Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 92 - Lucky Player

Chapter 92 - Lucky Player

Chapter 92: Lucky Player


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

At this moment, the results of the first wave of battle had been decided.

The purple lightning pillar became a lot dimmer after annihilating the grey light ball but still carried powerful force as it smashed towards the grey lizard.

The grey lizard howled and dashed one kilometer away instantly. It was so fast that even with Lu Ze’s abstruse martial state level five eyes, he could only barely see a shadow.

Another terrifying wave of explosion came when the lightning pillar smashed toward where the grey lizard stood. The lightning spirit force ravaged the surroundings.

When the shock calmed down, a huge sink of a few hundred-meter radius appeared.

Lu Ze: “…”

When he blocked the shockwave again, he was shaking a little from the electrocution. He looked at the huge ditch speechlessly.

This was a weakened lightning pillar…

This power was ridiculous!

He suddenly felt that his current position no longer made him feel secure.

The lizard easily moved one kilometer. One attack was a huge sink. He was only five kilometers from them.

Lu Ze silently used his wind element G.o.d art to fly backward until he was nearly 10 kilometers away.

Only then did he breathe easier and started to re-survey the situation.

The two beasts were flas.h.i.+ng with spirit light. Their figures kept flas.h.i.+ng around within a few kilometers range. Each spirit force attack or physical clashed ravaged the surroundings even more.

The battle sounds and beast roars completely filled this world. Lu Ze felt that the weaker animals of a hundred-kilometer radius were well hidden.

Lu Ze could only watch the blurs of the two beasts fighting. He couldn’t see the details at all.

After tens of clashes, Lu Ze finally found something wrong.

The black unicorn clearly had stronger attacks than the grey lizard, but they were still evenly matched now.

After another clash, the two separated a few hundred meters apart.

At this moment, the thick grey skin of the lizard had been torn open revealing the flesh inside. Blood rushed out like crazy.

But what Lu Ze saw next instantly made his eyes bulge.

In just a few seconds, the bleeding stopped and the flesh grew back. The lizard had completely recovered.


What talent is this?

It recovered this fast?!

No wonder it stood resistant to the black unicorn’s attacks.

However, the black unicorn had some light injuries instead.

The two beasts howled again and disappeared.


Smash smas.h.!.+

Lu Ze looked at the heated battle, and then, at the distant sun. The sun was almost completely up.

If he couldn’t get out today, he would have to leave here first. He felt if the two beasts continued fighting, even here wasn’t safe.

While Lu Ze was thinking, a beam of lightning smashed at a place 500 meters from Lu Ze.

The terrifying sound of lightning made Lu Ze’s blood boil. The powerful spirit force scared his heart.

At this moment, a few more low beast growls sounded. Red spirit light flashed where the lightning smashed. The temperature rose a little.

Then, four huge fireb.a.l.l.s shot out from the gra.s.s at the lightning light.


Fireball and lightning clashed.

However, the fireball might be strong against Lu Ze, but it was just weak against lightning.

The lightning dissipated the fireball and smashed against the gra.s.s.


Roar! x4

Four pitiful howls sounded, and then, four huge red figures flew out from the gra.s.s.

Lu Ze looked at the four red lions that were just about to die. He was very shocked.

There were four onlookers near him?!

Then, his smile lost its integrity.

These four cute lions seemed to be heavily injured. How about…

He carefully glanced at the two terrifying beasts and found that the two didn’t notice the situation here. His eyes went cold as he looked at the convulsing lions.

Rumble rumble rumble rumble!

Lu Ze ignored his injuries and punched with all his strength.

These four lions, who were seriously injured, died without even resisting.

Immediately after that, Lu Ze had been p.r.o.ne on the ground. He glanced nervously at the two beasts. Seeing them not noticing his position, he finally felt a.s.sured.

Perhaps to those two, they were just bugs on the side of the road?

He watched as the four lions slowly turned to ash and revealing a huge bunch of light orbs.

The lions were stronger than even the huge green wolf. Of course, there would be more loot.

He was really a lucky player!

He picked up the 26 faint red orbs that were even larger than the ones the huge green wolf dropped and six faint purple ones that were also larger than the ones the huge green wolf dropped.

Then, Lu Ze looked excitedly at the four crystal b.a.l.l.s that had flames inside.

Flame G.o.d art!

He didn’t expect he would receive flame G.o.d art this easily!

This was fast!

At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly felt he was the legendary chosen one!

He happily collected the four flame G.o.d art orbs, and then, looked at the two big bosses. His eyes flashed.

To be honest, he began to hope one of the bosses would be near death, and he would steal the kill. Was that thinking too much?

Just when Lu Ze was debating about leaving, his eyes went dark, and he reappeared in his dark room.

Lu Ze: “…”

Indeed, even the pocket hunting dimension felt he was getting too c.o.c.ky?

Lu Ze calmed down his excited heart.

This unexpected loot was already huge enough!

At the same time, he also understood.

Now, he could stay for two days in the pocket hunting dimension.