Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 911

Chapter 911

Chapter 911 What Was This?

Soon, his eyes locked on the endless light. But after seeing the knowledge contained within, the being from the Evil-Eyed Race was taken aback.

‘What is this?’

‘Can a G.o.d art do this?’ ‘Oh s.h.i.+t?’

He somehow sniffed out some clues about divine art!


Is it possible to use this G.o.d art like that? ‘I have to try when I get back! Right there and then, the foreign being released his G.o.d art at full power, trying to see past the secrets of the light. Everyone around the man didn’t dare to disturb his observation and simply watched him.

However, when his expressions kept changing, everyone looked at each other.

‘What exactly did he see?’

Everyone was very curious. They waited for him.

Yet, time simply pa.s.sed by.

Five seconds, ten seconds… one minute… two minutes…

After ten minutes, his chi became extremely weak. Despite this, he didn’t stop using his G.o.d art. Instead, he poured all his remaining spirit force and mental force on his G.o.d art.

He had learned too much from the light. He couldn’t bear to look away anymore.

This was a G.o.d-given fortune!

His face kept s.h.i.+fting from looking satisfied to frowning, then from realizing something to appearing regretful. The others watched his chi plummet, but his expressions still changed like an opera show. ‘What is going on?’ ‘What could explain the numerous changes in his emotions?’

The other two cosmic system states from the Evil-Eyed Race looked at him with worry.

One of them said, “He can’t continue. If he overloads his G.o.d art like this, it will damage his foundation.”

The Blade Demon King was a little annoyed. This Evil-Eyed Race was too useless. Even after monitoring the whole thing for a long time, he didn’t gather any intel.

However, this was still a cosmic system state from another race. He couldn’t say much.

The Evil-Eyed Race was stronger than their race.

The Blade Demon King nodded. “Thank you, Brother Edka. It’s fine if you didn’t find any useful information. We can just move closer to investigate.”

The two beings from the Evil-Eyed Race nodded. Thereafter, one of them patted Edka.

“Edka, stop if you can’t find anything. Otherwise, you’re going to exhaust yourself and damage your foundation.”

He was confused. Although they would get a share from annihilating the Human Race, Edka didn’t need to put in that much effort.

There were so many races present. Edka tried so hard but couldn’t find anything in the end. This embarra.s.sed their race.

Other than the Half Demon Race and Blood Claw Race, the other races couldn’t compare with the Evil-Eyed Race at all.

Edka slapped away the hand and said with annoyance, “Don’t disturb me, I’m busy!”

Everyone: “???”

‘What is he busy with?’

He had been busy for so long, but he wasn’t productive at all…

‘Is he that persistent?’

Seeing his reaction, the other cosmic system states went from being contemptuous to respectful.

At this point, Edka’s chi rapidly dropped to the bottom. Even his life force was wavering.

Nevertheless, he used up his spirit force like crazy.

Watching this, everyone noticed something was amiss. Edka wasn’t dumb. Why would he exhaust himself to this extent?

He must have found something interesting, but they couldn’t tell what it was since they couldn’t see that far.

Realizing this, the Evil-Eyed Race patting Edka roared next to his ear. “Wake up!”

This deafening roar finally shocked Edka who was immersed in comprehending the light.

Immediately, he felt dizzy and fatigued.

Edka: “???”

“Oh no? Why am I this exhausted?’

Due to being drained and forcefully stopped from using his G.o.d art, the backlash came to haunt him.

His weak body couldn’t stop it at all. His chi turned extremely chaotic.

He spat a large mouthful of dark green blood and fell unconscious.

Everyone: “???”

What is this? He was just checking the scene. He didn’t need to kill himself for it.

Most importantly. Just what did he see? He was gone before he could even say it.

The remaining twenty-three cosmic system states felt a little nervous.

But there were twenty-three of them compared to the measly four cosmic system states of the Human Race.

They soon regained their confidence. The Blade Demon King coughed it off. “Umm… let’s head over and check it at a closer distance!”

Everyone nodded.

Therefore, they kept inching towards the human territory.

Lu Ze was pulling endless spirit force towards his body and cells.

His nine star rings were s.h.i.+ning extremely brightly.

All the spirit force entered the outermost ring. Gradually, the light of this ring completely covered the light of the other eight rings. ‘Crack…’

The star ring couldn’t seem to handle the barrage of spirit force. As it broke, immense pain swept over Lu Ze.

However, it was tolerable.

He kept digesting the spirit force. Soon, the cracks expanded across the entire ring.

The pain was growing worse too. It matched the medium-level pain brought about by death in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

If it were another person, he might not even be able to control his mental force and the breaking of the star rings. That would cause the breakthrough risk to rise.

However, Lu Ze didn’t have such troubles.

He kept inserting spirit force into the ring.

In the other rooms, Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s chis suddenly surged up.

In the following second, the chis quickly settled down.

The two opened their eyes and grinned. They finally reached the cosmic system state.

When they saw another light, they knew Lu Ze was making a breakthrough too.

Five hours later, the Blade Demon King and his army snuck around near the human-controlled region.

As they approached, they could sense the uniqueness of the wave.

One being from the Half Demon Race thought of something and ended up dazed. He exclaimed, “This… is impossible!”

Everyone looked over.

The Blade Demon King asked, “Brother Heras, what is going on?”

Heras exclaimed, “This ripple… is a phenomenon! A breakthrough phenomenon!”

‘How could the Human Race have a prodigy with a breakthrough phenomenon?’