Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 971 - Awake Ying Ying

Chapter 971 - Awake Ying Ying

Chapter 971 Awake Ying Ying

Lu Ze returned to the main s.h.i.+p.

The commander immediately saluted. “Monarch of the New Dawn, welcome back.”

Lu Ze had been very busy traversing s.p.a.ce and collecting resources.

The soldiers have been seeing this. With Lu Ze’s cultivation level, these resources were useless to him. These resources were for star states and below.

Despite this, Lu Ze worked so hard. This made them respect Lu Ze even more.

A barbarian elder grinned. “Lu Ze kid, you’re back.”

Lu Ze nodded and asked the commander. “How is resource collection going?”

The commander smiled. “We’ve finished collecting all the bases you have pointed out. Our fleet is about to fill up.”

Lu Ze raised a brow. He was so excited.

If this entire fleet was filled, that would be plenty of resources.

He smiled. “If we’re filled, then let’s contact Elder and send the resources back.”

During this period, Elders Nangong and Shenwy have been sending resources back to the Federation, after visiting the Blade Demon Ancestral Planet. They just had to hand their resources to them.

The commander wagged. “We’re probably the fleet to have filled up the fastest.” He then looked at Lu Ze with admiration.

The other soldiers were also delighted.

Even the barbarians looked at Lu Ze with respect.

If Lu Ze didn’t have s.p.a.ce G.o.d art and didn’t run around so much, it wouldn’t be this easy.

Lu Ze scratched his head in embarra.s.sment.

Suddenly, he thought of something, and his face turned serious. “By the way, there’s one more thing I need to tell you guys.” Everyone waited in wonder upon hearing this. Man Da asked, “What happened?”

Lu Ze took out Boby’s body immediately, blood stench filled the s.p.a.ce. The remnants of the cosmic system’s state power still made those weaker people feel sick.

Everyone gasped at the body.

Man da mumbled, “Is this a Blood Claw Race soldier? They’re here too?”

Their race didn’t have a cosmic cloud state before, but they were also very strong.

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes, I saw them at a base. They probably just got here. I searched their fleet. There were no blade demon resources inside.”

s.p.a.ce rippled and three wormholes appeared. It was the girls; Winged Race and Round Race.

They all felt Boby’s remnant power and came out.

Hearing Lu Ze’s words, their faces worried.

A winged cosmic system state said, “It seems that the fleeing of a Blade Demon Race was noticed by the other races.”

The Round Race cosmic system state nodded. “Blood Claw Race is probably just the first to come. There would only be more.”

Man Da agreed. “The situation is going to be chaotic.”

Everyone felt heavy at heart. These races would be coming to fight for blade demon resources.

Battle was unavoidable.

Lu Ze smiled. “At least, we’ve already had this many days collecting resources. We’ve swept clean those large resource points. What’s left are just some medium and small resource points.”

Everyone nodded. A Winged Race said, “Lu Ze kid is right. Our alliance has benefited a lot from this.”

“Hahaha, this is all because the Human Race took the early advantage. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so good.”

Lu Ze agreed and looked at the commander. “Commander, contact the other fleets, and tell them about the Blood Claw Race.”

The commander nodded.

In a resource system, a human fleet was stopped at the blade demon base.

Man Yi and the others were looking casually at the Shenwu Army soldiers working outside.

With Man Yi’s power, it was no threat to this fleet even if someone came. ‘Beep.’

The communications soldier immediately reported, “Commander, it’s a message from the Monarch of the New Dawn’s fleet.”

Man Yi and the others glanced curiously.

The commander quickly said, “What news is it?”

The message was displayed, and the soldier’s face deformed. He said, “Monarch of the New Dawn said that he just encountered a blood claw fleet coming to blade demon territory. They’re probably here for resources too.”

Man Yi and their faces turned serious.

The Evil-Eyed Race got an early message too, but the Blood Claw Race was different.

This meant that there would be more races coming.

Man Yi asked, “Did they say the fleet’s power and if they need backup?”

Lu Ze and the girls might not be able to stop the Blood Claw Race. Man Yi even felt he needed to go help.

The soldier replied, “The Monarch of the New Dawn annihilated the fleet. There was a level-7 cosmic system state who got slain and two level-5 cosmic system states escaped.”

Man Yi and the others: “…”

Man Yi coughed. “It’s good that he’s fine. Let’s be careful of our situation too. Finish up here and head to the next solar system. Hurry up and finish collecting the large resource points and take the resources back.”

The commander outcried, “Yes!”

All the fleets received the news. Those with peak cosmic system state people were rather calm, but those level-8 cosmic system state people were hesitant.

Some thought about it and decided to send the resources they have collected back to elder Nangong first.

Some decided to delay it.

Lu Ze and the wives were feeding Ying Ying drops of spirit liquid. It was soon wrapped in starlight and brought inside Ying Ying.

With this, Ying Ying’s starlight illuminated even brighter, then abstruse chi circulated the room. Lu Ze and the wives were shocked seeing this.

They were cosmic system states, but they felt dizzy by just looking at the light.

Alice rubbed Ying Ying’s face. “I wonder when she will wake up.”

At this moment, the starlight flowed like water.

Then, Ying Ying opened her deep blue eyes.