Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 94 - I’ll Marry You When I Grow Up

Chapter 94 - I’ll Marry You When I Grow Up

Chapter 94: I’ll Marry You When I Grow Up


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze came to the training ground as usual, but he didn’t see Lu Li there.

He was stunned for a moment. She seemed to be worried about Alice last night, so she returned to her room early.

Did she not sleep well and was sleeping now?

It seemed Lu Li and Alice were really close.

Although Lu Li was nice to everyone at school, she had never been really close to anyone. This was quite similar to Lu Ze.

But now, it seemed she was really close to Alice.

But since Lu Li didn’t come, Lu Ze began his daily cultivation. He used a purple orb in his mind.

Subsequently, the left hand had flames, and the right hand had a whirlwind. He practiced fusing his G.o.d art.




For an hour or so, strange thuds sounded incessantly from the training grounds.

An hour or so later, Lu Ze left the training grounds dazedly. However, he found that Lu Wen, Fu Shuya, and Lu Li had all left already. There was breakfast left on the table for Lu Ze.

Lu Ze ate his breakfast and changed clothes. He put on a face mask to cover himself before leaving.

After all, he was famous now. It wouldn’t be good if he caused traffic congestions or made his fangirls faint from excitement.

The mansion wasn’t far from the Chang Yang City center. Lu Ze didn’t use G.o.d art. He called a hover car and came to the city center.

This was Lu Ze’s first time going out after transmigrating. He got off and looked around.

There were a few hundred-meter tall skysc.r.a.pers all around him. Even during the day, all sorts of lights flashed. Hover cars went along the ground nonstop.

Pretty girls walked by on the streets. There were white legs all over the place.

Lu Ze glanced a few times and took back his glance.

Pfft, their legs weren’t as pretty as Lu Li’s.

Lu Ze planned to give himself a holiday. He had been cultivating intensively for a month. It was important to have small breaks.

Plus, he wanted to see what fun things existed in the future 2000 years from his own time.

But, Lu Ze planned to buy his bedsheets first.

He casually walked on the streets heading to the huge shopping malls.

When Lu Ze came in, he looked at the signs and went to the bedroom section.

Just when Lu Ze walked past the home furniture section, he saw someone familiar on the screen.

It was an extremely beautiful and seductive woman. She had long pink hair with long sleek eyes. There was an exquisite mole on the corner of her left eye.

City Charming Young Duke, Qiuyue Hesha.

On the screen, she wore a slim-fitting outfit as she twisted her body while singing and dancing. Her voice was soft and her dance captivating. The audience below was screaming.

Lu Ze: “???”

He looked at the Qiuyue Hesha on the screen. He was completely dumbfounded.

What! Wasn’t she a young duke??

She was also a part-time celebrity??

Did she not have enough to spend??

But her dance was really pleasant. A large area of people stopped to watch.

Lu Ze appreciated it for a moment and left.

After all, he came out to relax today. He needed to find a place suitable for guys to play.

On the road, Lu Ze suddenly heard a familiar tune. He suddenly froze.

It was one of Mozart’s pieces. It was Lu Ze’s favorite piano piece.

He could still hear this two thousand years later?

Lu Ze’s mood was very complicated.

He instinctively turned around. He saw that the pedestrians were gathered together and a voice sounded from the crowd.

Clearly, the music attracted them.

Lu Ze walked over curiously. Wind floated around him, which gently pushed pedestrians aside. He squeezed in as he wanted to see who was playing this.

When Lu Ze squeezed in and saw that signature blue long hair, his eyes bulged.

How was she here?

Wasn’t she sick yesterday?

She was alright now?

Why didn’t she go to cla.s.s?

Questions filled Lu Ze’s brain.

He looked at Alice’s exquisite yet a little pale face. It displayed a vibrant smile. Her long white fingers danced around on the keys like elves. A light-hearted and joyful tune sprung out, making people feel better.

Alice really seemed like an angel right now.

When the tune finished, everyone applauded heavily.

“She really knows how to play. This is an ancient piece. Very little people nowadays know how to play it, much less this well.”

“Yeah, she’s really pretty, and she can play such music. Is she going to be a celebrity?”

At this moment, a little kid ran up to Alice and said, “Big sister, I want to marry you when I grow up. Will you marry me?”

Everyone laughed and looked at Alice with intrigue, wondering how she would respond.

Even Lu Ze was shocked. He didn’t expect Alice’s piano piece was enough for a little kid to confess his love.

Alice looked seriously at the kid and laughed. “We don’t know each other. You’re not my type either. So I refuse!”

Lu Ze looked dazedly at the giggling Alice.

Oh my, did she need to be that serious to a kid?

Shouldn’t the script be like “we’ll see when you grow up?”

Was her mental age similar to this kid?!

Just when Lu Ze was bewildered, Alice suddenly frowned. Her face was a little pale. She wobbled and almost fell.

Lu Ze immediately appeared next to Alice and held her feeble shoulders. He asked worriedly, “Alice, are you okay?”

Alice was just about to struggle when she heard Lu Ze’s voice. She was surprised.

She looked up and opened her eyes wide at Lu Ze, who wore a face mask. She spoke feebly, “… Senior schoolmate?”