Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 93 - What it Feels Like to Eat Fire

Chapter 93 - What it Feels Like to Eat Fire

Chapter 93: What it Feels Like to Eat Fire


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In the dark room, Lu Ze sat with his legs crossed on the bed.

After calming down his mind, he took out the huge wolf wind element G.o.d art crystal ball. Light wind circulated on the surface, which brushed past Lu Ze’s palm. It was a cool and soft feeling.

Lu Ze glanced at it and ate it. At the same time, he used a huge faint purple ball dropped by the huge green wolf. His mind immediately became clear as wind circulated around his body. The secrets of the wind G.o.d art kept appearing in Lu Ze’s mind.

With what he learned himself, Lu Ze rapidly absorbed all the secrets of the wind element G.o.d art. His mastery of wind grew rapidly.

An hour later, Lu Ze opened his eyes slowly. The green light flickered at the bottom of his eyes as his black short hair waved.

He reached out his right hand and a small green whirlwind formed on his palm. There was a low whir, and the air in the room was chaotic.

Lu Ze smiled. The wind moved as he willed like a cute obedient pet.

Pet whirlwind!


Lu Ze smiled and had an interesting idea.

If he didn’t like anyone, he would throw a whirlwind over and let him taste spinning toward the skies.

That person definitely will be experiencing extreme bliss.

Lu Ze laughed.

After resting for a while, he took out a fire crystal ball.

A small red flame flickered inside, emitting some heat.

Lu Ze looked at the gla.s.s ball and touched his chin. This seemed edible.

It didn’t seem too hot?

Lu Ze hesitated for a moment before eating the ball.

Immediately, it turned into a terrifying flow of energy through his esophagus and into his stomach before eventually flowing throughout his entire body.

The energy seemed to be scorching flames that burned Lu Ze’s body. It made Lu Ze flash with crystal color as he used his spirit force to fight against this scorching energy.

Lu Ze was stiff.

He finally knew what it felt like to eat fire.

It was painful to even breathe!!

Lu Ze was sweating coldly. He clenched his teeth as he used a purple orb and forcefully entered cultivation state.

The pain had started. He needed to benefit from it no matter what.

Amidst the scorching pain, the secrets of fire started to flash in Lu Ze’s head.

Lu Ze frowned. He gritted his teeth bearing the pain of being scorched as he tried to learn.

After a long while, Lu Ze’s brows relaxed. The redness receded from his handsome face.

Then, Lu Ze opened his eyes slowly. A red light flashed in his pupils. There was a flame burning inside. He seemed like the G.o.d of fire. Very cool!

At this moment, his face changed, and he opened his mouth.

A gust of fire spewed out from Lu Ze’s mouth, lighting up the darkness.

Lu Ze: “…”

Oh my!

After eating a fire crystal ball, he could become a flame spitter??

After spitting out the remnant energy of the fireball, Lu Ze finally returned to normal.

Then, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with excitement. He reached out his left hand and a red flame rose up in his palm. The nearby temperature rose.

Lu Ze looked at the flame and raised his lips, smiling with satisfaction.

Flame G.o.d art, got it!

When Lu Ze was smashed by the red lion’s flame ball, he couldn’t even breathe. One could imagine how powerful this flame G.o.d art was!

When he creates the five fireball jutsu, he would be invincible!

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had a bold idea.

His left hand burned with flame while a whirlwind appeared on his right palm.

Then, he moved the two hands together. Gradually, the flame and the whirlwind touched each other.


A deep m.u.f.fled noise came out.

The flames flew off, and the whirlwind dispersed.

Lu Ze looked at the messy room and burned bedsheets. He felt a little awkward.

He wanted to evolve the whirlwind into a blazing inferno.

The experiment failed.

It seemed that the fusion of G.o.d arts wasn’t so easy.

However, Lu Ze was in no rush. The next time he went in the pocket hunting dimension, he would have plenty of time to try.

Now, he had enough light orbs, so he didn’t need to hunt. He could go inside and borrow the home of those cute rabbits and practice G.o.d art there.

But today…

Lu Ze scratched his head. Luckily, he used very little power. Otherwise, his furniture would probably be burned away too.


Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He got up and quenched the flames on his bedsheets.

He looked at the burnt bedsheets and felt speechless.

Luckily, the explosion sound was small. Otherwise, if he startled his dad and let him know he was researching bombs in his room, he would probably get hung up and beaten.

Whatever, he didn’t need to go to cla.s.s tomorrow. He would go out and relax while buying bedsheets.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze once again sat on his burnt bedsheets and used another fire crystal ball to cultivate.

Cultivation makes me happy!

The ball exploded in his body again. The scorching energy made Lu Ze s.h.i.+ver with pain.

But this second time was much more bearable than the first.

Lu Ze was soon used to it and started learning fire G.o.d art.

After Lu Ze used all four fireb.a.l.l.s, he slowly opened his eyes.

He breathed and his breath carried scorching heat.

Then, he opened his right hand. Ping pong ball sized fireb.a.l.l.s spun on top.

The fireb.a.l.l.s were small but the explosive energy inside made Lu Ze surprised and happy.

The four fire crystal b.a.l.l.s had allowed him to improve the power of his flame G.o.d art to reach the level of practical battle!

Lu Ze thought about how he would fight with fireb.a.l.l.s on his left hand and wind blades on his right hand. Then, combining the two, flaming wind blades.

Just thinking about this was blissful!

He looked outside. The sun had risen. Lu Ze dissipated the flame on his hand and got up.

He quietly put the burnt sheets into his storage ring. He was going to throw it away and not let his dad find the evidence.

Then, Lu Ze opened his door, cleaned himself, and went downstairs.