Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 963 - Did She Hear Wrong?

Chapter 963 - Did She Hear Wrong?

Chapter 963 Did She Hear Wrong?

Lu Ze felt relieved but eventually disappeared.

He was able to save his summoning crystal. Peak cosmic cloud state power would be an insane waste to be used here.

Although he was disappointed that he wasn’t able to stop the fleet.

There were considerable resources there.

At the same time, he realized that he underestimated a peak cosmic system state.

They didn’t progress to a large cultivation state in a year. They had many years to collect trump cards. Their combat power wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

He almost died there. Luckily, he was able to run fast!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt appeased. One can only be triumphant if he ran fast.

The flame beam was finally extinguished. Although there were many cracks on the barrier, it survived till last. The fleet was protected.

The barrier flickered and disappeared.

Everyone felt relieved. Their responsibility was to protect the fleet while collecting resources.

At the same time, Lu Ze’s power was far beyond their imagination.

A level-1 cosmic system state could fight so well with a peak cosmic system state. This wasn’t usual.

Man Yong looked at Lu Ze with a complicated expression. “I didn’t think your power was this outrageous.”

His cultivation level demonstrated a level-8 cosmic system state, and yet his combat power was weaker than Lu Ze’s.

Lu Ze was only in his 20’s!

He felt that he had wasted these tens of thousands of years.

The other barbarians felt the same. Lu Ze scratched his head. “I wasn’t able to stop that guy.”

He was too weak indeed.


Lu Ze still wasn’t content with this?

They didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

At this moment, tens of star state Shenwu Army soldiers flew out to them.

They looked at Lu Ze with enthusiasm.

Lu Ze was extremely amazing. He could even fight a peak cosmic system state.

“Monarch of the New Dawn!” The soldiers saluted Lu Ze.

Lu Ze nodded. “Are the fleet and the soldiers okay?”

“They’re fine!” A white-haired soldier replied. “They’re all excited to see your current


The black-haired youth said, “I’m excited too about that peak cosmic system state!”

The other star states smiled

Lu Ze felt proud to hear their compliments.

Then, Lu Ze remembered Edka’s intel and said, “By the way, I encountered an Evil-Eyed Race at another solar system.”

“What?!” everyone was dazed.

Man Yong asked, “Lu Ze, kid, what is going on? Why would they appear in the blade demon territory?”

“Yeah, the big action with the Blade Demon Race has only begun. Even if other races got the news of it already, it would take some time to organize a fleet to come.”

Lu Ze exclaimed, “The Evil-Eyed Race is an exception. There was one from the Evil-Eyed Race who went with the Blade Demon King. When he arrived, the battle was over, and we left. Therefore, he also knew that the Blade Demon Race had no cosmic system states.”

Everyone’s face stiffened.

Lu Ze beamed. “Don’t worry too much. They didn’t tell other races. Their cosmic system state numbers are far less than ours. They only have four peak cosmic system states. We have the advantage.”

Hearing this, everyone calmed down.

They just needed to collect as many resources as possible, quickly.

Lu Ze asked, “By the way, have the resources on the Carat 6 System been collected?”

Man Yong shook his head. “As soon as we arrived, the Evil-Eyed Race attacked.”

“Now that they are not here, we can…” But he turned around and saw the entire solar system was messed up. The planets were flying off randomly.

Everyone: “…”

Their mouths trembled. Lu Ze felt equally awkward.

That battle was rather small.

The power used at their level was rather high. They tried to contain their clashes.

Otherwise, this solar system would have become cosmic dust. The surrounding tens of light-years would be dust too.

Lu Ze coughed. “Find the blade demon base first and collect the resources.”

Everyone conformed.

Advanced spirit materials weren’t so easily damaged. There should be some left. They soon found the base, and when everyone was about to go over, Lu Ze looked at the distant s.p.a.ce. It was torn open. A golden-haired, beautiful being from the Winged Race flew out.

It was the peak cosmic system state Martha who led the Winged Race this time. She was the closest to here. She had wind G.o.d art. Hence, she arrived first.

When she looked around and saw everything was fine, she was stunned.

She flapped her wings and appeared next to Lu Ze and the girls.

Man Yong and the soldiers felt relieved. They thought Milo came back with reinforcements.

They quickly greeted her. “Elder Marta.”

This woman looked truly beautiful, but she would almost be 100,000 years old.

Lu Ze gasped.

It was good to be strong. At least girls could stay young forever.

Martha nodded and looked around, frowning. “Where is that peak cosmic system state?”

Lu Ze rubbed his head. “I couldn’t stop him, he ran away.”

If he lasted a few minutes longer, Martha would have arrived.

Martha inclined. “Oh, as long as you guys are fine…”

She suddenly stopped.

Did she hear it right?

Couldn’t stop him.

He got away?