Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 972 - Didn't Even Get Any Soup

Chapter 972 - Didn't Even Get Any Soup

Chapter 972 Didn’t Even Get Any Soup

As Ying Ying opened her eyes, the starlight dissipated.

She blinked her eyes in confusion and then sat right up. She gazed around in vigilance. It was as though she was wary of something. When she sighted Lu Ze and the girls, she felt relieved. Then, she seemed to have thought of something and showed a subtle smile.

“Chicken drumstick!” She raised her right hand and opened her mouth.

At this moment, her smile was bleak.


Where did the drumstick go?

Lu Ze saw Ying Ying stare at the bone left in her hand. He acted the usual but felt quite proud on the inside.

This time, he finally won in the food contest.

He stole food from a cosmic realm state!

The girls looked at Lu Ze. With their knowledge of him, of course, they knew what he was thinking

Was this guy feeling proud?

Even Alice’s face puffed up, much less the other girls.

Lu Ze sensed these gazes and scrutinized them.

When he saw the five girls, his heart skipped a beat.

Oh no! he forgot about these five!

With how much they spoiled Ying Ying, he would probably be over.

Lu Ze acted like he was in danger and thought rapidly of a solution.

Worst comes to worst, he would sacrifice his splendor at night for them to keep the secret?

Lu Ze felt that this idea was quite plausible.

He was truly handsome. If he sacrificed his splendor, these girls would easily soften. At this moment, Ying Ying’s eyes sparkled with starlight.

Everyone was perplexed.

Lu Ze didn’t understand Ying Ying. Was she going to sleep again out of anger?

Suddenly, the starlight surged, forming a screen.

On the screen, Lu Ze was sneaking up onto Ying Ying’s bed. He tried to s.n.a.t.c.h the drumstick away, but Ying Ying didn’t want to let go, no matter what.

Therefore, Lu Ze let go and then used wind G.o.d art to cover the meat part of the drumstick and ate it.

The girls stared at him with contempt.

Lu Ze: “???”

Oh s.h.i.+t!

He forgot that Ying Ying has such capability!

The first time they met Ying Ying, she formed a screen, and showed Tingting!

Was he caught?? Ying Ying’s cheeks puffed up. She looked at Lu Ze, and her deep blue eyes reflected some anger. “Lu Ze, you baddie! You stole my drumstick!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He looked away with guilt.

The girls felt that this was completely odd.

This guy felt so fearless when he stole the food. He even forgot who he was.

Now, he was scared.

He carried aghast guilt for stealing food from little kids.

It isn’t like Alice wouldn’t cook for him.

At this moment, Alice rubbed Ying Ying’s round face saying, “Okay, little Ying Ying doesn’t get angry at brother Lu Ze. I’ll go cook for you.” Ying Ying’s eyes lit up, and her anger dissipated instantly. She stared at Alice full of hope. “I want chicken drumsticks! And…”

Ying Ying craved so much food that she was drooling while mentioning them.

Even Lu Ze was drooling.

It seemed that Ying Ying wasn’t angry anymore? Great! Lu Ze felt he was still fine.

Alice smiled and nodded. She rubbed Ying Ying’s little head. “Okay, I’ll go cook for you.” Before going, Lu Li and Lin Ling still glared at Lu Ze. Nangong Jing rushed up and started hugging and rubbing Ying Ying. “Little Ying Ying, I haven’t seen you awake for so long!”

Ying Ying went to school before and then fell asleep, but then the insectoids came.

Qiuyue Hesha went up as well.

Ying Ying’s face squeezed flat. Her face threw a horrifying look.

At this moment, Lu Ze grabbed Ying Ying away from the two girls and said, “Didn’t you see Ying Ying’s face being squeezed flat? Control yourselves!”

Ying Ying looked like she wasn’t angry at him, but he was still a bit worried. He decided to be nice to Ying Ying, and make her forget about him stealing her food.

Lu Ze showed an extremely gentle smile. “Ying Ying, are you tired? Can I give you a ma.s.sage?” Then he allowed Ying Ying to sit on his legs, while he gently ma.s.saged her little arms.

Lu Ze took out a computer and played cartoons. “Ying Ying, let’s watch your favorite cartoon!”

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha: “…”

They felt this was funny, but felt a little jealous since they hadn’t even received any treatment as such. Ying Ying suddenly said, “I want to eat! Lu Ze, have you stored food?” Lu Ze: “???”

His ma.s.saging hands halted. The two girls tried to hold back their laughter.

He was so nice to her, but she still wanted his stored food?

No, that was his little gold depot! He quickly beamed. “Your sister Alice is about to cook food. Let’s watch cartoons first.”

Ying Ying blinked her eyes and bobbed her head. “Oh.” Lu Ze finally felt relieved. He got through with it.

After a while, Alice came in. “Ying Ying, let’s eat.”

Ying Ying dropped the computer and jumped away from Lu Ze’s legs. Lu Ze wanted to run over too, but he remembered that he messed up with Ying Ying, so he didn’t argue with her He went out with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

The table was lavishly filled with food.

Lu Ze gulped heavily. The feast tonight was so abundant.

An hour later, Lu Ze dropped his head on the table lifelessly. He was about to cry.

He wasn’t able to eat anything. Ying Ying took everything! He even wasn’t able to taste a drop of soup.

He would never mess up with her again!