Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 944 - Familiar God Art?

Chapter 944 - Familiar God Art?

Chapter 944 Familiar G.o.d Art?

The prodigies didn’t have high cultivation levels, but the spirit food level was high. They also had the golden fruit wine. Therefore, they couldn’t eat anymore after just taking a few bites. Lu Ze and the girls finished off the rest.

Seeing how Lu Ze and the girls ate the food like it was an ordinary meal, they almost cried.

They wished their spirit force storage ability was stronger. These foods were just ordinary food to Lu Ze and the girls but now, these were precious cultivation resources!

After dinner, the group chatted for a while. Man Kun and the group left the suite to go cultivate.

They couldn’t store the spirit food and spirit force for long

Lu Ze and the girls cleaned up the room.

The bed couldn’t fit six people, so Lu Ze changed it into a round race bed.

The group sat down and started cultivating.

Soon, it was nighttime. The group had dinner and entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

They were back in that boundless desert. As soon as they appeared, they concealed their


They were still too weak on this map. Then, the group started searching for prey.

Half an hour later, they sensed some chi moving rapidly. It wasn’t very far from them.

This terrifying chi was at least level-8 cosmic system state or even peak state beast.

Lu Ze quickly said, “Let’s hide.”

The girls nodded and buried themselves in the sand. They just peeped out their eyes to observe the situation.

They would fight such a boss in the future. It was better to see what it was.

Soon, the dust raised. Lu Ze and the girls were dazed. They saw a thousand meter-long, yellow-scaled snake in the air a few hundred kilometers away. Sandstorms started with the twist of the snake’s body. It painted the entire horizon yellow.

At this moment, the snake suddenly stopped. Lu Ze and the girls wondered if they were caught.


Suddenly, the snake roared in another direction.

Then, they sensed two chis appeared. Sand waves toppled the skies in the distance. Two scorpions wrapped in sand flew towards the python.

The two scorpions snarled and tried to break free from the confinement of the sand, but it was useless. They shot out dark green rays from their tails.

The beams shot onto the snake and a dark green mist covered the snake. However, it was completely futile.

Eventually, the snake bit down and ate the two scorpions.

Lu Ze’s group swallowed some saliva.

Was it that terrifying?

The two scorpions were level-6 cosmic system states. They couldn’t even beat one now. Yet, these two scorpions were so weak compared to the snake.

If they were caught, they wouldn’t even be able to run.

They were quite scared.

After eating the two scorpions, the snake hissed with satisfaction before flying off into the distance.

Lu Ze and the girls breathed easy. They weren’t caught. At this moment, golden lightning flashed before their eyes.

When they opened their eyes again, that snake was fried black. It seemed to be completely cooked.

Its body was held by an eagle with a wingspan of over a thousand meters.

The eagle was golden and had a golden horn on top of its head. There seemed to be terrifying lightning brewing inside. There was also golden lightning crackling around its body. Lu Ze and the girls didn’t even dare to breathe. Oh my G.o.d! It was a cosmic cloud state boss!

The chi it emitted was a cosmic cloud state for sure.

It just reached cosmic cloud state but it still wasn’t something Lu Ze and the girls could take on.

Luckily, the eagle shot up into the sky after catching its prey. However, the group didn’t dare to move. It was only after the eagle’s chi had completely disappeared did they dare to breathe. A few minutes later, they finally crawled out of the sand.

Lu Li exclaimed, “That eagle is so strong.”

Nangong Jing nodded. “It’s a cosmic cloud state beast. We would die before we could even react.”

Qiuyue Hesha flicked her hair and smiled. “That snake is very strong too.” Lin Ling and Alice nodded in agreement.

Lu Ze sighed. “That snake is too pitiful. It was cooked in the air.”

“It also seemed delicious.”

What a pity he couldn’t eat it!

Nangong Jing and the others didn’t know what to say

Lu Li rolled her eyes. “Let’s go. Search for suitable beasts or we would get nothing today.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Two hours later, they were finally surrounded by a group of sand beetles again.

There were 13 of them, and the two strongest were the level-4 cosmic system states.

As usual, Nangong Jing stopped while the level-4 cosmic system states and Lu Ze flew towards the other one.

In just a second, Lu Ze killed these beetles with a series of attacks while Qiuyue Hesha helped on the side.

Nangong Jing wasn’t even injured yet.

Then, Lu Ze killed Nangong Jing’s beetle. The remaining ones were of no threat. Lu Ze easily killed all of them with one punch.

After that, they landed. Alice hugged Lu Ze’s arm. “Senior is so amazing! It was much easier than yesterday.”

There was one more beetle than yesterday but because their main combat power Lu Ze grew stronger, they annihilated all the beasts without injuries except Lin Ling.

She only had some light injuries which soon recovered. “We can take on more beetles now.”

The girls nodded in excitement.

Lu Ze smiled and rubbed Lin Ling’s head. “Thank you.” She was the most laborious as the level-3 cosmic system state beetle wasn’t something she could take on, but she could stall due to her spirit eye G.o.d art.

Lin Ling blushed and rubbed her head against Lu Ze’s palm.

Soon, the bodies turned to dust.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “There seem to be new drops.”

There was a sand G.o.d art orb and a glowing gray G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze smiled and picked it up. “I wonder what this grey G.o.d art is. It seems familiar?”

The girls nodded. They felt it was familiar too.

Perhaps it was a G.o.d art they already had.

Lu Ze took it. “We’ll have to wait till we get out to see.”

“Too bad, there were no equipment drops.”

Nangong Jing uttered, “Let’s continue, there will be equipment eventually.”