Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 90 - All Those Who Play Tactics

Chapter 90 - All Those Who Play Tactics

Chapter 90: All Those Who Play Tactics


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The sky was dark, and the starlight shone through the windows, inside the room onto Lu Ze, placing a layer of silvery light over him.

The pocket hunting dimension still had the same gra.s.sy plains.

Lu Ze and the huge green wolf that was 100 meters away stared at each other. Both their eyes were cold.

They were enemies to death.

Lu Ze closed his fists as his body turned into a crystal color.

Crystal body, fully activated!

Faint green light flowed from his translucent body and circulated around him.

Wind element G.o.d art, fully activated!

Eventually, the crystal and green color slowly receded, turning dark and heavy. At the same time, a wave of pure spirit force emitted from Lu Ze’s body.

Strength G.o.d art and spirit force, fully activated!

The current Lu Ze was at his strongest state!

He took a step on the soft soil and left behind a blur. The land he stepped on was shattered into powder.

Lu Ze’s body instantly appeared next to the green wolf’s right side. He twisted his waist and punched with his right fist.


As though like the hideous howl of a dragon, his full power unleashed into a crisp green light.

The green wolf turned into a blur and raised its right claw. Sharp wind twirled around and green spirit force surged clas.h.i.+ng with the green flowing light.


The surrounding 100 meters was covered in dense green light. Then, there were terrifying sharp sounds. Sharp wind blades, terrifying spirit force, and surging impulse spread in all directions.

In the area they clashed, the gra.s.s was smashed to pieces. The soil was sc.r.a.ped away.

The weaker organisms in the surrounding few kilometers had all run away.

After one clash, Lu Ze’s chest felt heavy. He was struck back and retreated for tens of meters before stopping.

He looked at the green wolf that didn’t move at all and smiled.

He didn’t get injured!

He could take it on!

Even yesterday, he would get light injuries clas.h.i.+ng head-on with the huge wolf.

But today, his spirit force power increased and he learned some spirit force usage techniques. His power rose drastically in a short time!

The green wolf’s power was equivalent to an abstruse martial state level five to level six. In the previous fights, he was beaten up, but this time he was able to withstand it!

His power was approaching an abstruse martial state level five, right?

He reached Nangong Jing’s request in just two days. This was probably something Nangong Jing would’ve never expected.

Of course, this was related to Lu Ze just learning how to use spirit force, and thus, he had an explosive improvement. The growth would soon slow down.

But even so, Lu Ze felt he would be able to reach high abstruse martial state levels in a month.

Lu Ze regathered his focus ahead.

If he killed the huge green wolf, he would get a higher level of wind element orbs. By then, his wind element G.o.d art would have explosive growth!

By then, he would be even stronger!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze licked his lips and stared at the wolf voraciously. This made the wolf clench its tail and retreat half a step.

Lu Ze didn’t notice this and launched another attack.

His figure appeared above the green wolf while his right leg stepped down with thunderous force.



The green wolf felt the threat, and its athletic figure disappeared.

Lu Ze missed and stepped out a few meter deep ditch in the ground. The corner of his eyes felt a stream of green color flash.

Wind circulated around his body, and he instantly s.h.i.+fted one meter to the side.

A flas.h.i.+ng green wind blade sliced open the air next to Lu Ze and onto the gra.s.s.

Large patches of gra.s.s were sliced off clean and a ten-meter long ravine was created.

Instantly, the huge wolf then appeared above Lu Ze. It waved its claws a few times, and green wind blades rushed at Lu Ze like a hurricane.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

The sharp wind blades struck Lu Ze’s crystal colored body making clanking sounds.

Lu Ze clenched his fists tight. The spirit force and power on his fists rattled and light ripples appeared in the air.

His eyes went cold as he punched out with both fists, forming two green light pillars that instantly dispersed the wind blades and struck towards the green wolf.

Then, using wind element G.o.d art, he followed behind the green pillars of light and charged towards the green wolf.


The green wolf roared as dense wind element congregated at its mouth. The light ball spun and kept emitting sharp wind blades.

Then, the wolf spat, and the ball clashed with the pillars, creating an eye-piercing explosion of green. Thunderous sounds followed next.

At this moment, Lu Ze used this opportunity to appear next to the green wolf and kick the wolf on the waist.


Power surged from Lu Ze’s leg into the body of the wolf. It was like a terrifying tide that instantly tore open the wolf’s defenses and struck his insides.

Its spine made a cracking sound, and its organs shattered in that tide of power.

Due to the terrifying power, its body smashed heavily into the ground, which created a shallow ditch.

The green wolf thought that this two-legged beast was so dark-hearted!

It didn’t care about getting injured at all and charged over from the explosion!

Did it want to die?!

His power was definitely stronger than Lu Ze’s, and he thought he had a steady win.

However… this human played kamikaze tactic!

The green color from the explosion receded, and Lu Ze appeared in the sky.

His body was cracking. Blood spilled out, and he panted heavily.

That explosion wasn’t too good for him too.

For the green wolf whose attack was stronger than defense, it would probably be half-dead inside there.

However, this almost kamikaze attack was clearly effective.

Normally, although his power was nearing the huge green wolf, his speed and attack were actually weaker.

In a standard fight, Lu Ze would be no match. Only such a kamikaze attack would get him the win.

The teachers said, “Young people should be daring to fight.”

Lu Ze pressed a like for himself.

I, Lu Ze, am a youth daring to fight!