Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 88 - Is that You? Fire Emperor??

Chapter 88 - Is that You? Fire Emperor??

Chapter 88: Is that You? Fire Emperor??


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Fu Shuya, Lu Li, and Alice carried out all sorts of dishes from the kitchen.

The dishes were extremely exquisite. They were flas.h.i.+ng with all sorts of spirit light.

Cooking that was glowing!!

Lu Ze felt he was almost drooling.

He used his movement technique and appeared before the table carrying the dishes diligently.

Soon, the table was filled with dishes.

Fu Shuya smiled and said, “Alice’s cooking is really impressive.”

Alice heard this and smiled. “Aunty, you’re skills are excellent too. You just lack a special preparation method for spirit food. I’ll give you some of my practice journals. You can definitely cook better food than me!”

Fu Shuya heard this and her eyes lit up. But then she looked at Alice with hesitation. “Spirit food cooking journal? Alice, would that affect anything if you just give it to me like that?”

Alice waved her hand. “It’s okay, my father taught me. I just learned a little. Real spirit food requires a powerful cultivation level. My cultivation isn’t good enough.”

Fu Shuya heard this and her eyes flashed. She glanced at Alice with surprise. According to Alice, her father was a powerful spirit chef?

How come she never heard of him on planet Lanjiang?

But that was their family business, Fu Shuya wouldn’t ask much.

She smiled and looked at Alice. “Then, Aunty won’t be too polite. Alice, since you’re Li’s good friend, come over more often. I didn’t even know that Li had such a nice friend like you.”

She looked at the blue-haired girl whose smile seemed like the sun, and she sighed in her heart. She was a really good girl.

At this moment, Lu Wen smiled at Alice. “Alice is it? I’m Li’s father. Thank you for taking care of Li at school.”

Alice shook his hand with a smile. “You said it the opposite way, Uncle. I’m stupid, and my grades aren’t good. It’s Li who takes care of me.”

Lu Wen heard this and nodded. As a businessman who had seen the world, he could tell this was quite a nice girl.

He wondered if Ze liked her. This girl could compete with Li.

Meanwhile, Lu Li felt things weren’t good. Alice just subtly made her parents rate her very highly.

This was over the line?

She was shocked. So one could do anything if her cooking was good??

At this time Alice smiled. “Um, Uncle and Aunty, we should eat while the food is still warm. And Senior schoolmate seems very eager to eat.”

Lu Ze heard this and also cried.

Oh my!

Is Alice an angel?

She’s too considerate.

He really wanted to eat!

Fu Shuya looked at the touched Lu Ze and smiled. “Then, let’s eat. Alice, consider this your own home. Don’t be too polite.”

Then, everyone sat down. Alice said to Lu Ze, “Senior schoolmate, these yellow stone crystal beast ribs are very nice. These are my specialty, my star cooking, you must try!”

Lu Ze’s eyes immediately lit up. He picked up a slice of ribs and chewed lightly. The immense flavor exploded in his mouth.

Lu Ze almost cried.

This cooking almost made him cry. It was too good!

Alice smiled as she looked at Lu Ze eating with such satisfaction. Her eyes also showed a satisfied smile.

It was the best thing for her that people liked her food.

At this moment, Alice’s smile froze. She frowned, and her face suddenly went pale.

She got up worriedly and said, “I’m going to the toilet.”

Lu Ze glanced at Alice with shock. He didn’t know if it was a misperception, but he suddenly felt an extremely terrifying power from her. His skin was crawling.

Just when Lu Ze was thinking about it, Alice suddenly fell to the ground.

Lu Ze and the others quickly got up. Lu Li ran to Alice and helped her up.

Looking at Alice’s pale face and frown, Lu Li was worried. “Alice, are you okay?”

She had been best friends with Alice for two years but had never seen her like this.

Alice struggled to stand up and pushed Lu Li away. She said worriedly, “Quickly, get away.”

Lu Li: “???”

Just when she wanted to speak, she was carried by someone. Her eyes blurred, and she appeared next to Lu Wen and the others.

She looked up and saw Lu Ze’s serious face. She didn’t have time to feel embarra.s.sed and quickly looked at Alice.

Alice was in pain. She bit her lips tightly. Seeing Lu Ze wanting to come over, she immediately said, “Senior schoolmate, don’t come over. You will get hurt, I’m fine!”

At this moment, a blue flame appeared in the center of Alice’s forehead.

Then, the blue flames spilled from the surface of her body. It flowed like water and covered the surface of her body. The temperature in the room instantly rose.

With this, Alice looked even more pained. Perhaps she was biting her lips too hard, blood seeped out from her lips.

At this moment, a red flame rose from Alice’s chest and slowly covered the blue flame as though calming it down.

With this, Alice’s pain eased.

The temperature of the blue flame seemed to have been separated by the red flame and the temperature dropped back down.

Just when Lu Ze was dazed and about to speak, a white flame suddenly ignited in the air.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Oh my!

Is that you? Fire emperor?

Why are there several flames suddenly?!

The white flame gradually grew until it was the size of a human.

Then, the flames parted, and a handsome golden-haired man desperately walked out of the flames as though he was the fire G.o.d.

Seeing him, Lu Ze’s hair instantly spiked.

Powerful being!

Very powerful one!

He instinctively tensed his body.

This powerful being was at least as strong as that six-winged black dragon!

“Father, you’re here.”

Alice breathed easy the instant she saw the golden-haired man. She tried to ease up her frown to show a happy smile, but her lips had a sliver of blood.