Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 964 - He Was Too Handsome

Chapter 964 - He Was Too Handsome

Chapter 964 He Was Too Handsome

Martha was really confused. Why was a peak cosmic system state running, facing a group of cosmic system states with the strongest being level 8?!

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Martha stared at Lu Ze, bewildered. “What did you say? That peak cosmic system state from an Evil-Eyed Race… ran away?” Lu Ze nodded. “Yeah, he probably guessed that there would be reinforcements coming, so is it something strange?”

Martha: “…”

That did seem completely normal, but why did something still feel wrong? Man Yong couldn’t endure it anymore. He replied, “Elder Martha, Lu Ze was the first to come here to help. His power is about the same as that peak cosmic system state…”

“Wait!” Martha frowned and interrupted.

She rubbed her head and looked at the two. “Are you two kidding me?”

Lu Ze was a super prodigy. No one would deny that.

But a level-1 cosmic system state prodigy had the same combat power as a peak cosmic system state? Who would believe this?

This was the ultimate joke.

Everyone fell silent seeing how serious she was.

Man Yong smiled bitterly and shook her head. “Elder Martha, I swear in the name of my ancestors that this is true!”

Martha: “…”

She deeply stared at Lu Ze.

The barbarian ancestor was the most high in the hearts of the Barbarian Race. They would never render blasphemy towards him.

She believed him now.

Martha inclined. “Keep going.”

Man Yong explained, “Lu Ze was planning to stop that peak cosmic system state while he kills the other cosmic system state from the Evil-Eyed Race. That way, we can get their resources. However, that peak cosmic system state from the Evil-Eye Race used to power up a rune and they got away.” Martha was still skeptical.

A level-1 cosmic system state forced a peak cosmic system state to use his trump card and


Who would use it, unless they had no choice?

Was Lu Ze this fearsome?

She gazed at the innocent-faced Lu Ze and felt amazed.

Lu Ze scratched his head in embarra.s.sment. He sighed deep inside. His d.a.m.ned charisma was forever s.h.i.+ning bright.

But although Martha was honestly beautiful, he already had a wife.

He already had people he loved.

Martha shook his head and said, “I’ve received news that there are still evil-eyed fleets in blade demon territory. You guys need to be careful. If you encounter defense with powerful energy, ask for backup.”

Man Yong nodded. “I understand. Thank you, Elder Martha.”

Martha nodded and smiled at Lu Ze. “Lu Ze, I’ll be relying on you in taking care of Eddie and Brenda.”

Lu Ze quickly agreed. “Don’t worry Elder Martha.”

Eddie and Brenda were his friends after all. Of course, he would take care of them.

Martha nodded and left.

Lu Ze looked at Man Yong and the others and said, “Since everything here is done, I’m leaving too.”

He also needed to go back quickly.

Man Yong smiled. “Haha, thank you Lu Ze kid. Please take care of Kun and Xiu as well.”

Lu Ze nodded. “I will.”

The Shenwu Army saluted Lu Ze, then he disappeared from the spot.

Man Yong gasped. “I didn’t expect Lu Ze, this kid, to have such powerful s.p.a.ce G.o.d art.”

“What an outrageous kid!”

The barbarians nodded.

The humans were too lucky to have Lu Ze.

Gredos System, Blade Demon Base.

Lu Ze appeared back in the c.o.c.kpit of the main s.h.i.+p.

It had been less than half an hour. The girls and the three races were still there.

Man Da gasped. “Lu Ze kid? You’re back already? That was quick.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Yeah, it’s settled.”

The commander said, “Monarch of the New Dawn, we have pretty much collected all the resources at this base. The rest of them need to be excavated. It would take a long time. Should we head to another solar system?”

Lu Ze agreed.

He pointed at two red dots on the star map. “I have killed the blade demon defense force at these two points before they were able to leave. Let’s go there first.”

The commander immediately conformed with excitement. They had two advanced resource points now.

Lu Ze really wanted Alice to cook a good meal. After all, they have eaten without him.

But thinking about how time was of the essence and they might lose resources, Lu Ze said, “Then I’ll continue to check out other solar systems. You guys go to those two resource points first.

The girls mumbled, “Be careful.”

Since the peak cosmic system state couldn’t even do anything to Lu Ze, they didn’t have anything to worry about.

Lu Ze nodded and fused into s.p.a.ce again.

Evil-Eyed Race Fleet.

Marin looked at the pale-faced Milo and was worried. “Brother Milo, are you okay?”

Milo shook his head. “I used a scorching sun blood curse. I just exhausted a lot of energy. I’ll recover soon.”

Marin nodded. “It’s maddening. I didn’t expect the humans to react that quickly and gather their allies.”

Milo frowned too. The Evil-Eyed Race was rather great amongst cosmic system state civilizations. They were confident that they could acquire a lot by acting alone.

Yet, the humans and their allies came so quickly…

Milo painfully expressed, “I really didn’t expect the humans to notice the death of a blade demon cosmic system states this quickly.”

Marin bitterly smiled. “Neither did I. They didn’t even check the battle of cosmic cloud states and just came over with their allies. They are really lucky.” Milo uttered, “They’re weak, so they know how to cooperate.”

Marin replied, “Brother Milo, do you think that human before is truly the highest human?”