Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 931 - Victory? What Victory?

Chapter 931 - Victory? What Victory?

Chapter 931: Victory? What Victory?

Planet Shenwu.

After Lu Ze and the girls left, the soldiers and adventurers cleared up the mess left behind by the insectoids. Following such, they went back to their stations.

At this moment, beams of light rose from the Shenwu Army.

People looked over immediately.

“What is going on?”

“I don’t know. Numerous powerful Shenwu Army generals and soldiers suddenly appeared.”

“Are there incoming enemies?”

The previous insectoid tide made them quite sensitive.

Everyone was anxious and vigilant.

After an hour, nothing seemed to have happened.

Everyone was stunned.

“Nothing happened.”

“But why did all those powerful people appear here…”

“I don’t know.”

At this point, Lu Ze took the elders and the girls over.

Immediately, everyone was taken aback.

After a moment of silence, someone chanted, “This is great! The saints are okay!”

“It must be because the Monarch of the New Dawn went to help!”

Cheers echoed throughout the planet and almost extended outside.

Lu Ze blushed.

These people were too fervent. He could not help but feel embarra.s.sed.

The girls even threw teasing glances at him.

Right then, Liu Zhiyun, Zuoqiu Xunshuang, and the star states came over.

They were very excited.

Liu Zhiyun greeted, “It’s so great to see you guys doing well.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang grinned. “I knew you guys would be fine!”

The elders smiled.

Elder Nangong said, “It’s all thanks to Ze this time. Otherwise, there would be major changes.”

After all, the reinforcements arrived soon after.

If those guys survived until their backup came, the situation would be problematic.

“Long before, Monarch of the New Dawn’s talent made me sweat. Now even his power is far beyond us old guys,” a white-haired high-level star state said.

“General Harold is right. The Monarch of the New Dawn’s talent and power make us feel ashamed of ourselves.”

“With the Monarch of the New Dawn around, the future of humanity is bright.”

The star states spouted all sorts of compliments.

Lu Ze felt so great about himself inside, but in order to maintain a mature image, he controlled his smile and pretended to be humble.

The girls really wanted to laugh out loud since they knew him too well.

What a pretentious man!

Zuoqiu Xunshuang said happily, “Ze is amazing! He’s a pillar of humanity at a young age. He’s indeed my good son-in-law!”


Everyone’s face stiffened.

This woman was so shameless.

This was all because she had a good daughter. She made it sound like it was all because of her.

‘Why didn’t they have such a nice daughter?’


They had to introduce their descendants to the Monarch of the New Dawn at some time!

With his talent, their children would definitely be extremely talented too.

The elders wouldn’t mind that, would they?

Liu Zhiyun felt awkward. Before, he told the elders he would be giving Lu Ze some cultivation resources…

They wouldn’t spill that, would they?

No, he had to change the topic. Hence, he asked, “By the way, elders, what did you guys encounter?”

Everyone looked over curiously. The elders weren’t here when the insectoid lair emerged.

Elder Nangong said, “It’s no big deal. The Blade Demon Race, Dark Metal Demon Race, Black Smoke Race, Evil-Eyed Race, Pale Scale Race, Blood Claw Race, and Half Demon Race teamed up to kill us. They probably covet our territory.”


There were seven races in the list!

This number of races formed an alliance just to destroy them. They must have made detailed plans to ensure the success of their goal.

There would definitely be a lot of powerful beings.

Yet, the four elders were perfectly fine facing such a group?

This didn’t make sense at all!

Four cosmic system states being ambushed by the cosmic system states of seven races.

They still appeared unscathed?!

This didn’t seem to be real!

Elder Nangong smiled. “We were trapped by them at first. It was all thanks to Ze and the girls that we were able to break free.”

Everyone looked at each other. They realized they underestimated Lu Ze again.

He was able to save the four elders in front of the cosmic system states of seven races.

‘Just what kind of monster is he?’

Liu Zhiyun asked worriedly, “Elders, what if they retaliate? Even with Lu Ze and the girls, we don’t have enough cosmic system state power.”

The others also looked at Elder Nangong with concern.

They felt the elders escaped a calamity, but it wasn’t the end.

Elder Nangong calmly waved his hand. “Don’t worry, they’re all dead. Now, we’re going out to plunder the territory of the Blade Demon Race.”


The atmosphere ended up extremely silent.

‘Are they all… dead?’

‘Are they going to raid the blade demon territory?’


Liu Zhiyun’s mouth twitched.

“Elder, what did you just say?”

Elder Nangong felt even better after seeing how shocked everyone was.

This was the first major victory in a thousand years!

He smiled. “I said, we’re going out to take over the territory of the Blade Demon Race now. As for those cosmic system states who came to hunt us, they’re all dead.”

General Harold gasped. “Lord Nangong, is it… real?”

Countless humans had died in the war against the blade demons.

And now…

‘Did they win just like that?’

This was like a dream.

If it was, he hoped he wouldn’t wake up.

Elder Nangong nodded seriously. “We’re triumphant! The cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race, including the Blade Demon King, are all dead! From now on, no one can stop us in the blade demon territory!”

Everyone let out a breath.


One not-too-old star state roared in excitement.

The other soldiers and adventurers were surprised.

‘Is that general okay?’

He was yelling in front of the saints.

‘Isn’t he too c.o.c.ky?’

“Arghhh! We won!”


The next roar came until the planet was overrun by the voices of the star states.