Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 913 - Accident

Chapter 913 - Accident

Chapter 913: Accident

Cultivation building, Planet Shenwu.

Lu Ze was sitting on a cus.h.i.+on as more spirit force poured in.

The fractures on his star ring were getting larger and larger. With a visible crack in his body, all the star rings turned into glittering stardust.

These stardusts were pushed to the outer region of the cell and floated there.

Due to such, Lu Ze’s spirit force digestion was becoming more and more efficient.

Intense spirit force was being pulled from the void into his body. The stardust glowed brighter, and they grew larger.

These stardust resembled asteroids.

The dust orbited around his cells.

Immediately, Lu Ze felt all aspects of his power rising drastically.


The pain was getting alleviated.

Now that the hardest part was over, he just needed to wait until the stardust grew.

The milky white orb’s energy was still flowing in his body. Most of it wasn’t consumed yet.

This energy merged with his cells and slowly trickled down to the asteroids.

Immediately, the asteroids became more magical and mysterious.

The three elders and Liu Zhiyun’s group were guarding Lu Ze.

Liu Zhiyun was recounting his experiences to the elders.

At this moment, the elders took out their communication devices.

When they saw the message, their faces changed.

Liu Zhiyun asked with confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Elder Nangong said heavily, “They found an insectoid lair outside the border.”

Liu Zhiyun’s expression changed. This meant large numbers of insectoids. This was a catastrophe.

Elder Nangong said, “Zhiyun, you stay here and guard. We old guys will go to the border first.”

If it were some other situation, they would wait for Lu Ze to break through first, but the insectoid lair was too terrifying.

If they didn’t stop it early, the border would be destroyed completely.

With Liu Zhiyun here, they could rest a.s.sured.

Moreover, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had already reached the cosmic system state.

Liu Zhiyun nodded seriously. “Don’t worry, elders, I will guard this place. I will not let anyone interrupt the breakthrough process.”

He could imagine what sort of monster this person was based on the phenomenon.

With such a monster around, there was no way the Human Race couldn’t rise.

Perhaps they could even become a cosmic realm state civilization?

The elders nodded and left.

Meanwhile, the Blade Demon King’s group went ahead of the insectoid lair’s path.

They had to lay a trap, so the human elders had no possibility of escaping.

The three elders even used the trump cards of the Human Race to make it to the border quickly.

Saint Lin Dong, who was at the ancestral planet, was already waiting at the base of the Shenwu Army.

He used the teleportation rune he got from the trade planet.

The star states reported to the four elders.

“The insectoid lair used some spatial ability to arrive straight outside. When we found them, they were already moving towards us.”

The elders frowned. They could sense the brewing murderous chi.

The insectoids were here already.

This chi was extremely overwhelming.


Luckily, they were much stronger now. They were all peak cosmic system states. It should be fine to destroy this insectoid lair without care.

Elder Nangong ordered, “Notify the other stationed posts to defend against the insectoid tide. We’ll go check the insectoid lair.”


The star states were taken aback. That was the insectoid lair.

‘Are they not going to bring someone else with them?’

Elder Nangong smiled. “We are only going to look at the situation before discussing what to do.”

No one else knew about their power improvement other than Lu Ze and the girls.

The four saints headed towards the insectoid lair.

Saint Shenwu said, “All thanks to Ze we have the power to deal with these insectoids. Otherwise, we would be paying a huge price this time.”

Saint Lin dong nodded. “True.”

Even if they asked for aid from their allies and the latter had the time to help, they couldn’t bear to let those forces help for free.

The teleportation fees alone were astronomical.

Now, their own power was stronger, and they had the divine art runes Lu Ze gave them to turn the tables at the crucial moments.

Meanwhile, the insectoid queen suddenly stopped laying eggs.

The twelve cosmic system state insectoids also stopped moving.

Their eyes flashed with greed.

The queen shrieked, “It’s a phenomenon! Go there!”

The cosmic system state insectoids echoed the orders excitedly.

Both the phenomenon itself and the prodigy who started it would be extremely delicious food for them.

This was like a traveler stranded in the desert, only to see an oasis later on. The person would go crazy!

Meanwhile, the Blade Demon King and his army were lurking. One cosmic system state from the Blood Claw Race announced, “They’re here!”

They sense four powerful chis coming close rapidly.

One being from the Half Demon Race was confused. “Why does this chi seem stronger than they expected?”

The others were taken aback.

The Blade Demon King shook his head. “They are cosmic system states all because of the Elf Cosmic Race. Their essence should be shattered by now. They can’t break through again. They probably used some treasure.”

The other cosmic system states nodded.

One being from the Black Smoke Race said coldly, “We can watch their battles with the insectoids first before intervening.”

Everyone else grinned.

At this juncture, the insectoids suddenly flashed red.

The light wrapped around the planet and then the insectoid lair disappeared from the spot.


‘Where did it go?’

Not just them, the elders also noticed the disappearance.

Saint Shenwu said, “Where are they? They disappeared as soon as we arrived.”

Elder Nangong’s expression changed. “Not good, are they heading for Ze?”

Saint Lin Dong’s face became fierce. “Let’s return!”

They took out their teleportation runes, planning to teleport back.

At this point, however, the Blade Demon King snarled. “Attack!”

Silver runes flashed around in s.p.a.ce and sealed the area.

The cosmic system states smiled.

Some mishaps happened, but the fish was in the net.

Now it was time for the harvest.