Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 962 - What? You're Scared?

Chapter 962 - What? You're Scared?

Chapter 962 What? You’re Scared?

Milo stopped and looked at Lu Ze. He was confused.

With the power this human prodigy showed, he was confident he could win, but it would take a long battle. It wasn’t too pragmatic to kill him too.

If the battle extended out, the reinforcements would arrive.

If he was surrounded by a peak cosmic system state, then even he would be in danger too.

He might be able to stay alive himself, but his fleet and the resources they acquired would no longer be theirs.

Milo couldn’t accept that.

Therefore, he roared. “Let’s go!”

Just when they were planning to go, Lu Ze grinned. His eyes flashed with green runes as he instantly appeared next to Milo. Spirit flames circulated his right leg as he used earth-shocking blows again. His leg struck towards Milo’s waist.

Milo was wary of ambush attacks.

Flames shut up around him as he blocked Lu Ze’s leg with his palm. ‘Rumble!

A shockwave spread out once again. This solar system was battered.

A green beam was shot towards Lu Ze from his eyes.

Lu Ze dodged it.

‘Is this guy an ultra man?’

Luckily, he was able to dodge that quickly, or he would be heavily injured. Lu Ze smiled. “Did I say you can leave?”

Milo’s face dropped cold. His killing intent intensified. “Young kid, you’re too arrogant. Do you think I’m scared of you?”

Lu Ze nodded. “I believe you should be. Otherwise, fight with me until the end. Don’t


Milo’s mouth twitched. ‘Who doesn’t know you have backup coming?’

Staying here would be stupid. He wasn’t dumb!

He sneered and spoke telepathically to Marin. “Take the fleet and leave first. I’ll stop this prodigy. After you guys are gone, he can’t stop


Marin nodded.

Milo could leave whenever he wanted but was forced to stay to protect the fleet.

As long as they were gone, Milo could indeed leave whenever he wanted.

Thinking about this, Marin took a deep look at Lu Ze. He was going to remember this dangerous prodigy and report back to the race.

Then, he flew back towards the fleet.

Lu Ze had to focus on Milo since as he was already stronger than him.

Milo grinned. “What? You’re not going to consider stopping my fleet? I’m not afraid to tell you that we got quite a lot of resources from the Blade Demon Race. You don’t want it?”

He sneered. “Aren’t you a prodigy? What? You’re scared?”

Lu Ze looked at Milo like he was an idiot. “Did you forget something? Why do you think I came?”

He came for reinforcements, and they still had a few barbarian cosmic system states. Had they thought that they could just run like that?

Milo’s face creased. He thought of this issue too.

Lu Ze’s power gave him so much shock that he forgot about the other barbarian cosmic system states here.

If he was stalled by Lu Ze now, those barbarian cosmic system states would be fearless.

At this moment, six figures flew out. The barbarians could tell the situation too. The six of them dealing with a level-3 cosmic system state would be easy.

Man Yong yelled, “Attack! Take over all the evil-eyed fleets!”

“Roar!!” The barbarians’ chi surged.

Seeing this, Milo’s face turned hideous. “How dare you!”

His chi exploded, as he took out a red formation rune and tore it apart.

A red light flew into Milo’s forehead, forming this eerie complicated red rune. The green flames around him burned like crazy and turned red. His chi was drastically confined.

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned. This chi was so strong

“Go away!” A red flame surged on Milo’s arm and tossed towards Lu Ze.

This flame pillar even surpa.s.sed the level-5 cosmic system state scorpion in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. Lu Ze felt death from this flame. His face turned grievous as he used fire buff, darkness buff, Green Shadow Chant, and all sorts of buff G.o.d arts and divine arts.

He had to run.

Lu Ze’s spirit force was rapidly depleting, but his speed reached a terrifying level.

He dodged the flame pillar.

Milo was stunned again seeing Lu Ze’s speed.

He uttered a curse in a language Lu Ze didn’t understand.

However, Milo gave up on Lu Ze and went to attack the barbarians.

The scorching flames were tossed towards Man Yong and the soldiers. The temperature was very high, but their hearts went cold. Lu Ze couldn’t leave them to die. All sorts of runes flashed in his eyes. His speed weakened.

He came before them and dragged them away.

The flames shot past them, but the power still made the barbarians spit blood.

Blood seeped out of Lu Ze’s lips too. He helped stop most of the shockwave. Otherwise, a few weaker barbarians would have died.

Lu Ze couldn’t keep this speed up for long. If he really couldn’t hold on, he would have to use the summoning crystal. It would be a huge waste.

Milo tossed the flames towards the bronze barrier in fury.

The barrier shook vigorously as cracks appeared.

Lu Ze’s eyes wrinkled, and he instantly appeared before the barrier. Gray runes flashed in his eyes.

Stone Transformation Divine Art!

The terrifying force of the red flames eased up.

Man Yong roared, “Help Lu Ze!” The barbarians also attacked the red flames weakening their power. Milo hesitated for a moment before flying back to the evil-eyed s.h.i.+p. The red flames turned back to dark green, and his chi drastically weakened. “Quick, go!” Marin quickly ordered their departure, and this fleet disappeared from the spot.

Lu Ze was quite surprised at Milo leaving. He had a huge advantage. Milo’s trump card was probably used up.