Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 912 - Where Is My Home?

Chapter 912 - Where Is My Home?

Chapter 912: Where Is My Home?

The atmosphere was quiet. The Blade Demon King’s eyes widened.

He had a bold guess, but he felt it was absurd.

‘No way…’

He had summoned allies as fast as possible. It had only been seven months.

‘Did… Lu Ze really reached the cosmic system state?’

Could a human really cultivate at a fast rate?

He asked Heras, “Brother Heras, did you get it wrong? How could the Human Race have a powerful prodigy?”

The others also looked at Heras with confusion.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Heras frowned.

“I once had the fortune to witness a lord of the upper race break through. He had a breakthrough phenomenon. It activated the source of the universe. The method is very special. I’m certain this is a breakthrough phenomenon!”

“And… Edka’s reaction can be explained now. The phenomenon contains the secrets of the universe. He was probably too immersed in it.”

There was something he didn’t say aloud. The lord he saw didn’t have a breakthrough phenomenon with this degree. The difference was worlds apart.

‘Didn’t this mean the prodigy breaking through was more talented than the lord from the upper race?’

He wondered whether the Divine Prince would also create something this intense upon breaking through.

Everyone looked at each other. They thought of Edka whom they had dumped on a random planet. They decided to pick him up later on the way back.

No wonder he tried so hard. He was trying to learn everything from the phenomenon but lost himself too much.

Served him right!

The Blade Demon King said, “The phenomenon can’t be created by the old guys in the Human Race. No matter how strong the prodigy is, he can’t be a match for us. What’s there to worry about?”

A being from the Dark Metal Demon Race sneered, “That’s right. Even if that prodigy reached the cosmic system state, we don’t need to worry. We have twenty-three cosmic system states here.”

The others finally calmed down. They were right. Perhaps they could even kill that prodigy.

Killing such a prodigy was enough for them to brag about for a few thousand years.

Everyone nodded.

A cosmic system state from the Blood Claw Race grinned. “In that case, let’s start.”

Heras summoned a black metal cube. He inserted his spirit force. The s.p.a.ce around it vibrated as enigmatic runes flowed around.

After activating it, Heras threw the cube in the distant s.p.a.ce.

“Okay, the directional tunnel has been opened. The formation on that side will teleport the insectoid lair over. Being so close to the planet, the lairs would move directly towards it.”

Beibei Lazi sneered, “Didn’t expect the insectoids to help our cause out greatly this time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to draw those old humans over.”

Everyone smiled. The human saints weren’t dumb. If there was an army nearing, they would be vigilant, but a swarm of insectoids might be different.

The insectoids already swept all the nearby cosmic realms. A few insectoid lairs appearing wouldn’t be something strange.

They would surely come over to defend against it immediately.

This was the reason why they took so long to prepare. The insectoids were chaotic and murderous, but they weren’t easily manipulated. It was hard to direct them in one direction.

The Blade Demon King smiled and tried to curry favor. “The Half Demon Race is indeed a subject of the upper race. You can even take out such a superb directional transport device easily.”

The Half Demon Race looked very similar to the Advanced Demon Race. They had always been servants of the Advanced Demon Race. They are the strongest out of all the races that joined the alliance.

Heras smiled. “Since the Half Demon Race will benefit the most in this mission, of course, we will give what is due.

“Soon, the pa.s.sage will appear. Let’s hide first. Don’t get caught by the insectoids.”

Everyone nodded and took off.

Hundreds of millions of light-years away from the human territory, a black planet was floating. There were dense cl.u.s.ters of holes on it with insectoids flying in and out.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce around the planet distorted and flickered.

The entire planet disappeared from the spot.

Those insectoids that were planning to bring resources back to the lair ended up dazed.

‘Where did our home go?’

The black cube outside the human territory suddenly released a powerful chi. An extremely huge black planet was teleported in s.p.a.ce.

The lurking cosmic system states grinned.

The first step was complete.

In the depths of the insectoid lair, there was a huge s.p.a.ce that was a few hundred kilometers wide. In the center, there was a black-sh.e.l.led insectoid that was a few thousand meters long. It was devouring all the resources being brought back as it laid several eggs.

These eggs were moved by the insectoids to other regions to hatch.

At this moment, the queen was taken aback.

‘Where are they?’

‘Why did they suddenly appear here?’

The insectoids roared and released their peak cosmic system state chi, painting the nearby s.p.a.ce red.

The insectoids inside s.h.i.+vered on the ground.

At this moment, another powerful cosmic system state chi rose from the lair.

With furious screeches, they appeared before the insectoid lair. There were twelve cosmic system states.

There was just one peak cosmic system state. The rest ranged from level-1 to level-8 cosmic system state.

Seeing the pristine condition of their queen, their furious chi settled down.

Yet, the queen screeched furiously, “My children, find out who moved our lair! Tear him apart!”

The cosmic system state insectoids screeched and relayed the message to the others.

The huge black planet started moving towards the nearest planet.

In the surveillance department of Shenwu Army, everyone was on high alert due to the insectoids.

“Beep Beep Beep!”

An alarm blared.

One soldier yelled, “s.p.a.ce ripples detected outside the controlled region.”

His face went pale. “Large cl.u.s.ters of energy waves appeared. Most likely… Most likely to be an insectoid lair!”

One planetary state soldier got up and roared, “Continue the observation. I’ll report this to the general!