Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 929 - Two Cosmic Cloud States?!

Chapter 929 - Two Cosmic Cloud States?!

Chapter 929: Two Cosmic Cloud States?!

Soon, the elders finished clearing up the battlefield.

Saint Shenwu grinned. “We’ll guard the area. We might be able to gather another wave of loot.”

Elder Nangong smiled. “Indeed!”

Lu Ze and the girls looked strangely at each other. He didn’t know the elders were so good at fis.h.i.+ng.

But since there was an incoming delivery, there was no reason to reject it.

Lu Ze hid with the elders and waited for the reinforcements.

A day later, two beams arrived at the battlefield. It was two beings from the Evil-Eyed Race.

They were both peak cosmic system states. Their burning green eyes looked around in confusion.

“Where are they? Didn’t s.h.i.+ Wu ask for reinforcements?”

The other one asked, “Did we go to the wrong place then?”

They took out a device burning with green flames. A star map appeared with a red dot.

He looked at it carefully and frowned. “We are at the right place. The marker is here.”

Suddenly, a terrifying wave surged.

The two hostile beings stiffened. The green flames in their eyes wavered.

“A cosmic cloud state! How can this be?” one of the cosmic system states from the Evil-Eyed Race roared in disbelief.

“Run!” The other one tried to run, but then his body was immobilized. “The s.p.a.ce is bound!”

At this juncture, the demonic flames had completely covered the two.

“No!” A wail of despair drowned in the flames until it could no longer be heard.

When the flames disappeared, only their equipment and storage rings were left behind.

The elders and Lu Ze’s group revealed themselves.

Elder Nangong’s face was pale, but it was filled with a smile.

“Hehe, this rune is really good. We can kill peak cosmic system states so easily. They didn’t even have a chance to flee.”

Elder Lin said, “Hurry up and clear out the resources. There might be another wave.”

The group nodded and cleaned up faster than before.

The reinforcements were usually peak cosmic system states. To prevent them from running away, it was best to use the divine art runes straight up.

A cosmic cloud state level of ambush wasn’t something an ordinary peak cosmic system state could stand up to.

Not every race was like the Half Demon Race. They couldn’t force out a cosmic cloud state power so easily.

The group went back to hiding once again.

Three hours later, a pale and blood light shot over. It was someone from the Pale Scale Race and another one from the Blood Claw Race.

They were both peak cosmic system states.

They were also confused upon coming across an empty s.p.a.ce.

The rescue signal came from there…

At this juncture, demonic flames surged around Saint Shenwu and covered the entire region of s.p.a.ce.

Sensing this, the two gasped. “Not good, it’s a trap!”

The Blood Claw Race crushed a rune. Immediately, a cosmic cloud state chi appeared.

A giant red claw grabbed at the demonic flames.

The Blood Claw Race roared, “Break!”

Saint Shenwu’s expression changed upon sensing the power of the blood claw.

“Go help! Don’t let them escape!”

Saint Lin Dong declared calmly, “They can’t get away!”

Pale spirit force emerged around him as his spirit force punch clashed with the claw.

The two shattered almost at the same time.

The demonic flames were stirred up.

Saint Shenwu forcefully suppressed the demonic flames.

The two reinforcements were instantly thrown into the flames. They couldn’t even howl.

After the flames were gone, only equipment and storage rings were left behind once again.

The elders felt relieved.

Lu Ze and the girls were also worried earlier. Those two almost got away.

Saint Shenwu said, “Good thing we killed them in the end. If they got away, it would be troublesome if a legion came.”

They might face a number of opponents they couldn’t handle.

Elder Nangong shook his head. “Even if we kill the reinforcements now, the other races would notice the anomaly after we start taking over the territory of the Blade Demon Race. The trouble by then would be difficult to deal with.”

Saint Lin Dong shook his head. “We have no choice anyway. There is still some buffering time. We have to quickly improve during this period.”

Elder Lin smiled. “Don’t worry too much. With how fast Ze and the girls are cultivating, they would soon surpa.s.s us. We will have quite a lot of peak cosmic system states in the near future. Even if they want to get revenge, they have to consider it carefully.”

The elders smiled.

Elder Nangong slapped Lu Ze’s shoulder again.

“Ze, work hard. We know you can do it!”

Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze felt burdened by the responsibility.

There were at least five or six races.

‘How would he hold up to that?’

The group waited again.

This time, they waited for another day, but there were no more reinforcements.

Elder Nangong frowned. “They won’t probably send another batch of support.”

Elder Lin agreed. “The territory of the Half Demon Race is the farthest from this region. They would need some time to traverse s.p.a.ce. Those four were probably the maximum number of reinforcements.”

For a cosmic system state civilization, peak cosmic system states were extremely rare. Their combat powers were at the pinnacle. The Blade Demon Race and the Human Race didn’t even have a peak cosmic system state before.

Saint Shenwu nodded. “Let’s return then.”

Lin Dong nodded. “We need to plan carefully how we should take over the territory of the Blade Demon Race.”

That was the biggest loot out of everything.

It was a galaxy after all!

Lu Ze smiled. “Elders, I’ll take you guys back. I have s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. It will be faster than other means.”

Elder Nangong agreed.

On an asteroid not far from the battlefield, Evil-Eyed Race Edka opened his eyes.

He was still extremely weak.

He looked around and felt stunned.

‘Who am I?’

‘Where am I?’

‘Why am I here?’


He remembered seeing the grand light. He wanted to learn the knowledge within. However, he experienced a backlash and fell unconscious.

‘So… they dumped him here instead?’

He got up. He still had some injuries, but he could move around.

He flew towards the source of combat power.

The place was empty.

Did they finish fighting?

‘They didn’t even take him home after the battle?!’


This wasn’t right…

If they were really done with the subjugation, the others should be in the human territory now.

‘How about coming over and taking a look?’

At this moment, two beams stopped before him.

One was a handsome man from the Half Demon Race and the other was a silver-skinned, purple-runed enchanting woman.

The man from the Half Demon Race was a peak cosmic system state while the purple-runed woman was even stronger.

The woman frowned. “A cosmic cloud state power?”

The male from the Half Demon Race bowed. “Lord, are you saying there is a cosmic cloud state here?”

The woman didn’t respond. She curled her finger, and a strand of demonic flame and pale spirit light slowly gathered.

They were much weaker, but they contained a cosmic cloud state power.

The half-demon was taken aback. “Two cosmic cloud states? Why would there be two cosmic cloud states here?”

The woman waved the chi away. Following such, she turned around. “Evil-Eyed Race?”

Edka was dazed. There were two cosmic cloud states here…

It was a good thing they didn’t bring him along then.