Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 945 - Equipment Set Effect

Chapter 945 - Equipment Set Effect

Chapter 945 Equipment Set Effect

Six hours later, Lu Ze and the girls were searching the desert for prey.

Half an hour after the first pack of beetles, they encountered another pack of nine. The strongest was a level-3 cosmic system state. It was too easy for Lu Ze and the girls. They acquired quite some resources and a sand G.o.d art orb. However, their luck seemed to have run out after that. They did encounter beasts, but they were level-5 cosmic system state scorpions. Luckily, Lu Ze got stronger, and they barely escaped.

After that, it was the bosses that didn’t even dare to release their chi.

Just when they were aimlessly wandering, the sand erupted again. Powerful chi surged.

Lu Ze and the girls’ eyes lit up. It was the sand beetles!

Eight of them charged out from underneath the sand. They glared straight at the group with their hideous mouths opening and closing


The eight beetles sprayed out the chi that rose the sand.

Lu Ze glanced across. There was just one level-4 cosmic system state level. The rest weren’t strong.

Lu Ze grinned as his pale gloves and beetle boots appeared. Powerful chi surged as he disappeared from the spot.

The leading beetle screamed as sand formed around it into armor.

It felt like a powerful threat from Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. These beetles were naive. They didn’t even cover their heads with the sand.

It’s like wearing a bulletproof vest without a helmet.

Gray runes spun in his eyes as he used Stone Transformation Divine Art. He only targeted a level-4 cosmic system state beetle.

At the same time, Nangong Jing and the others also used Stone Transformation Divine Art. Qiuyue Hesha used Seduction G.o.d Art too. With so many disruptive G.o.d arts used together, the beetle was immediately paralyzed on the spot.

Lu Ze appeared before it. Spirit flames glowed from his gloves as he punched.


In a breath, the continuous rumbling sound echoed throughout the desert. When the rumbling stopped, a level-4 cosmic system state beetle was dead. It couldn’t even move till its death.

Lu Ze watched the body turn to dust and then gazed at the remaining beetles.


Seven more bodies appeared.

The girls came over smiling.

Lu Li confidently said, “This is so easy.”

The others nodded.

It was indeed easy if it was just one level-4 cosmic system state beetle. At this moment, the drops were revealed.

Five drops of red liquid, five drops of purple liquid, and an earth crystal.

Lu Ze and the girls smiled excitedly.

Lin Ling shouted, “There’s a new equipment crystal!”

Qiuyue Hesha asked, “I wonder what it is this time?”

Lu Ze picked it up. “We’ll know once we get outside.”


The girls nodded excitedly.

Equipment brought them quite significant improvements.

Soon, the other bodies also turned to dust leaving behind drops.

Perhaps that equipment used up their luck. There were no more special drops.

Despite so, they were very satisfied.

Alice smiled. “We’ve acquired more than yesterday.” If they got more every single day, life would be full of hope.

The group continued off in their search for beasts.

Half an hour later, they suddenly felt the sky dimmed. Then, a golden light flashed and all of them died.

The group woke up trembling on the bed.

Nangong Jing exclaimed, “It must be that golden lightning eagle!”

She was too familiar with this golden lightning

Qiuyue Hesha rolled her eyes. “It might be another golden lightning eagle. It doesn’t have to be that one.”

Nangong Jing said, “Perhaps there’s just that one golden lightning eagle? The desert is so big. How do you know it was another one?”

Qiuyue Hesha argued, “You don’t know it is that one either.”

Nangong Jing was furious hearing Qiuyue Hesha argues with her. She wanted to beat her up but her body ached too much.

It was too painful. She didn’t dare to move. Therefore, she could only glare at Qiuyue Hesha.

Qiuyue Hesha also glared back.

Lu Ze and the girls felt this was quite funny.

They were arguing even at this time.

However, they were used to it.

These two could argue no matter what time it was. Now, everyone looked at Lu Ze.

Lin Ling giggled. “Ze, check the equipment.”

The others were very curious.

Lu Ze nodded and took out the earth crystal.

In a flash, the crystal cleared up revealing a breastplate. Like the boots, they seemed to be made of the same material as the sand beetles. Nangong Jing said, “So they’re not boots, Ze you can use it.” If they were boots, they could take it as Lu Ze already had one.

If Lu Ze was strong, they would only need to hide behind him and support him. Lu Ze nodded and the crystal turned into a beam of yellow light fusing into his chest.

The armor appeared.

It looked simple and yet had this special beauty. Accompanied by Lu Ze’s handsome face, it looked quite good.

The girls nodded. They had to admit the Pocket Hunting Dimension items were all rather good-looking. Lu Ze felt that the breastplate also increased spirit force efficiency and this degree of increase was higher than the boots.

Lu Ze found that the breastplate and boots seemed to be resonating. His spirit force efficiency increased even more.

Lu Ze was shocked.

So this was the item set effect? This was too amazing. It improved spirit force efficiency by 20%. This was terrifying.

Lu Ze could last even longer now.