Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 943 - Do You Need To Be That Happy About This Little Progress?

Chapter 943 - Do You Need To Be That Happy About This Little Progress?

Chapter 943 Do You Need To Be That Happy About This Little Progress?

The other race prodigies looked at each other strangely. They were quite envious. Even Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were at the cosmic system state! Man Xiu and Brenda were on par with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha at the Four-Race Social. Yet now, the difference in power was so huge.

At this moment, Alice and the girls came out of the kitchen holding spiritual food.

The intense aroma immediately caught everyone’s attention.

There was also an intense spiritual force coming from it other than the aroma.

Lu Ze and the girls used planetary state or even star state ingredients. Alice’s cooking skills also improved.

However, these foods could only make them happy. Only cosmic system state ingredients could help them progress.

But, it wasn’t the same for the others. These were huge supplements to them.

Man Kun and the group gasped. “These spiritual foods are so high level!” Eddie exclaimed.

Lu Ze grinned. “Not just that, they’re very delicious too. Have a try.”

Alice said, “Time to eat.”

If it was just the girls, Lu Ze would’ve charged up already but since there were guests here, he had to be polite.

The prodigies got up and came to the table. They were swallowing down their saliva as they stared at the food.

They just came here to socialize with Lu Ze and the girls, due to not seeing them for quite a while and they could get such an opportunity

This spiritual food was quite a fortune to them.

Man Kun and Man Xiu were still nearly two meters tall after sitting on the ground.

Man Kun gave Lu Ze a storage ring. “I’ve brought quite some good food and ingredients from the Barbarian Race too. Have a try Ze.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, I’ll take it.”

He thought it would just be food, but there were ingredients too.

He checked the storage ring and it was filled up. It seemed Man Kun especially went to prepare for this.

Qiu Lin smiled and pa.s.sed a storage ring too. “Ze, you seemed to quite like the food of our race last time. I’ve prepared some ingredients and recipes. You can try cooking yourselves.” Alice’s eyes lighted up before Lu Ze could speak. “There are recipes?”

Qiu Lin smiled and nodded.

Alice looked at Lu Ze. “Senior.”

Lu Ze rubbed Alice’s head and took the storage ring “Thank you, Lin. Alice loves these spiritual food recipes.”

Qiu Lin smiled. “No problem, if there’s not enough, I’ll get people to find more.”

He was quite excited. If Lu Ze liked the others and it was just some recipes, he could give them without a worry.

Eddie and Man Kun looked at each other. d.a.m.n, Qiu Lin was quite smart?

They were quite familiar with Lu Ze and the girls. They knew Lu Ze and the girls loved eating good food. Therefore, before they came, they prepared a lot of ingredients and cooked food. They didn’t think about bringing the recipes.

Eddie’s mouth twitched and took out a storage ring. “There is some good food and ingredients of the Winged Race. Have a try.”

“Since Alice likes recipes, then I’ll get people to find some too.” Man Kun nodded. “Me too.”

Alice’s eyes were glowing. She nodded. “Thank you, brother Eddie and Man Kun.” She could search for more great foods with that. This was her hobby and also because seniors liked it.

Lu Ze felt great seeing how happy Alice was. He smiled and said, “Let’s try Alice’s cooking.”

Then, he took out a bottle of golden fruit wine. The aroma overflowed and shocked the prodigies. Lu Ze smiled. “My master gave me this wine. It’s quite delicious.”

Lu Ze couldn’t be stingy since they were so generous. The golden fruit wine was no longer useful to them. It was Nangong Jing’s favorite wine as this was the best wine she could drink.

Of course, the elders loved this too. They asked for a few stone buckets before.

After all, the alcoholics didn’t want to share with the elders so they had to come asking for it from him.

The wine was still effective for Man Kun and the group.

Lu Ze poured them a cup. “Try it.”

They looked at the golden liquid. Man Kun was the first to finish the cup. As soon as he did, he was dazed.

Man Xiu was a bit worried. “Kun? Are you okay?”

Eddie and others were confused too. It was just a cup. Was he already drunk?

Lu Ze and the girls knew that the golden fruit wine had the greatest effect on physical supernatural powers. Most barbarians had supernatural powers. Man Kun’s barbaric body seemed supernatural.

Did it stimulate his physical supernatural powers?

Man Kun’s face flushed with joy. He closed his eyes and a faint golden and bronze ray circulated his body. Bronze lines started appearing

His bronze lines started to rapidly strengthen.

Sensing this, Lu Ze raised a brow as spirit flames expanded in the s.p.a.ce. A dimension of a few kilometers wide was created and they all came inside.

If he doesn’t control this, his room will be ruined.

Man Xiu’s eyes bulged. “The… barbarian supernatural body is growing stronger? How is this possible?” It was just one cup.

Moments later, the bronze lines stopped increasing. Man Kun opened his eyes and rejoiced. “My barbarian supernatural body grew stronger?”

This was his most barbarian supernatural body. His combat power had quite a great improvement after that.

Everyone was dazzled. Just one cup and it was this terrifying?

He got up and hammered his chest. “Ze, a great favor doesn’t need to be thanked in words. If you need me for anything in the future, just ask!”

Lu Ze smiled. “If there is anything, I will.”

This wine was abundant in the third map and the apes kept making them. He just needed to go grab them after they were out.

He looked at the others who seemed keen to try and smiled. “You guys can try too.”

The rest of them couldn’t wait to finish their wine.

Immediately, everyone glowed goldenly. They were all prodigies and had basic barbarian king bodies. It was just a matter of power.

Man Xiu’s bronze skin color deepened.

Everyone had quite some improvements.

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, let’s eat.”

It was just a little bit of improvement. Did they need to be this happy?