Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 953 - Decision

Chapter 953 - Decision

Chapter 953 Decision

Blade demon ancestral planet, demon palace.

Inside the palace, the star state blade demons looked at the empty throne. The atmosphere was in deep silence.

After a long while, a star state peak blade demon asked, “… What do we do?”

The other blade demons had fear and despair in their eyes.

They didn’t know what to say at this moment.

The star state peak glanced across the other blade demons. He closed his eyes as he said painfully, “Our king told us before he left that he will go hunting the human cosmic system states. Now, the human fleet is at our race border. The human cosmic system states are still alive… yet our king isn’t back. I believe… he probably is unlikely to be alive.”

A few days ago, there were star states who came to the demon palace to find the blade demon king. However, they only found the message he left there.

The king and all the elders left. The blade demon king at the time thought that they weren’t far from the Human Race and they had strength in numbers so they would be able to settle things in a few days. Therefore, he only left a message before he left.

The blade demons here didn’t expect their king to fail too. They were still dreaming about crus.h.i.+ng the humans and taking all their resources.

Yet, what they waited for was the human fleet.

Now, according to the news from the borders, the human cosmic system states weren’t dead at all!

Their king was gone instead. They could sense the results already.

Some blade demons said, “Perhaps… our king is just held up there? Perhaps… they didn’t go at all…?”

“Stop acting dumb!” the star state peak roared. “Now is the moment of the survival of our race. You still dare to hold such unrealistic dreams?!”

That blade demon bowed down and said nothing The star state peak took a deep breath and said, “We probably can’t protect our territory anymore… We have two paths to take now. You should probably decide now. How should we choose?”

Everyone fell in silence.

They didn’t expect the Blade Demon Race would be at the brink of annihilation.

One path was to stay here and seek the help of the advanced demon race law enforcer. Then, they could keep their ancestral planet and a portion of the newly born blade demons.

The seeds of their race could be protected. Perhaps after a few hundred thousand years, their race could once again step into the universe.

If they were luckier, perhaps the law enforcer would take away some blade demon prodigies to become their servant race.

Of course, this was far from reality.

How proud the advanced Demon Race was. How could they take in the Blade Demon Race?

They didn’t even have the right to be slaves.

The other path was to abandon the galaxy where their race was born and take away a small portion of the elite and become a wandering race. However, the universe was so dangerous. There were cosmic killing beasts, ferocious s.p.a.ce pirates, and all sorts of dangerous environments.

It was dangerous even if they had cosmic system states, much less when they didn’t.

That would be the true annihilation. They wouldn’t even have an opportunity to restart.

But if they find a habitable place to settle, their swift development would be far superior to the first path.

That way, they would be able to have cosmic system states again in time. In a few hundred thousand years, they might be able to attack and even annihilate the human race.

On the first path, their race could survive, but the star states would all be killed.

The second path was extremely risky. If they failed, the Blade Demon Race would disappear from the universe. But if they could survive, the benefits would be considerable.

Even if they found a poor galaxy, there would still be opportunities in the future!

Everyone fell into silence.

They looked at the throne. If only their king was still alive.

The star state peak shouted, “We don’t have much time! Choose! Which path are we going to take?!”

Someone slowly said, “Let’s stay, use our life to exchange for the continuation of the Blade Demon Race.”

Someone else added, “I agree, the universe is too dangerous. Our power is too weak…”

“I agree too. As long as we have seeds left, our race would be able to enter the universe once again. It just might take longer.”

At this moment, some uttered, “We disagree! It was so hard for our race to establish such a vibrant civilization. How can we give up everything so easily?!”

“I feel the same too. Even if we have seeds left, we might not be able to enter s.p.a.ce again. By then, perhaps we would become s.p.a.ce dust. We might as well try!” “So what if the universe is dangerous? So what if we become wanderers? We’ve crossed all sorts of challenges just to build our civilization! Who says we can’t find another galaxy to rise once again?!”

One blade demon replied, “… I don’t want to die, do you?”

Everyone paused and stopped breathing.

None of them would want to die…

The star state peak took a deep breath and said, “Call back all the star states and planetary states that can come back. Take our prodigies… we’ll leave!”

Some wanted to rebuke, but seeing the eyes of the majority, they shut up.

Four days later. Lu Ze and the girls suddenly woke up on the build and s.h.i.+vered together.

Alice sighed. “So painful…”

Lu Li added, “There were so many orbs we didn’t get to pick up.”

Lu Ze comforted, “At least we got two equipment crystals.”

After the pain was gone, Nangong Jing rushed. “Ze, what’s the equipment this time?”

They acquired three equipment crystals three days ago. It was two boots and a wrist guard.

Lu Ze gave it to the girls. He gave the boots to Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling, the wrist guard to Nangong Jing. Now, only Lu Li and Alice didn’t have equipment. Lu Ze took out the equipment crystals.