Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 89 - Really Don’t Like This

Chapter 89 - Really Don’t Like This

Chapter 89: Really Don’t Like This


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

At this moment, Alice’s usual bright smile made Lu Ze’s heart ached. His mood was a bit complicated.

Wasn’t she in a lot of pain before?

What’s she smiling for at this time?

At the same time, Lu Ze breathed a sigh of relief. He thought there was a powerful being coming after him. So, it was Alice’s father…


Wasn’t Alice a martial warrior level one??

Why was her father such a powerful being??

Lu Ze looked dazedly at the golden-haired handsome man.

At this moment, the man didn’t care about Lu Ze’s glance. He worriedly went up to Alice and grabbed her hand.

The red flame circulated around his pale white flame and seemed to jump around. Meanwhile, the blue flame vigorously burned his white flame.

The golden-haired man allowed this to happen. After ensuring that Alice was in the right state, he finally breathed easy.

He carried the feeble Alice and then, looked at Lu Ze before smiling amicably. “Lu Ze, you did very well. Keep working hard. The federation needs prodigies like you.”

Then, he nodded to Lu Wen and Fu Shuya. “Sorry for disturbing your dinner. Alice isn’t feeling too well, I’m taking her back first.”

Then, he walked into the white flames and disappeared.

In the living room, the four people glanced at each other. Lu Wen frowned, and he looked at Lu Li. “Li, do you know who Alice is?”

Lu Li shook her head. “Alice never told me about her family but a few days ago, she told me her father was a star level being.”

“Star level??”

Everyone’s eyes opened wide.

Star level was stronger than even planetary level martial artists. In the human race, they were considered the top bunch of powerful beings!

Why was such a powerful being in a small solar system like the Telun system?

And, why did no one know about it?

Fu Shuya said worriedly, “Did Alice get sick?”

She had a great impression of that lively and kind Alice. Even she felt heartache when she saw Alice in pain.

Lu Li shook her head and looked worried. “I don’t know either.”

Everyone fell silent. Eventually, Lu Wen smiled and said, “Don’t think too much. Her father is that strong. He won’t let anything happen to Alice. Perhaps you can see her at school tomorrow.”

Everyone glanced at each other and looked at the food on the table. They ate casually.

After all, that happy and joyful little chef was gone. The atmosphere left with her too.

After dinner, Lu Ze returned to his room. His feelings were complicated while thinking about Alice.

He found he didn’t seem to understand that blue-haired girl at all.

He shook his head and sat down. He used a purple orb and started cultivation.

Today, he would increase his power by learning the use of spirit force before he went into the pocket hunting dimension.

He would try to kill the huge green wolf today!

At this moment, in a sealed room inside an exquisite mansion, a pale flame erupted from the air.

Gradually, the flame rose to a height, and the golden-haired man took Alice out from the flames.

As soon as they came out, Alice started coughing heavily and spat a mouthful of blood.

The blood carried pale blue flames and started burning as soon as it fell to the ground.

The man grabbed the flame, and the flame was picked up and annihilated by the pale flame.

Then, he looked at Alice worriedly and said, “Alice, Father will help you suppress this source flame.”

Then, his wide palms pressed against Alice’s back. The red flame that wrapped around the blue source flame twirled onto his palm. The white and red flames burned vigorously. The source flame on Alice’s body flowed like water and was devoured by the golden-haired man’s palm.

After doing this, the man’s face went pale. Pain flashed across his eyes, but he forced it down.

Then, he looked at Alice. Her face had eased up. He smiled gently. “I’ll send you back to your room to rest?”

Alice forcefully supported herself up and showed a vibrant smile “Mhm! Thank you, Dad. I’m fine now! I just need a bit of rest.”

The man’s eyes flashed and he smiled. “You’re fine indeed. Let’s go, do you want your dad to carry you over?”

Alice mumbled, “No, I’m so old already. I’m embarra.s.sed!”

The man laughed out loud. “Hahahaha, Alice has grown up. You’re not clingy to dad anymore. I’ll hold you then.”

The man walked Alice to her room and watched her lay down. He touched her pale blue hair before saying, “Alice, rest well, Dad is going out.”

Alice’s face was pale but she waved her hand. “Mhm, good night, Dad.”

The man smiled and closed the door.

The room fell into darkness.

immediately, pain flashed across Alice’s brow. She curled up her body shakily.

“Mum… I’m almost at my limit… what would Dad do then? I really don’t like this… it’s all my fault…”

The low voice sounded in the dark room.

Outside, the golden-haired man leaned against the wall. His sharp frowns were locked in a frown as he looked into nothingness. He gritted his teeth as his face was full of pain.

He raised both hands, and the pale flames flashed burning s.p.a.ce itself open.

After a long while, the man sighed and left.

He came to the room next to Alice’s. An extremely beautiful woman with long black hair laid on the bed. She was 60% similar to Alice.

Her eyes were tightly shut, and the red flame mark on her was flas.h.i.+ng.

The man walked next to the bed and sat down. He held her white hands as he looked at her pretty face with softness.

He said in a heavy voice, “Hong Lian, the half fire seed of yours almost can’t suppress Alice’s source flame… the ancestor went to the chaotic star realm to find the source but still isn’t back… he probably didn’t find anything… even big brother Nangong went to help, but there’s still no news…”

“It’s about right… the energy of this level of source… isn’t something the human race can get. Even if we get it, we probably can’t protect it…”

He frowned and said shakily, “I’m really useless! I can’t even protect my wife and daughter… I’m really useless!!”

“Hong Lian, what should I do…”