Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 970 - Heart Gone Cold

Chapter 970 - Heart Gone Cold

Chapter 970 Heart Gone Cold

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot once again.

He appeared before Boby and grinned, then his fists burning with spirit flames punched out.


Terrifying shockwaves spread in s.p.a.ce. With every punch, Boby overturned like a ball. He was just sent around in s.p.a.ce.

The other two soldiers from the Blood Claw Race were astonished.

Boby was no match to this human, even after using blood demon crystal.

They gasped. Just who did they mess with?

The distant fleet kept rocking under the shockwaves.

But no one there could care about this. They were sweating cold as they watched Boby getting pummeled. They felt every strike on their hearts.

Even Lord Boby was no match to this human?

Lu Ze smashed Boby’s blood rune s.h.i.+eld once again and sent him flying.

In the meanwhile, Boby bled, and he overturned extremely far.

Boby was covered in wounds and looked pitiful.

Lu Ze nodded, grinning. This guy could really take a beating. He still wasn’t dead. Another round of attacks should be able to blow him up though.

Lu Ze didn’t know if this guy had any other moves left, but he didn’t dare to underestimate these cosmic system states from powerful cosmic system state civilizations.

This blood claw guy could stop his attack at level-7 cosmic system state. Even though that wasn’t his full powered attack, this blood claw guy was still just level-7 cosmic system state.

This guy could also bring his power to a peak cosmic system state with his trump card.

Seeing Boby’s chi advance deterioration, Lu Ze loaded up again. Suddenly, Boby’s eyes sparkled with blood light. The blood mist around him densed.

Seeing this, Lu Ze knew this guy had more moves.

Boby grinned revealing his white teeth, then the smile on his face turned gruesome again.

He licked his lips, and the blood stench around him became more intense.

Eroc and Kelun’s eyes flashed with horror.

Kelun shouted, “It’s here! Losing sanity after turning into a blood demon!”

He dragged Eroc away from the battle region and seemed ready to run at any moment. Lu Ze kept watch of the other two as well.

He was dazed when he saw this. Why did they seem to want to run but hesitant?

At this moment, Boby suddenly transformed into a blood mist and spread out covering the fleet.

Blood light flashed from the s.h.i.+p. Blood mist surged out from the s.h.i.+p and rapidly covered the fleet.

The Blood Claw Race inside the fleet saw blood mist flow out of their bodies along with their life forces and powers. Their eyes were horrified.

“What … is this??”

“Lord Boby is attacking us?” “Argh….”

Pitiful howls sounded. Soon, all of their life forces and powers were drained. They dissipated into dust.

Lu Ze was perplexed. He looked at the blood mist and frowned. He burned in demonic flames which shot at the blood mist.

When the flames touched the blood mist, the mist heated up trying to resist the demonic flames.

Kelun and Eroc rejoiced. Kelun exclaimed, “Good thing I ran away, or we would be over


Eroc nodded in fear.

In a few short seconds, the blood mist formed into Boby. His injuries had recovered and his chi was slightly stronger than before but not much.

This was probably because he was devouring planetary states and star states.

The quant.i.ty couldn’t make up for quality at the cosmic system state level.

Boby was still trapped in demonic flames. He seemed to be in pain, but he roared.

Lu Ze kept the demonic flames running while loading before Boby.

His hand ignited with spirit flames again, then he punched at Boby’s head.

Boby’s blood claws stopped before his head, and the blood rune s.h.i.+eld formed once again.


The s.h.i.+eld cracked, and Boby overturned. This time, he overturned even less.

Lu Ze frowned.

At this moment, he suddenly looked at Kelun and Eroc. If this guy devoured those two, would he be even stronger?

He wasn’t going to allow that.

Kelun and Eroc s.h.i.+vered coldly. Eroc yelled, “Kelun, let’s go!”

Kelun worriedly asked, “Are we going to leave Boby?”

Eroc vexed. “He devoured that much blood essence. He’s going to stay in that state for longer. Returning now is suicide.”

Kelun agreed. If they went over now, they might get devoured too.

Kelun took out a blood rune. It flashed red and teleported the two away.

Lu Ze grimaced. He was going to interrupt it with s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, but the rune strengthened s.p.a.ce as well and prevented his interference.

If his s.p.a.ce G.o.d art was stronger, he would’ve been able to stop them.

Lu Ze stared at Boby. If Boby devoured those two, he would be the one running.

“Roar!” Boby charged up again.

This guy was crazy. Lu Ze grinned.

He charged up too, and the two clashed.

A few minutes later, Lu Ze smashed the s.h.i.+eld again. Boby spat blood and the blood mist around him started to disappear. The blood light in his eyes also waned.

His chi instantly weakened, but he also regained consciousness. He looked around in confusion.

When he saw Lu Ze, he remembered what was happening, but Kelun and Eroc were gone.

Those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds left him?

His heart went cold. At this moment, Lu Ze appeared before Boby and punched him in the chest. ‘Rumble!!’

That power tore open Boby’s defenses and went into his body.

Boby died on the spot.

Lu Ze felt relieved.

His face was a bit wan.

He picked up Boby’s equipment and storage ring. He dragged the blood race fleet to the blade demon base before leaving.

Time for dinner!

Ten thousand light-years away, a blood orb appeared revealing Kelun and Eroc.

Eroc fidgeting. “Quick, we need to inform our race.”

Kelun nodded.