Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 95 - Dusk, So Beautiful

Chapter 95 - Dusk, So Beautiful

Chapter 95: Dusk, So Beautiful


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After being discovered, Lu Ze smiled said, “Yeah, it’s me.”

Originally, when the audience saw that someone wanted to a.s.sault the cute and good looking Alice, they wanted to come up and teach Lu Ze a lesson. However, the two seemed to know each other, so they stopped.

At this moment, one sharp voice shrieked, “This person is Lu Ze! I have his photo. I’ve been studying it these few days. The eyes are exactly the same!!”

Lu Ze: “???”

Oh s.h.i.+t!

He looked at the direction of the scream. It was a young girl looking excitedly at Lu Ze. It seemed as though she would jump him at any time.

Lu Ze’s heart was full of despair.

He was wearing a mask and he was still recognized??

Was this young girl a spy?

And, what were they studying his photos for?

Lu Ze’s mood got a little complicated at the moment.

The people on the streets heard this and looked over too.

After all, the graduation trial just pa.s.sed. The hottest topic right now was Lu Ze and Lin Ling. Their performance during the insectoid tide was exceptional. At the same time, they were both given guaranteed entry by Federal University. Quite some people were curious about them.

Now that they saw the real Lu Ze on the streets, of course, they were curious.

Lu Ze felt more and more attention gather on him. His mouth spasmed. He looked at Alice and said, “Alice, I’ll fly you up.”

Then, wind circulated around the two, and they flew into the sky.

“Oh s.h.i.+t! It really is Lu Ze!!”

The people exclaimed.

Wind element G.o.d art was Lu Ze’s signature move!

There was also another screen playing Lu Ze using wind G.o.d art at the insectoid tide.

Those who didn’t believe the girl before completely believed her now.

Everyone saw the two leave and looked at each other.

“Wasn’t Lu Ze and Lin Ling a couple? Who is that blue-haired young girl?”

“Shocking news! Young duke candidate has girls here and there! Is this the loss of morals??”

“Bulls.h.i.+t, the relations.h.i.+p between Lu Ze and Lin Ling was just a rumor. This girl called Lu Ze ‘Senior schoolmate’. They definitely just cla.s.smates. My friend from Chang Yang’s number one high school said that Lu Ze has no girlfriend.”


Lu Ze found a small road with little people and landed.

He looked at Alice who still had a pale face but was much better before and asked worriedly, “Alice, are you okay? Last night…”

Alice interrupted and poked her tongue out, “It’s fine, my health hasn’t been well since I was young. I’m used to it.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. Since Alice didn’t want him to ask, he shouldn’t get nosy. “You’re quite weak, I’ll send you home?”

Alice’s condition seemed quite serious.

Lu Ze felt it was best to send her home and rest.

“Huh?” Alice’s body stiffened. She smiled at Lu Ze. “I’m really fine. I’ve slept too much today, so I wanted to go out for a walk. When I saw the piano, I couldn’t resist…”

Lu Ze heard this and remembered Alice’s beautiful smile when she played the piano. He smiled. “Alice, you played really well.”

“Really?” Alice’s eyes lit up and looked at Lu Ze.


“Hehe~ my mother always played this for me when I was young.” Alice smiled smugly. “This is my favorite.”

Alice broke free from Lu Ze’s hand holding her shoulder and ran forward a few steps. She turned around and smiled at Lu Ze. “I’ve learned my cooking from my father and my piano skills from my mother. These two are my favorite hobbies.”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “It seems your parents are highly educated. Alice is so exceptional in both of them.”

“Haha, really?” Alice seemed really happy.


Alice felt great being complimented like this. She turned around and walked ahead slowly while humming.

Then, she seemed to have thought of something and asked, “By the way, Senior schoolmate seems to be on a holiday. Did you come out to relax a little?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yeah, I didn’t expect to see you.”

After hearing his words, Alice’s eyes lit up. “Senior schoolmate, I applied for a leave today too. Let’s go out and play together!”

Lu Ze froze slightly and scratched his head. He was a little hesitant.

Of course, he wouldn’t mind playing with such a cute girl, but the problem is her health.

He looked at Alice dubiously. “Alice, your health doesn’t seem to be suitable for playing right now?”

Alice smiled when she saw Lu Ze’s worried face. “Senior schoolmate, I’m really fine now. Staying happy is beneficial for recovery too.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

He looked worriedly at Alice. “Are you really okay?”

If something happened, would her dad beat him to death?

He was a star level master!

Alice nodded firmly. “I’m fine!”

Lu Ze: “…”

Eventually, Lu Ze and Alice went to the city center again.

It was near lunchtime, so they found a restaurant to eat first.

Lu Ze noticed that Alice seemed to really like sweet food, especially custard cakes.

Seeing how blissful she was eating, Lu Ze couldn’t resist laughing.

Then, the two went to watch the latest new holographic movie. They went around everywhere, including the arcade.

The two had a really enjoyable time.

When it was four, Alice suddenly turned to Lu Ze and said, “Senior schoolmate, let’s go for a picnic!”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “Sure!”

Thus, Lu Ze took Alice out and found a scenic gra.s.s patch. Alice took out cooking utensils from her storage ring and began cooking.

Lu Ze helped on the side and tried to learn some things from her.

Seeing Lu Ze was interested in learning, Alice was happy to teach.

Soon, abundant beautiful food was made. The aroma even attracted quite some cute animals.

Alice happily carried a furry white animal. This little guy wasn’t scared at all.

Alice fed it a small piece of spirit herb.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze decided to feed himself first.

After eating, it was already six.

At the horizon, the sun slowly set, painting the sky with an orange-red color. It almost seemed dreamlike.

The two packed up the things and sat next to each other on the gra.s.s.

Alice hugged her knees and set her chin on her knees. Her long soft blue hair ran down her shoulders. She looked into the distant dawn with complicated eyes.

“Dusk is really beautiful.”