Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 965

Chapter 965

Chapter 965 Testing The Borders Of Death

Milo fell silent.

He was scared too. He was far more scared than Marin.

He went from level-1 cosmic system state all the way to peak.

He had never imagined someone could fight to that level at a level-1 cosmic system state.

Milo nodded. “He’s indeed human. Otherwise, he wouldn’t care if I attacked the barrier. If he purely wanted to stall us, we would be in grave danger.

Yet, he chose to save the human fleet. Only a human would do that.”

Marin agreed.

“But why would the Human Race have such a prodigy?” Milo: “…”

How would I know?!

He took a deep breath and shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Marin didn’t know that he was near the border of death and said, “Brother Milo, let’s report the news back to the race.”

Milo: “…”

His mouth s.h.i.+vered. So, the news of him getting challenged by a level-1 cosmic system state will be reported back to the race? What difference was this from a public execution?


Marin was right.

Lu Ze’s power and talent were too absurd. Which adjacent cosmic system state civilization wouldn’t be worried about. It still had to get reported.

Milo nodded and said, “Also, report back that the three human ally races are here as well. Our current power is too weak to face up to four cosmic system state civilizations.”

Marin agreed. “You’re right. We probably can’t take the resources alone. We need to tell our allies about this. I’ll report this immediately.”

“Mhm, go.” Milo’s eyes dimmed. As a peak cosmic system state, he felt extremely insulted that he was easily forced to run by a level-1 cosmic system state.

When he would have more backup, he would get revenge.

In the void s.p.a.ce, Lu Ze kept using s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to find resource points. Most of the bases were empty, but there were a few bases where the defense force hadn’t left yet.

Lu Ze killed all the blade demons as usual and locked the base up with a barrier. Lu Ze didn’t go too far from his fleet, since he had to keep watch on the Evil-Eyed Race.

After searching all the nearby races, Lu Ze spent a few hours getting back to the main s.h.i.+p.

Lu Ze took out the star map and pointed to three red dots. “These three bases are complete. After you’re done taking the resources from these two bases, you can head to these three next.”

The commander nodded. “Sure!”

Lu Ze looked around and saw that the girls were back, so he smiled. “I have to go back to the suite first.”

The commander answered, “Mhm, thank you for your work, Monarch of the New Dawn.”

Lu Ze went back to their suite.

As soon as he came in, he smelled an intense aroma. The girls were sitting on the couch, while the table was filled with spirit foods.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He almost drooled. “Wow! There is food on my return!”

That was great! Lu Li furled her eyes. “The cooking was long done. We were just waiting for you to come back and eat.”

Lu Ze felt deeply touched. He smiled. Look at how nice and caring his wives were.

He went over and kissed Lu Li. But Lu Li pushed him away in embarra.s.sment.

The other girls laughed, making Lu Li blush even more.

Lu Ze tenderly uttered, “Everyone has a share.”

Everyone was perplexed and then glared at Lu Ze.

Lin Ling bawled, “Pfft!”

Qiuyue Hesha beamed. “We had no choice. If we had eaten first, someone would be complaining again.”

The girls laughed.

Lu Ze: “…”

“What can I do? Alice, Lin Ling, and Lu Li’s spirit food are exceedingly delicious. I feel extremely delighted eating them. It’s not my fault!”

The three girls chuckled.

Lin Ling teased. “So you’re saying we’re to blame?”

Lu Ze pulled Lin Ling into his arms and beamed. “Of course! To compensate, you better kiss me, or I won’t let you go!”

Lin Ling stiffened. This satire repeats, but she still feels over embarra.s.sed.

She decided to turn around but found Lu Ze holding her very tight already. She couldn’t break free. She sensed the fervent stare of the other girls and glared at Lu Ze helplessly, before kissing him.

Only then did Lu Ze smile and let Lin Ling go. Lin Ling quickly ran to Nangong Jing and panted. “Maniac!”

Lu Ze accepted Lin Ling’s resentment modestly.

Alice softly announced, “Okay, let’s eat. Don’t leave the food for too long.”

Everyone went to the table.

After the meal, they rested for a while before going to Ying Ying’s room to feed her.

Her little hands were clenched into a fist. She was still holding the chicken bone tightly. They couldn’t even take it from her.

The starlight around her now was much more vibrant and profound than when she fell asleep the first time. While they were improving, so was Ying Ying.

Her every sleep was accepting the heritage of the Star Spirit Race.

Lu Ze and the girls went back to their rooms and planned to enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

The fleet was in warp dimension now. They would be going to the bases Lu Ze pointed out these few days, so they didn’t have much business to do.

Lu Ze pulled the girls into the Pocket Hunting Dimension and had their fun as usual before entering the desert.

Lu Ze looked around. “If we encounter a single level-5 cosmic system state beast, we can try slaying it.”

Nangong Jing curiously asked, “Is there any chance that we can slay it now?”

Lu Ze agreed. “Mhm, I fought with that peak cosmic system state from the Evil-Eyed Race today. I can pretty much handle beings of this level. If I have you guys, we do have hopes of slaying it.” Lin Ling yelled, “Then let’s try it out!”