Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 97 - Secrets of Alice Hephaestus

Chapter 97 - Secrets of Alice Hephaestus

Chapter 97: Secrets of Alice Hephaestus


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Alice’s cries were blown a long distance by the night wind.

Gradually, the sun plunged below the horizon. The dreamlike dusk sky was devoured by the darkness of the night. Instantly, the only sounds remaining in the area were Alice’s cries.

The more one tried to force a laugh, the more bone etched her sadness would be.

Lu Ze reached out his hand, wanting to pat Alice’s head.

However, his palm stopped halfway.

He slowly took back his hand and simply listened to Alice’s cries while looking at the dark green night.

Moments later, Alice seemed to be tired from crying as her voice was noticeably weakened.

She was backlashed by the source flame yesterday and her body hadn’t completely recovered yet. After crying, she felt even more tired.

When Alice’s crying completely stopped, the surroundings fell silent.

Moments later, she suddenly looked up and wiped her tears. She poked her tongue out at Lu Ze and smiled. “Thank you, senior schoolmate, for your shoulder. I’ve held it inside for too long. I feel so much more comfortable now!

“It’s all because I had too much fun with you today and I spilled the beans. You must not tell Li this, or else she would definitely feel bad.”

Lu Ze smiled speechlessly hearing that. Lu Li had already begun worrying since last night.

But he didn’t plan to tell Alice this.

Lu Ze smiled. “Alice, you said that you need energy to awaken the source flame, right?”

“Yea, but the energy levels required are really high. If it’s just ordinary energy, it could be found by the human race.”

Alice rolled around in the blanket and only revealed her head. She laid on the ground and looked at the night sky.

Lu Ze reached out his palm and a faint red orb appeared. It emitted a soft red light under the night sky.

He looked at Alice. “Alice, will this do?”

The energy levels of this shouldn’t be that low. After all, it could allow him to reach a perfect state for body refinement.

She was his little chef. He had to do something in return for her.

Such a girl shouldn’t lose the happy smile on her face.

Crying wasn’t suitable for her.

The instant Lu Ze took out the light orb, Alice immediately sprung up.

Her eyes gazed at Lu Ze’s red light orb. Blue flames flickered in the depths of her eyes.

Then, she said with surprise and joy, “Senior schoolmate, this is useful!”

Lu Ze breathed easy.

That was good. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t be able to help much.

He smiled and gave it to her. “Then use it.”

Alice looked at Lu Ze hesitantly and bit her lips. She took it but said, “Senior schoolmate… although this isn’t a source and I don’t know what type of energy it is, energy that can awaken the source flame is very precious… You’re really going to give it to me?”

Lu Ze gave her such precious energy without a second thought. This made her feel very complicated, but her heart was beating very fast. A feeling of sour and bitterness surrounded her.

Lu Ze smiled. “Alice, you’ve cooked so many good things for me. I can’t just eat and not pay as your senior schoolmate, right?”

Alice looked at Lu Ze and smiled.

Although his reasoning was very forced, she still chose to accept it.

She took the red orb, sat down, opened her mouth, and quickly ate the light orb.

Almost instantly, a faint blue light flowed across the surface of her skin. No flames spilled out, but the surrounding temperature shot up.

In just a few short minutes, Alice opened her eyes. Her pale face was now slightly red.

Lu Ze looked at her and asked, “How was it?”

Alice smiled helplessly. “It was useful… but there was too little energy. I’ve awoken a little and delayed the backlash… Sorry, senior schoolmate… it was so precious…”

Before she could even finish talking, she looked at Lu Ze in disbelief as another light orb appeared in his hand.

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Let’s continue.”

Since it was useful, he was going to save this junior schoolmate!

Alice’s eyes flashed as she looked at Lu Ze with a complicated expression. Seeing that his eyes were firm, she said nothing but just smiled and ate it again.

A few minutes later.


Another few minutes later.


A few hours later, the dark green night had transitioned into pitch black. Stars speckled the night sky raining down silvery light.

Alice had used nearly 50 light orbs.

But, Lu Ze had a few thousand of these. After all, they fell from white rabbits. There were simply too many of those.

When she opened her eyes again, Alice smiled. “Senior schoolmate, that seems to be enough for today.”

Lu Ze blinked and felt confused. “That fast? Your G.o.d art has awakened?”

Alice’s smile froze for a moment before she shook her head. “It’s not that fast. The awakening is a process. This should amount to the energy I used at five years old. The awakening has just begun.”

Then, she smiled at Lu Ze and said, “But even so, the backlash is delayed for at least a year.”

Lu Ze touched his chin. “So, that means you need to use 50 a day? That’s fine, I’ll give you more every day.”

Alice’s body shook. She asked Lu Ze with a gasp, “Senior schoolmate, you have more?”

Lu Ze smiled. “This is the first G.o.d art I awoke. I can produce this much energy every day. Right now, it should be enough for a while.”

Alice heard this and bit her lips. There were tears in her eyes. “…Senior schoolmate, I’m a bottomless pit. I will only drag you behind…”

Why was senior schoolmate so nice to her?

This wasn’t fair…

Dad was the same…

Mum was the same…

Ancestor was the same…

The powerful humans were the same…

This wasn’t fair.

Lu Ze looked down at the heavy-hearted Alice and said, “Alice, look at my eyes and tell me. Do you want it? Do you want to live?”

Alice heard this and was left dazed. Then, she looked down.

Only moments later, she looked up and stared into Lu Ze’s eyes with firmness. “I do!”

“Good, then leave the rest to me.” Lu Ze smiled.

Under the silvery starlight, Alice looked at Lu Ze’s smile. Slowly, she displayed that same vibrant smile again.

She got up and walked next to Lu Ze before saying, “Senior schoolmate, my name is Alice Hephaestus. I’m 17 years old today, and my hobbies are cooking and playing the piano. I dislike bitter stuff and I’m afraid of pain, darkness, and being alone. The thing I’m best at is smiling. My biggest dream is to live happily with my family and return the kindness everyone has shown me…”

On the gra.s.s lawn, Alice deeply looked at Lu Ze as she told him everything about herself.

Eventually, she looked at Lu Ze and said, “Now, I have no more secrets kept from senior schoolmate.”

Lu Ze opened his mouth. With the night wind blowing past and carrying her aroma and the smell of gra.s.s into his nose, Lu Ze was left dazed. He didn’t know what to say at this moment.