Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 952 - They Didn't Know What They Did Wrong

Chapter 952 - They Didn't Know What They Did Wrong

Chapter 952 They Didn’t Know What They Did Wrong

It was the first time the other three races saw Lu Ze attacking.

Lu Ze just used a little fire G.o.d art, but everyone was dazed.

It wasn’t that Lu Ze showed very powerful chi, but the power of that fire-G.o.d art made them s.h.i.+ver.

The Round Race cosmic system state smiled bitterly. “No wonder he’s a prodigy favored by a cosmic realm state. Just this fire G.o.d art is extremely terrifying.”

Man Da’s mouth twitched. “This fire G.o.d art mastery is unparalleled in cosmic system state.”

The others nodded.

In the elf cosmic realm, they had never seen a prodigy with such powerful fire G.o.d art.

Man Kun and the group’s cultivation level were limited, so they could only sense Lu Ze’s fire G.o.d art was very strong. They just didn’t know how strong it was.

The girls smiled.

To be honest, fire G.o.d art wasn’t a strong one amongst Lu Ze’s a.r.s.enal of G.o.d arts. Of course, they weren’t going to say this.

After killing all the blade demons that charged out, Lu Ze spread his mental force across the planet.

He found quite some hidden chi.

Not all blade demons had the courage to face a cosmic system state. A lot of them concealed their chi and hid away.

However, their chi concealing capability meant nothing to Lu Ze.

Orange flames spun in Lu Ze’s eyes. Instantly, every hiding blade demon on the planet burned from the inside. He swept his mental force over the planet again and found no more chi.

He nodded boastfully.

Lu Ze appeared back on the s.h.i.+p.

He saw the three races look at him with curiosity. Lu Ze: ???

He knew that he didn’t do anything, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

The other races smiled and said nothing.

They couldn’t say that they felt curious about how Lu Ze’s fire G.o.d art was so strong.

Lu Ze looked at the commander and confidently said, “General, there should be no more blade demons in this base. I’ll leave the rest with the Shenwu Army.” He wasn’t as good as the soldiers who specialized in resource collection. The commander nodded and gladly said, “The resource points near this base aren’t big. We don’t need to stay here to collect. We can just collect the excavated resources from the base and head to the largest resource destination close to here.”

Lu Ze nodded. “You can decide what to do for this.”

“Since there’s nothing else, we’ll be going back.”

The commander was overwhelmed. “Sure, Monarch of the New Dawn go get some rest.”

Lu Ze and the three races left.

Lu Ze stretched his back in the corridor. “Today is a tiring day too. I need to have a good meal as a reward to myself.”

The three races: ???


What did he do that was tiring?

Lu Ze smiled. “Elders, would you like to come and eat with us?”

Lu Ze saw their keen eyes. They must’ve known about Alice’s cooking and wanted to try?

The three race elders took back their glances.

One Winged Race shook his head. “No need, we’ll go back to cultivate.” Lu Ze: ??? He was shocked. “Elders, don’t you want to come and eat with us?”

Weren’t they looking at him because they wanted to eat?

Didn’t they know that Alice’s cooking was amazing? The three race elders: ???

Why was this kid so shocked? What did they reject?

Man Da smiled. “Spirit food isn’t really useful for us. If possible, you can take Kun and the others.”

The other elders nodded.

They knew that their prodigies ate spirit food from Lu Ze and the girls.

Those spirit foods weren’t useful to cosmic system states but were very beneficial to their prodigies.

Lu Ze nodded. “No problem.”

He felt there should be a celebration for the first battle even though it did not require him much work. Naturally, he was going to invite Man Kun and the others.

He tried again. “Elders, are you sure that you don’t want any?”

They shook their heads and replied, “Younger folks, you better socialize more.”

Lu Ze sighed.

The group returned to the residential area. The three race elders went to cultivate afterward.

Lu Ze’s casual display of power gave them a lot of pressure.

They weren’t a prodigy like Lu Ze, so they could only make up for it with hard work.

Lu Ze’s group took the prodigies to their suite. Alice a.s.sumed. “Then we’ll go cook.” She dragged Lin Ling and Lu Li into the kitchen.

Man Kun gasped, “Ze, your power is truly amazing. That fire G.o.d art scared our elders.”

Eddie nodded. “Our race elders aren’t weak, but they were shocked by your fire G.o.d art too.”

Lu Ze finally realized why they were looking at him like that.

Was it due to his fire G.o.d art?

His fire G.o.d art wasn’t even the strongest. His strongest was his earth G.o.d art.

He smiled. “Alice and the girls are cooking, so let’s talk about cultivation.”

The prodigies’ eyes lit up. Lu Ze and the two girls were cosmic system states. Their knowledge of cultivation would be rather high.

The two girls also nodded.

Soon, they began their discussion. The prodigies were very immersed in this.

After a long while, the three girls walked out with spirit food.

Lu Ze invited. “Let’s eat, I’m so hungry.”

Man Kun and the others looked very excited. If they learned thoroughly the knowledge that Lu Ze taught them, they would improve quite a bit. They wanted to keep talking, but Lu Ze said it was time to eat.

Before the dinner table, Lu Ze took out the golden fruit wine and poured everyone a cup.

The prodigies were even more enlivened.

Man Kun grinned. “It’s certainly this wine? Ze, thanks for treating us again.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Today is our first victory. I wanted to invite the elders to try, but they rejected it.” ???

The prodigies were stunned. Their elders probably didn’t know what they missed out on.

This wine was a rare treasure!

Then, they light-heartedly drank their wine.

After lunch, the prodigies left. Lu Ze and the girls went back to their cultivation.

At night, the commander came to their room.

Lu Ze smiled. “General, why did you come?”

The commander saluted. “Monarch of the New Dawn! We’ve gathered all the resources here and are planning to head off.”

This was so quick. It was just an afternoon, and they collected all the resources on the planet?

Were the Shenwu Army robbers or something?

The commander thought Lu Ze and the girls were shocked at their skills and said quite proudly, “Now, we need to go to another large resource destination. It will take approximately four day’s travel.”

Lu Ze nodded. “No problem.”

By now, what happened here would’ve probably leaked.

The nearby races would probably be looking here soon.