Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 930 - Stay Low, Stay Low

Chapter 930 - Stay Low, Stay Low

Chapter 930: Stay Low, Stay Low

Edka shuddered. This being originated from a cosmic cloud state powerful race.

A prodigy from the Demonic Rune Race!

He could feel the formidable power from her body. Just a sliver of it made him s.h.i.+ver.

She was a cosmic cloud state being!

He quickly bowed. “Evil-Eyed Race Edka greets your lords.h.i.+p.”

The female glanced at Edka and asked, “Do you know what happened here?”

Edka answered, “I don’t know too well. I just got here.”

The male from the Half Demon Race frowned. “Didn’t you sense the battle here?”

Cosmic cloud state battles were inherently intense. Even from a distance, a cosmic system state should be able to notice it.

Edka’s mouth twitched. “To be honest, I fell unconscious before.”

The female prodigy: “???”

The male half-demon: “???”

The half-demon furrowed his brows. “Why did you come here?”

Edka laughed it off. “The Blade Demon Race summoned us to conquer the Human Race. On the way here, there was an accident, and I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was left on an asteroid.”


The purple-runed woman looked at the half-demon. “Destroy the Human Race together? What kind of race is the Human Race?”

The half-demon answered, “I heard some rumors about it. Anyway, the Human Race is merely a weak and budding cosmic system state race. Their powers are inferior. They don’t even have a peak cosmic system state. We didn’t take it seriously, so we just sent Heras and Jeremy. They should be strong enough to handle an insignificant race. Maybe they encountered a cosmic cloud state. The rescue signal was sent by either Heras or Jeremy.”

The purple-runed woman frowned. “A race without even a peak cosmic system stat?”

Edka pointed in the direction of the Milky Way and said, “Yes, Master. We studied the situation before proceeding with the war. Their galactic era is only 2000 years old.”

The purple-runed woman looked towards the Milky Way.

Since this was a race with only 2000 years of history and without peak cosmic cloud states, they would definitely have nothing to do with this.

After all, a cosmic cloud state battle occurred here.

She looked at the empty scene and frowned. “The cosmic realm is riddled with insectoid lairs. Cosmic cloud states are going around everywhere to annihilate them. It is no surprise they encountered one. They are just unlucky.”

She added, “Okay, this thing ends here. The business of our master matters more.”

Although the half-demon wanted to check the Milky Way, he felt that her conclusion was more plausible.

Moreover, their race didn’t lack cosmic system states.

Comparatively, their master’s business was much more crucial than two cosmic system states.

She was already giving him a lot of face by coming with him on this trip.

He bowed. “Yes, your lords.h.i.+p!”

“Let’s leave.”

Silver light flashed around the woman, and the two figures disappeared.

Edka was dumbfounded.


They just left like that?

What about him then?

He looked at the Milky Way. It looked as though there wasn’t anything special with it.

The Human Race probably didn’t even know they were in danger.

‘d.a.m.n, they are lucky!’

He looked around and then shuddered at the thought of the cosmic cloud state chi.

He quickly ran back.

At the human-controlled border, Lu Ze and the girls had arrived at the base of Shenwu Army.

The commanders, who were anxiously waiting for them, beamed with excitement as they saw the group arrive.

The elders were fine!

This is too great!

The elders had always been at the heart of the army and the people. If something happened to them, the foundation of the Federation might shake a little.

He looked at Lu Ze.

He was indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn!

Were they the main partic.i.p.ants in that terrifying battle?

Just how strong was the Monarch of the New Dawn now?

He was very curious.

He got up and saluted, “Lords, Monarch of the New Dawn, young dukes, welcome back!”

Lu Ze and the girls relaxed after returning to the base.

Elder Nangong smiled and waved his hand. “Any updates while we were away?”

The commander answered, “Everything is normal. The insectoid lair has been destroyed!”

Elder Nangong nodded. Lu Ze and the girls already informed them about this.

“That’s good, keep monitoring the situation outside the border.”


Lu Ze smiled. “Elder, are we going back to planet Shenwu?”

The four elders nodded. “It’s time to organize the army and take our loot!”

They appeared here just to a.s.suage the anxiety of everyone at the border and let them know they were fine.

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay.”

With a flash of silver light, they disappeared again.

Elf Cosmic Realm.

In the void s.p.a.ce extremely far from the Milky Way, spirit lights flashed like crumbling stars.

Turbulent s.p.a.ce storms were formed one by one.

Cl.u.s.ters of insectoids and beings from the Crystal Race clashed.

Extremely far away from the battlefield, there were even cosmic cloud states fighting.

The battle was overly intense.

s.p.a.ce vortexes were created nearby.

Behind the insectoids, there were planetary-sized insectoid lairs that filled the s.p.a.ce.

The dark red center planet emitted a terrifying chi. The s.p.a.ce on the surface of this planet exhibited severe fluctuations.

At the center of the planet, there was some kind of huge red queen insectoid. It opened its eyes.


Hearing this, the other ma.s.sive insectoid queens also hissed.

The void s.p.a.ce was painted blood red.

Thereafter, a star map appeared in all their minds. There was a red dot on there.

The dot represented the Milky Way.

The queen broadcasted, “Two lairs have been destroyed in this civilization. According to the intel, it’s a cosmic system state civilization! Send three… no, five… no, ten lairs! Obliterate this civilization!”

“Yes! Master!”

Ten black insectoid lairs disappeared.

On the battlefield, a 1.5-meter tall being from the Crystal Race formed a 10-centimeter-long white spirit force ball.


The spirit force ball instantly struck the sh.e.l.l of a peak cosmic system state insectoid.

The sh.e.l.l crumbled, and the spirit force went inside.



The insectoid was blasted apart.

Light flashed on his head. “Too weak.”

Another being from the Crystal Race who was holding a long crystal sword sliced a level-8 cosmic system state insectoid in half and said, “Brother Yi Lei, you are too strong. Your combat power should be at the cosmic system state now, right?”

Yi Lei responded calmly, “Stay low, stay low. A cosmic cloud state combat power is nothing.”

“I hope I can break through to the cosmic cloud state quickly. Then, I can finally kill insectoids in the cosmic realm.”

At this juncture, a terrifying force emerged.

Everyone from the Crystal Race looked up.

Yi Lei asked, “What are these insectoids doing again?”

One crystal being said, “Ten insectoid lairs appear to be missing.”

Yi Lei nodded. “I saw it.”

“Should we pursue them?”

“Pursue my a.s.s. It is not like cosmic cloud state insectoids ran away. Those old guys didn’t give any orders. We’ll deal with these lairs first. It is actually good for us since the pressure is lessened.”