Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 910

Chapter 910

Chapter 910 Illusory World, The Sound Of Truth And Basic Laws

The elders knew Liu Zhiyun was doing this out of good will, but Lu Ze didn’t need resources.

Their own resources were given by Lu Ze himself.

Lu Ze and the girls were breaking through. Their combat power would probably be much higher than Liu Zhiyun.

But then again, they felt it wasn’t good to reject this kid’s eagerness outright. They didn’t know what to say.

Liu Zhiyun asked, “What’s wrong, elders? Is there a problem?”

Saint Shenwu laughed. “Good on you, kid. Go see him later and see how he does.”

Liu Zhiyun smiled and nodded. “Okay, I heard he is really talented. If possible, I can give him a few pointers.”

Elders: “…”

They still didn’t know what to say.

Time flew by. After nearly a day, the phenomenon dimmed down. The breakthrough seemed to be near its end.

However, the chi on the planet was only growing stronger.

Liu Zhiyun looked in that direction.

‘Who is breaking through?’

He asked several times, but the elders just smiled and said nothing. This made him more curious.

The Human Race nurtured such a terrifying prodigy?!

He was merely breaking through, and his chi was this terrifying already.

Even at that place, he didn’t meet such a terrifying prodigy. Perhaps there would only be a prodigy like the one before him hidden deeply, but that wasn’t somewhere he could go and see.

He really began to doubt whether the person breaking through was from the same generation as him.

Eliot also looked at the planet with confusion.

This chi…

Did it belong to Jing Jing?


No way, right?

She was only a mortal evolution state back then…

‘How could she reach the cosmic system state in just a few years?’

Elder Nangong said with excitement, “It’s almost done!”

It was his baby granddaughter breaking through! He was thrilled. He knew that with their foundation, there was no way they would fail the breakthrough.

The other two elders smiled. The Human Race was about to get two more cosmic system states, and these cosmic system states were considered prodigies in the entire Elf Cosmic Realm!

Yet suddenly, the s.p.a.ce rattled violently.

Another invisible wave spread out from the cultivation building. Everyone on the planet felt it and looked over in confusion.

“What’s going on?” “What’s that chi?” At this juncture, there was a distortion in the void, and an intense spirit force surged from it. The cosmos lit up while the vast and grand chants appeared in everyone’s minds.

The fire burned, the vines thickened, the water flowed…

An illusory world appeared in the universe.

It appeared just for an instant and burst like a bubble. With this, the grand wave escalated its reach. The dimming light became luminous again.

It was much dazzling than before.

Secrets and knowledge that were beyond human comprehension previously spread across.

Everyone was immersed in them.

They seemed to have heard the sound of truth.

They seemed to have seen the basic laws of the universe.

After a long while, the chant disappeared, and the light dimmed down once more.

Several people suddenly learned G.o.d arts. Some of them were burning with flames, some were shrouded in mist while some were turned into diamonds.

Some of the crowd digested the spirit force rapidly. Some even broke through. Most of their mental force suddenly skyrocketed.

All sorts of things happened to humans. Their chi shot up drastically. “???”

Qiao Shuya said, “Did I… break through? Just like that?”

He was doubting life now.

‘What happened?’

‘What did I do?!

Old Tai was surrounded by lightning. The purple lightning was tainted with some blood. “My lightning G.o.d art mutated just like that?”


People from the distance, whether they were a planetary state, mortal evolution state, and even aperture opening state, felt the change.

“I seemed to have broken through?”

“I learned a G.o.d art?!”

“My cultivation level increased by two levels!!”

“I’m finally a planetary state! Hahaha.”

Everyone rejoiced.

The three elders were also growing stronger gradually They looked at each other with shock.

It was Lu Ze breaking through!

That phenomenon must have belonged to Lu Ze.

Despite so, they were in disbelief. Their cultivation level was already approaching the cosmic cloud state! Yet, they still made quite some progress. ‘Just what kind of monster is that kid?’

This was too terrifying.

Liu Zhiyun’s red hair fluttered as flames burned around him, forming a firebird. The bird seemed to be singing.

Those behind Liu Zhiyun also benefited from the situation.

They were perplexed.

‘Are they really back in the Federation?’

‘Is this a dream?’

‘How could the Human Race have such a terrifying prodigy?’

Not even the Elf Race might have a prodigy like him.

‘Is the Elf Princess even superior to him?’

After the illusory world disappeared, the phenomenon stabilized. Despite so, it was still stronger than Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s combined phenomena. It spanned almost three thousand light-years before stopping

All regions covered by this phenomenon were activated.

Life flourished rapidly.

Outside the human-controlled region, tens of figures stopped.

They were the Blade Demon King’s group. They finally reached the Federation after a few days.

The Blade Demon King snarled, “Let’s begin?”

At this moment, they were taken aback. One cosmic system state from the Pale Scale Race said, “Do you guys sense some strange chi?”

Everyone nodded.

Someone from the Blood Claw Race screeched, “This chi seems to be coming from the Human Race.”

One evil-eyed cosmic system state said, “Let me check.”

His G.o.d art allowed him to see across the distance. He could even see things clearly within a million light-years.

The fire on this cosmic system state’s green eyes intensified as he looked towards the Human Race.