Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 961 - Legend

Chapter 961 - Legend

Chapter 961 Legend

Lu Ze left the warp dimension and looked into s.p.a.ce.

There were tens of burning green s.h.i.+ps on one side and a fleet of human s.h.i.+ps in a bronze barrier on the other side.

At the border of the barrier, there were two beings from the Evil-Eyed Race.

One of them was only a level-3 cosmic system state, but the other one made Lu Ze’s face go serious.

Peak cosmic system state.

Lu Ze grinned. “It seems that I have made it on time.”

Milo and Marin were perplexed when they saw Lu Ze.

Milo frowned. “Level-1 cosmic system state?”

What was a level-1 cosmic system state coming over for?

Searching for ways to die?

Marin was surprised. “Are there no four races nearby here? Only a level-1 cosmic system state came?”

They looked at Lu Ze and smiled. Milo expressed, “He doesn’t seem old, but his cultivation level isn’t low. His chi is far beyond an ordinary level-1 cosmic system state. He seems like a prodigy.”

He held up his hand, and green flames spun. “Since he’s here, then I’ll turn him into a gift for the four races.”

Terrifying power spread out. The power of a peak cosmic system state stirred up a void storm.

When the barbarians saw Lu Ze appear, they gasped. Man Yong’s face flashed with worry. “Why did this kid come? Where are the others?”

Lu Ze was the top prodigy of the Human Race. He was the hope of their uprising. They would surely not allow something to happen to him here.

If something did happen, the alliance might even break. If it was before, it would be fine, but now the Human Race had four peak cosmic system states. This was quite a nice ally for the Barbarian Race.

In addition, they didn’t want something to happen with Lu Ze. If the Human Race rose, it would benefit them quite a bit too.

A barbarian next to Man Yong grimaced. “Brother Yong, what do we do? Lu Ze came alone. He’s facing a peak cosmic system state! Should we go out?”.

“Yeah, if Lu Ze dies here…”

Man Yong gritted his teeth. He was just about to talk when a terrifying power surged outside the barrier.

Their faces were astonished.

Man Yong said, “I’ll go out! You guys stay inside!”

He was a level-8 cosmic system state who could stall a peak cosmic system state for a moment and take Lu Ze away!

Lu Ze shuddered. His eyes flashed with battle intent.

This power was near that level-5 cosmic system state scorpion in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Lu Ze surged with yellow light, as the sand beetle armor surrounded his body. Then, he released all his power. That clear spirit flame burned on the surface of his body. He clenched his fist as runes flowed in his eyes. His chi suddenly shut up.

Level-5 cosmic system state, level-6 cosmic system state… until it rose all the way close to Milo’s chi.

s.p.a.ce trembled.

Milo and the desperate barbarians froze in their tracks.

They gasped as they looked at Lu Ze.

Man Yong’s face s.h.i.+vered. His voice trembled. “This … is Lu Ze? Is this a level-1 cosmic system state?”

The barbarians: “…” They wanted to answer, but they didn’t know what to say.

How could there be such a terrifying level-1 cosmic system state?

The flames in Milo’s hands burned for a long time, but he was so shocked that he forgot to attack.

This youth’s chi was too scary, after all.

It was a bit weaker than his, but he was a peak cosmic system state! This human youth was just a level-1 cosmic system state.

How could the difference be that immense?

Milo spent ten thousand years breaking through to the cosmic system state and tens of thousands of years reaching the peak cosmic system state. Yet, this kid did it in way less time.

His face snarled, and he roared, “Impossible! You must have used some trump card!”

He didn’t believe Lu Ze’s power could reach this level.


He roared as the flames on his hands formed fire pillars.

It instantly shut towards Lu Ze.

The temperature soared, and s.p.a.ce crumbled wherever the fire pa.s.sed.

Lu Ze felt the s.p.a.ce around him condensed. He raised a brow. He could dodge it.

But, this peak cosmic system state’s chi… was a bit weaker than he expected. He was going to fight with him, and see how strong he was now.

He hadn’t encountered an opponent that could use full power for a long time. Lu Ze was very excited. His blood heat intensified.

Perhaps, any warrior would be eager to fight such an opponent.

He grinned, as he stepped forward and crushed s.p.a.ce. He punched on the ground with his right fist.


It was like the ancient battle drums roaring through s.p.a.ce. The spirit flame fist force instantly clashed with the green flame pillar.


s.p.a.ce was trembling.

The planets in this system were quaking. The planets nearest to them exploded from the shockwave.

Even the planets’ orbits were becoming unusual.

Man Yong and the henchmen were stunned at such a terrifying clash.

Everyone gulped in disbelief.

Level-1 cosmic system state Lu Ze truly clashed head-on with a peak cosmic system state.

Their difference didn’t seem to be that huge.

The Shenwu Army soldiers also felt Lu Ze’s chi. They came to the window excitedly and cheered on Lu Ze. “It’s Monarch of the New Dawn!”

“He’s fighting a peak cosmic system state?!”

“Hahaha, no wonder he’s the Monarch of the New Dawn! He is majestically strong!”

The humans watched Lu Ze grow to this level with amazing speed.

Lu Ze was a human legend.

At this moment, the spirit light disappeared. The flame pillar was still slightly stronger than Lu Ze’s earth-shocking blow. The last sliver of fire continued to shoot at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze slapped it and extinguished it.

Seeing this, Milo’s face peeved.

He was very jealous of Lu Ze’s talent and power, but such emotions weren’t allowed in battle.

He had considered Lu Ze as an equal opponent now.

Marin suddenly thought of something. “Brother Milo! This human prodigy is probably here to stop us! There would be peak cosmic system states coming! We need to retreat!”