Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 928 - Why Are They So Experienced?!

Chapter 928 - Why Are They So Experienced?!

Chapter 928: Why Are They So Experienced?!

Moments later, the explosion settled down.

The Blade Demon King’s armor ended up cracked. Blood was flowing out, and his chi was much weaker.

The two blade demon elders had turned to lifeless bodies. Their corpses were carried away by the explosion.

The Blade Demon King was out of breath as he gazed at the expressionless Lu Ze. He looked at the girls behind him with shock too.

Just a single punch and the three of them couldn’t stop it together. The difference was too huge.

The Blade Demon King’s eyes flashed with pain upon looking at the bodies of the elders.

The comrades he had been with for a few thousand years fell just like that.


The Blade Demon King suddenly looked at the spirit force cage.

The cage was vibrating vigorously. There were some fractures on it.

The faces of Heras and the armies were pale. Their chi was weak as well.

Heras’ expression changed, and then, he roared, “We can’t hold on anymore! Run!”

All the cosmic system states took out their trump cards and attempted to flee.

At this moment, another terrifying power emerged from the cage.

Everyone looked up to see Elder Lin ablaze with demonic flames.

These flames severed off the restraints. The cosmic system states realized the sudden constraint in the s.p.a.ce near them. Despair filled their faces.

The cosmic system state from the Blood Claw Race roared, “No way! Why does he have more hidden aces?!”

‘How could the Human Race hide several cosmic cloud state trump cards?’

No one could answer this question right now.

The pitch-black demonic flames surrounded Heras and his allies.

When the demonic flames subsided, all that remained were some broken equipment and storage rings.

The cosmic system state chis had disappeared.

Seeing this, the Blade Demon King’s golden eyes flashed with distress.

He felt bitterness in his heart. Despite the preliminary preparations he had done, conquering the Human Race was beyond his reach already.

‘Why did the Human Race become this strong?’

He still couldn’t believe it.

After using the Demonic Flame Divine Art, Elder Lin’s chi weakened. Only Elder Nangong retained his full power.

Nevertheless, they looked at the Blade Demon King with excitement.

After fighting with the blade demons for over a thousand years, they had finally brought an end to this battle.

Elder Nangong smiled and took along the other elders with him to join Lu Ze and the girls.

Lin Ling flew up to hold the pale-faced Elder Lin. “Grandpa, are you okay?”

Elder Lin showed a pleasant smile. He rubbed Lin Ling’s head.

“I’m fine.” He then laughed. “Killing nearly twenty cosmic system states at once is no ordinary feat.”

He felt quite proud of it.

The other three elders rolled their eyes. Everything was possible due to the runes Ze gave them.

Lin Ling felt relieved after ascertaining her grandfather was fine.

In the following second, the elders looked at the pitiful Blade Demon King.

Their enmity ran deep. It was built on the development and survival of their respective races.

Their conflict was inevitable.

They were the leaders of their race. Hence, they had the responsibility to lead it forward.

After all these years, they each had their victories and defeats.

This was the first and only time an opportunity to terminate the war presented itself.

The Blade Demon King was heavily injured, but he still struggled to get up. His eyes contained complicated emotions.

He had no hopes of turning things around. Even so, he still wanted to maintain his honor as the Blade Demon King.

After a long moment of silence, Elder Nangong said, “Daodao Erdun. It has been over a thousand years, and you lost in the end.”

The Blade Demon King glanced at the group and sneered, “That is only because your race is lucky to have a prodigy like him. You old guys can progress that much all because of someone.”

He guessed it was related to Lu Ze.

The elders smiled and said nothing.

Even if the Blade Demon King was about to die, they weren’t going to tell him anything.

Elder Nangong said slowly, “You can die peacefully.”

“Wait! According to the agreement, you guys won’t touch our ancestral planet, right? You will at least spare my subjects and let the bloodline survive, right?”

Lu Ze and the girls were taken aback.

They somehow recalled something about the agreement. It was established by the Advanced Demon Race and the Elf Race.

They were aware of how the Elf Race favored beautiful things. Hence, they only protected those good-looking races.

He remembered how the ancestral planet of the Sea Urchin Race was destroyed by the Human Race.

Well, the root cause for the annihilation was the hideous physical appearance of the former. Moreover, the Elf Race didn’t care.

Elder Nangong smiled. “You guys are all dead. I believe someone would have contacted the Advanced Demon Race, right? Don’t worry, we won’t breach the agreement.”

The Blade Demon King calmed down. His eyes were dissatisfied yet relieved.

Following such, a golden light flashed, and the Blade Demon King’s chest was penetrated by a golden fist force.


The fist force wiped away his life force but left his body intact.

Lu Ze couldn’t understand the feeling of killing an enemy after a thousand years.

After a long period of silence, the elders glanced at each other and smiled.

Saint Shenwu exclaimed, “We have finally won the thousand-year war!”

Elder Nangong patted Lu Ze. “It’s all because of him. Otherwise, we might be fighting a few thousand more years.”

Saint Lin Dong said, “Ze’s power is nearing ours now. Soon, he will surpa.s.s us. By then, the Human Race can be more confident.”

Lu Ze scratched his head in embarra.s.sment.

Saint Shenwu smiled. “Now, we can take over the territory of the Blade Demon Race.”

Saint Lin Dong frowned. “The Blade Demon Race would definitely notify the Advanced Demon Race to enforce the agreement. We have to notify the Elf Race to aid us too.”

Everyone nodded.

They were much stronger now but still too weak compared to the Advanced Demon Race.

Lu Ze and the girls were curious.

‘Would an elf visit their territory to enforce the agreement?’

They had not met an elf yet.

Lu Ze smiled. “Elders, let’s return then.”

The elders smirked. “They notified their allies to support them before dying. We should wait here a bit longer.”


‘Why are the elders smiling so happily?’

Saint Shenwu said, “Let’s clean the mess. These armors and weapons are made from precious metals. We can still reforge and use them.”

“Make a long spear for me. My spear broke prior to this. Too bad, Old You isn’t here. His skills are better.”

“Who knows where he is now? He hasn’t been back for so long.”

“Aiya, this is quite some good loot. We are rich now~”

The elders happily cleared the battlefield.

‘Why did they seem so experienced in doing this?!’