Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 91 - The Door Seems to Have Been Ironed Shut

Chapter 91 - The Door Seems to Have Been Ironed Shut

Chapter 91: The Door Seems to Have Been Ironed Shut


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After calming his injuries, Lu Ze raised his right fist and punched the defenseless huge wolf.

Then, the dead huge wolf slowly turned to ashes, leaving behind a few light orbs.

One crystal orb flashed with a pale green light. You could even feel the light breeze from the crystal ball. You could just tell it was the upgraded version of the ones dropped by the smaller green wolves.

Six huge faint red orbs and one large faint purple orb.

All in all, everything the huge green wolf dropped was a higher level than what the little green wolves dropped.

Lu Ze looked at the light orbs and smiled satisfyingly.

Although his entire body was hurting, he reaped a huge reward.

Lu Ze picked up all the light orbs and placed it in his mental dimension before leaving the battlefield.

As soon as the battle ended, he didn’t stay there for one extra minute. This was a rule he learned with his life.

There were always beasts out there wanting to take advantage of him.

He was once young and arrogant and fell to this. Now, he was very timid.

Due to the heavy injuries he sustained, he ran off as soon as he saw huge wolves. He picked on the smaller and weaker ones or the huge black dogs at the same level.

After all, the smaller light orbs still had some use for him.

He secretly hunted for the entire night. In the morning, Lu Ze happily picked up 23 light orbs happily offered to him by four black dogs.

Looking at the glowing landscape, he was a bit excited.

This was one of the few days that he was sent out alive.

He almost cried out of excitement!

Indeed, if he worked hard on cultivation, he wouldn’t need to die everyday!

A light wind brushed past the gra.s.sy plain. The red light at the horizon started to dispel the darkness.

Lu Ze sat down and waited for the next train.

However, what got Lu Ze dazed was that the sky grew brighter, but he still stayed on the gra.s.sy plain. He wasn’t teleported out.

Lu Ze: “???”

Wait! What’s going on?

The door seems to have been ironed shut.

Let him get off first!

He looked at the rising sun and frowned. “Last time he was sent out alive, it seemed to be not long after the sun rose. He really seemed to have been kept here…”

He looked around seriously and touched his chin in contemplation.

Moments later, Lu Ze’s eyes brightened up.

Was it because his cultivation level increased and thus, he could stay here longer?

After all, he was only a body refinement martial warrior before.

Lu Ze felt he would wait longer.

He had no way to go out now anyway, so he might as well wait it out.

Perhaps, he could leave tomorrow?

Or when he died of hunger?

Wait! He would rather die to a beast than starve to death!

He would offer his tasty body to a powerful beast!

Of course, that was the last resort.

After thinking this through, Lu Ze didn’t bother about it much. Since there was still time, he began hunting again.

He needed to use more and more light orbs, and he also needed to prepare for Li. It was time to store some more.


The sun of the second day rose up again, and the sky was painted golden red.

Two thunderous roars sounded on the silent gra.s.sy plain.

In a certain place, two huge beasts were roaring at each other. The wind that was just created pressed down the gra.s.s of a few hundred-meter radius.

The force was so fierce that the rabbits, little green wolves, black dogs were shaking on the ground.

Lu Ze was hiding in a one-meter tall gra.s.s. He didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. He looked through the slits of the gra.s.s and stared deadly at the two huge beasts 3 kilometers away.

He was still dazed. He was happily abusing little green wolves when two immensely powerful forces landed at the same time. Lu Ze laid down and held his breath immediately.

Then, he saw these two terrifying beasts.

One of them had a shoulder height of ten meters and was covered in black armor. It was a warhorse with purple eyes.

Its head had a two-meter long purple crystal-like horn. There was a bolt of terrifying lightning flas.h.i.+ng on the horn.

This warhorse was staring ferociously at a huge beast not far away.

Lu Ze looked at this warhorse, and his mouth spasmed.

Even horses had sharp teeth. Were there no guys here that had cute teeth???


The one fighting the warhorse was a huge grey lizard that had a shoulder height of five meters and a body length of 20 meters. The lizard opened its mouth and made dragon-like howls.

The grey lizard had grey spirit light flowing around its body. It didn’t seem to possess some elemental power like the warhorse.

Even from 3 kilometers away, Lu Ze could barely breathe.

So powerful!

Compared to these two beasts, the huge green wolf was a little kid!

Lu Ze guessed that these two were at least a core martial state or even aperture opening state!

A newbie like him could only s.h.i.+ver in the wake of these two powerful beings!

But luckily, these two beasts only noticed each other.

He was ready to hide and be a good onlooker. He would also learn about their power, so he would be able to beat them in the future.

The two beasts roared again as spirit light flowed.

Then, the huge horn of the unicorn shot out a thick purple lightning pillar.


The lizard roared and a grey light ball formed in its mouth, turning into a grey flow of light.


An extremely terrifying clash sounded.

Purple and grey filled the s.p.a.ce. Searing lightning and grey spirit force shot everywhere and spread across the surroundings in an instant.

Lu Ze looked at the residual spirit force charging at him, and his face changed. Wind circulated around him. He floated up slightly as he slid back along the ground.

In the process, Lu Ze saw a few rabbits and dogs flew past in the sky. The poor rabbit couldn’t even struggle and turned to dust before falling to the ground.

The black dog wailed using its black spirit light to defend but was still torn mercilessly…

Lu Ze saw the nearing wave. His body exploded with a crystal color. He was ready to take it head-on.

Soon, the scorching lightning and grey spirit force struck his body. He was shaking from the electrocution and spat a few mouthfuls of blood.

Lu Ze was speechless. A five-kilometer radius of the plain was destroyed.

Were powerful beings this powerful??

He thought 3 kilometers was far enough, but their residual attack was still this powerful.

Ordinary martial warrior or even spirit martial state couldn’t even stay here to watch!