Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 954 - Where Is The Defense Force?

Chapter 954 - Where Is The Defense Force?

Chapter 954 Where Is The Defense Force?

Lu Ze and the girls looked at the equipment crystals without blinking.

It was like they were eager to open a chest from a game.

Soon, the two pieces of equipment were revealed.

It was a s.h.i.+n guard and a wrist guard.

Lu Ze smiled. There was new equipment for him.

He pa.s.sed the wrist guard to Qiuyue Hesha and smiled. “Hesha can have the wrist guard first.”

The other girls nodded.

Nangong Jing had a wrist guard already, so she didn’t mind.

Then, Lu Ze put on the s.h.i.+n guard. In a glow of light, he was covered in the four pieces of equipment. The simple and yet archaic armor looked very unique with Lu Ze’s handsome face.

The girls couldn’t resist looking for long.

Lu Ze felt that his spirit force skill had increased by 60% now, and the spirit force digestion rate had increased by 50%.

Lu Ze could feel the surging spirit force in his body. Lu Ze became very sensitive to it. He was confident that he could control it perfectly without losing it.

Lu Ze’s combat power has quite increased. He couldn’t compare with a cosmic system state peak yet, but he should be rather strong in level-8 cosmic system state.

Lu Ze grinned. He put the equipment away.

Qiuyue Hesha seemed equally happy after checking out the effects.

She kissed Lu Ze. “I feel like my seduction G.o.d art has quite improved now. I will be able to help little brother Lu Ze more.”

Alice bitterly expresses, “Only me and Li don’t have equipment now.”

Lu Li was considerably envious, but they were the weakest, so they had to wait until the equipment was within reach. They knew about this, but they still felt somewhat regretful about it.

Lin Ling hugged the two and said, “Since you two aren’t happy, how about you get that big baddie to comfort you two?”

Lu Ze heard this and his smile turned devilish. He moved towards the three girls. “I believe Lin Ling is right.”

Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing enjoyed the show.

In the morning, Lu Ze and the girls left the bedroom. The girls still had red faces and seemed quite embarra.s.sed. Lu Ze felt quite proud seeing the girls like this.

At this moment, a notice sounded, “Attention all units, the s.h.i.+p is about to leave warp dimension. Please get ready!”

Lu Ze’s smile turned lifeless at once. “Oh no, we haven’t even had breakfast yet.”

The girls rolled their eyes. Nangong Jing knocked Lu Ze’s forehead “Let’s go, business matters.”

The girls pulled him out.

Outside, the other races also came and greeted Lu Ze.

They left the residential area. The Commander was waiting for them there. “Monarch of the New Dawn, everyone, please follow me. We’re about to arrive at Gredos system.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded and followed. Soon, they were in the pilot’s c.o.c.kpit. It was still the warp dimension outside.

The Commander smiled. “There are quite a lot of precious resources at Gredos system. It’s a large resource destination. There would be quite some defense force there. We’ll need your help.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Don’t worry General.”

As long as there was no cosmic system state peak boss, it would be very easy for him.

It was even easier now that the blade demons didn’t have a single cosmic system state. At this moment, they left the warp dimension.

There was a solar system not far ahead. There were still some defense facilities in operation.

The Commander ordered, “Drive over!”

After a while, Lu Ze and the girls were confused. There was no fleet coming out to stop them. There was no one. Where was the defense force?

At this moment, one person said, “Report, we’ve received news from lord Jinyao!”

Commander shouted, “Connect through!”

The soldier nodded. “Yes!”

Beep. Elder Nangong’s projection appeared on the s.h.i.+p. There was Liu Zhiyun next to him.

Elder Nangong spoke, “We’ve received news that blade demons chose to leave their ancestral planet and flee away.”

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t understand what this meant, but the other three races were surprised.

Man Da exclaimed, “What?! Are the blade demons crazy?! They opted to be a wandering race??”

The Winged Race proclaimed in disbelief, “They should be protected by the advanced Demon Race. Why would they choose to run for that slight chance?”

The Round Race stated, “They have no more cosmic system states. This is no different from suicide.”

Lu Ze and the girls: ????

Lu Ze curiously asked, “What’s wrong with being a wandering race?”

Elder Nangong explained, “There are immeasurable dangers in the universe. Ze, think about when we went to the east region gathering. We’ve encountered s.p.a.ce pirates. If blade demons who only have star states were able to encounter them, do you think they were able to survive?”

Liu Zhiyun squealed in disbelief, “This is no adventure guild. These are the last seeds of a race. It’s too risky to run off.”

Quite a lot of adventure guilds went out, but how many came back? Even though Liu Zhiyun was a cosmic system state, he was still extremely careful.

In that case, the last seeds of this race really might be gone.

Man Da sighed. “I didn’t expect the blade demons would make such a move. Elder Nangong smiled. “Neither did I.”

“… The blade Demon King didn’t expect this either, did he?”

The blade Demon King asked them, especially if they would leave the last seeds of their race.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

At this moment, Man Da thought of something. “If the blade demons took large amounts of resources away, it would be quite a loss for us.”

Elder Nangong nodded. “I thought the same. So, we go to their ancestral planet first. If they haven’t left yet, we’ll stop them. If they left in a rush, they wouldn’t be able to take too much.”

As for the star state blade demons, elder Nangong wasn’t too worried.

The Human Race also had quite a lot of star states.

Elder Nangong adhered. “This will catch the attention of the nearby races. There might be races coming over soon. Be careful.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded seriously.