly concerned.

Lu Ze smiled. “I’m fine, let me just cure the poison.”

The girls felt relieved.

The body had turned to dust.

He looked at the drop and smiled. “Pick things up first.”

The group came before the drops.

There were the usual liquids and a dark green small orb.

Everyone’s eyes lit up. Alice said, “Senior, senior, this is a new thing!”

Lu Ze nodded and picked it up. “Let’s see what it is when we go out.”

Everyone nodded.

The group kept searching for more prey.