Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 951 - Warrior

Chapter 951 - Warrior

Chapter 951 Warrior

The elder of the Round Race smiled. “Brother Man Yang’s control of spirit force has reached such a degree. Amazing!”

His cultivation level was only level-6 cosmic system state. He felt some pressure sensing that chi.

Lu Ze smiled. He felt nothing. Compared to the barbarian elder, he was probably stronger. Of course, this elder had lived for so long and probably had some trump cards. If they really fought, it would be uncertain.

Man Yang came back to the s.h.i.+p.

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, General, continue.”

The commander ordered, “Continue forward! Head to planet bases!” “Yes!” the pilots answered. Everyone was excited.

It was the dream of many years for soldiers in the Shenwu Army to drive their fleets into the Blade Demon Border.

Now, their dream was realized!

This was enough to brag for their entire life. Their dead brothers would be very excited too.

Blade Demon Base, Surveillance Room.

The surveillance manager came back to the surveillance room. He could contact other bases.

After notifying the situation here, he watched the screen with the other Blade Demons.

They watched the large difference in numbers between Blade Demon s.h.i.+ps and human s.h.i.+ps. It seemed to be a one-sided battle. The blade demons were confused. “Are the humans in that fleet crazy? Did they send these little people to die together?”

“Perhaps there’s some scheme?”

“Perhaps their navigation broke?”

They discussed, but they weren’t very worried. It didn’t seem like they would win at all.

At this moment, everyone was taken aback as they saw s.p.a.ce tear before the fleet of the Blade Demon Race. A small figure appeared and then, the fleet exploded in unison.

Meanwhile, they felt that vast chi from s.p.a.ce.

Not just them but all the Blade Demons in the base felt this terrifying chi. They looked at s.p.a.ce in disbelief.

In the surveillance room, everyone gawked at the screen in disbelief.

The manager’s face went green. He roared, “Quick! Notify the other bases! Notify the Demon Palace! Notify our king!”

They couldn’t stop a cosmic system state barbarian no matter what.

Everyone in the surveillance room began working shakily. Someone sounded the alarm. Someone contacted the other bases.

At this moment, a scream sounded, “Attention all bases! This is the Fans Solar System base! Our base is attacked by a human fleet! A cosmic system state from the Winged Race attacked. All bases, please…”

Before he finished, the communication ended.

All blade demons were frozen on the spot.

Winged Race cosmic system state?!

The Winged Race was here as well?!

Just what were the Human Race planning to do?!

The Blade Demons looked at the manager. “Master Abo Lili, what do we do now?”

Everyone looked at the manager. This was beyond their comprehension.

The manager’s mouth twitched. How would he know?

The three-star state masters had exploded with their fleet.

He was in despair as well.

He pushed away a blade demon and worked the communication device himself.

“Attention all bases! Our Keria Solar System base is also attacked. It’s a barbarian cosmic system state!… our entire fleet has fallen. The human fleet is about to arrive at our base.”

“… Farewell, everyone, notify the Demon palayce! Please ask our king and elders to get revenge for us!”

Then, Abo Lili felt terrifying chi rapidly coming close.

He crushed the communicator and glanced at the scared blade demons.

“Brothers, come out with me. Even if we die, we can’t hide in here and die like rats!”

There was no way they couldn’t run from a cosmic system state.

The blade demons were dazed and then roared, “Yes!”

This group of blade demons came to the surface.

All Blade Demons in the base had come out now.

Some were on the ground, and some were in the sky. There were soldiers and adventurers.

All their faces were covered in terror as they looked up in the sky.

The human fleet was about to enter the atmosphere.

Abo Lili looked at the scene and felt a huge pressure on his chest. His mind went blank as terror spread across him.

At this moment, a star state Blade Demon shot up into the air.

He wasn’t a soldier but a star state adventurer.

“Brothers! The humans have stepped into our border. Even if we die, we can’t do anything! We are Blade Demon soldiers! Fight for our border!”

His hideous roar dispersed everyone’s terror.

They were blade demon soldiers, and this was their border.

Even if a cosmic system state wanted to come across, it would have to be over their dead bodies.

All blade demons looked up and roared, “Kill!”

They charged towards the fleet regardless of their cultivation level.

Lu Ze and the girls watched the scene. Despite being enemy races, Lu Ze had respect for them.

He said seriously, “I’ll do it.”

He was going to send them off personally.

Man Da nodded and so did the other cosmic system states.

Lu Ze disappeared from the s.h.i.+p and appeared before the blade demons. He looked across them and then clenched his right hand.

Immediately, all blade demons stopped where they were as an orange flame appeared inside their body and burned them to dust.

Lu Ze waved, and a wind blew the dust back on the planet. Lu Ze said, “You are all great warriors.”