Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 96 - Born As Human

Chapter 96 - Born As Human

Chapter 96: Born As Human


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

When Lu Ze heard Alice’s sigh, he turned to look at her.

The dusk cast a layer of orange light on her. Her eyes were complicated and Lu Ze didn’t really understand it.

He smiled. “Alice, your smile is completely different from how you normally smile. We’re still young. No matter how beautiful the dusk is, just enjoy it. If we exclaim too much, we’ll get old.”

The two had gotten closer during the day so Lu Ze could joke around with her.

Alice looked at how Lu Ze smiled at her and her mood calmed down a little. She turned to keep looking at the dusk but still couldn’t smile.

Then, she said in a seemingly distant voice, “Senior schoolmate, I want to tell you something. However, you must not tell anyone, not even Li.”

Lu Ze was left dazed upon hearing this. He looked at Alice, who didn’t seem to be okay, and said, “What is it?”

Alice looked at Lu Ze. “If you don’t promise, I won’t tell you.”

Lu Ze looked at Alice silently. Eventually, he nodded. “Okay, I promise.”

He felt like it was something very important.

Then, Alice showed a different smile from before. It seemed quite sad under the dusk’s light. “Senior schoolmate, did you know that there’s a race that is naturally born at the peak of the universe?”

When Lu Ze heard this, he felt surprised. He wasn’t expecting for her to say this. He nodded and replied, “I know.”

There was no fairness in the universe. There were strong and weak races.

The human race was just an ordinary race, completely different from the races that naturally dominated the universe.

For example, the legendary star spirit race. It was a race born from starlight. Upon birth, they would already be in the cosmic realm state and when they mature, they became a cosmic lord. Such powerful beings could annihilate the milky way galaxy with just a thought.

But the good thing is that such powerful beings have no interest in ordinary races.

They’re already immortal and have seen too many races being created and destroyed. There’s very little that can interest them.

Alice then smiled bitterly. “Did you know that there are some G.o.d arts that if you awaken them, you will have the same talent and power as those of the top races?”

Lu Ze heard this and was shocked. Let alone not knowing this, he didn’t know much about G.o.d arts.

Seeing Alice’s bitter smile, Lu Ze realized that his chest felt heavy for some reason.

He simply said, “I didn’t know this, but Alice, why are you telling me this?”

Alice turned to keep looking at the dusk. The sunlight gradually dimmed down and she seemed a little cold as she squirmed.

After a period of silence, Alice continued, “My G.o.d art is called source flame.”

Lu Ze didn’t speak. He had some conjectures of his own.

“It’s a part of that group of G.o.d arts that as long as you mature, you can compete with the top races of the universe.”

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed.


He looked at Alice. She really has such terrifying talent?

At this moment, Alice suddenly smiled at Lu Ze and laughed. “Hehe, senior schoolmate is probably thinking: this naïve, smiling junior schoolmate actually has such terrifying talent?”

Lu Ze: “…”

How did you know what I was thinking?

After scaring Lu Ze, Alice’s voice sounded distant again, “But… the problem is, I was born in the human race…”

Lu Ze asked, “What’s wrong with being born in the human race?”

“Just awakening a G.o.d art at the level of source flame would require terrifying energy,” Alice said, “not to mention future growth. The human race doesn’t have such energy…

“As soon as I was born, I showed signs of awakening. At first, my ancestor and elders all thought that I was awakening some powerful G.o.d art. When I was five, the awakening stopped.”

There was a hint of sadness in her eyes.

This was the first time Lu Ze saw a girl as cheerful as her display such an expression.

“Due to the lack of energy, the awakening failed and there was a backlash. My mother…”

Alice’s body shook and she continued, “My mother tried to save me by planting half of her life flame and soul into me to help suppress the awakening source flame. Then, she fell into a deep sleep.

“Meanwhile, my ancestor and some elders discovered quite a bit of information before finding out what G.o.d art it was.

“So, my ancestor and the elders went outside the galaxy to help me find energy to help the awakening. Quite some powerful beings in the federation helped as well.

“…Perhaps they’re hoping that I can awaken the G.o.d art and become a powerful being who can protect the prosperity of the human race?

“Outside the milky way galaxy is far more dangerous than you can imagine. The last time I saw my ancestor was 8 years ago.”

Alice bit her lips and said shakily, “At the time, my ancestor was heavily injured and almost died. However, he brought back a small piece of hollow source. Due to this, I was able to live up until now.”

Seeing Alice s.h.i.+ver, Lu Ze took out the new blanket he bought and put it over her.

Alice squeezed herself into the blanket and smiled at Lu Ze.

However, her smile didn’t make Lu Ze any happier.

She continued, “Some people sigh and say I was born into the wrong race. If I was born into some powerful race, I would be one of the most prestigious prodigies in the universe.”

Lu Ze looked at Alice. “Then, what do you think?”

Alice looked firmly at Lu Ze and smiled. “I’m happy that I was born into the human race.

“However, it’s too unfair for others. They’ve sacrificed too much. Mother has slept for 12 years due to me. My father helps me take in the flame’s backlash, enduring the scorch of the source flame every time. My ancestor who almost died and the powerful beings in the federation have all been working hard to help…”

Lu Ze silently looked at Alice who was holding in her sadness and not crying.

Eventually, he smiled. “Um, if you want to cry, you can lean on my shoulder. Free for this time only.”

Alice rolled her eyes. “You’re so mean. You only say this to me now.”

Lu Ze replied, “Do you want it?”

Alice didn’t talk and just placed her head on Lu Ze’s shoulder.

Then came some sniffing. Then, the crying gradually grew louder and louder. Alice clutched Lu Ze’s clothes tightly and wept.

“Senior schoolmate… I don’t want to die! If I die, what would happen to my mum? Half of her life flame and soul are in my body. She will die! If both my mother and I leave, what about my dad? And what about my ancestor… I haven’t seen him for so long…”