Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 901 - Evolved?

Chapter 901 - Evolved?

Chapter 901 Evolved?

The overlords had their own territory. One region of the mountain ranges belonged to the elephant overlord while another region fell under the dominion of the green tiger. The stone plain belonged to the cow overlord. As for the underground dimension, the black furball overlord seemed to reign over it.

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t take long to locate the green tiger overlord. It was lying on the gra.s.sy plains as though it was resting. Its majestic beauty was breathtaking.

The group observed the green tiger overlord, and moments later, Lu Ze grinned. “Just like before, I’ll charge up, and you girls should use stone transformation divine art to reduce its speed.”

“Mhm,” Nangong Jing and the other girls nodded. Out of all the overlords, this might only be the beast they could defeat most likely. They had to take it seriously.

Lu Ze appeared in the sky above the gra.s.sy plain. Domineering power surged into airwaves that spread across all directions. Gra.s.s blades were torn apart and scattered around.

Upon sensing the chi of Lu Ze, the green tiger overlord stood up instantly. It stared daggers at Lu Ze as it bellowed. Right after, the wind circulating it spun faster. Even from a distance, Lu Ze could sense the sharp rise in chi.

At this moment, the raging storm around the tiger suddenly dwindled. This could be attributed to Qiuyue Hesha’s seduction G.o.d art. It wasn’t just this at all. The other girls, along with her, directed their stone transformation divine art to it, weakening its chi once again. The pace of the events was too rapid. The tiger couldn’t react in time.

During this point, Lu Ze’s semi-transparent spirit flames formed into a fist.

‘Clank… Clank… Clank…’

Sharp winds blew past his body as he stepped inside the storm.

The overlord was weakened twice, but its wind G.o.d art remained extremely sharp. Lu Ze’s exceedingly powerful body ended up bleeding. However, he forced his way in despite coming into contact with the blades and later appeared above the tiger’s head.

Runes danced around his body as he buried the spirit flame fist into the back of the beast.

Earth Shocking Blow.


The wind around the tiger was eliminated, revealing its figure and causing its fur to rise. It ended up looking like a green furball.

It then used its own Green Shadow Chant. Nevertheless, the seduction G.o.d art and five distinct stone transformation divine arts were akin locks restricting its agile body. This time, it was no longer the wind-chasing tiger on the green plains.

The overlord stomped on the ground and barely dodged the incoming fist. However, Lu Ze didn’t intend to stop at all.

The effects of the stone transformation divine art wouldn’t last long. He had to heavily injure the tiger before it disappeared. Otherwise, it would be hard to chase after it again.

Lu Ze used everything-Fire Buff, Darkness Buff, and Green Shadow Chant. His speed broke through the boundaries of s.p.a.ce. It was like an instant transmission. Just like that, he matched the speed of his opponent and continuously used Earth Shocking Blow.

The clash between the two was thunderous. Their attacks had completely eradicated the surroundings. The land was riddled with deep craters.

As time went on, it was harder and harder for the tiger overlord to evade. Another ten seconds later, Lu Ze’s spirit flame punch struck the left side of its stomach.


The overwhelming power had flung the overlord. Green blood and fur were dispersed into the air as the beast howled in pain. Unfortunately, Lu Ze was relentless. He unleashed another barrage-one punch, two punches, three punches… hundred punches…

Lu Ze didn’t hold back. His fist struck the tiger heavily again and again. Its bones were cracking as the power invaded its body, wreaking havoc within its guts.


The sounds stopped after a few seconds, and Lu Ze landed next to its dead body. He watched it turned to dust with a pale face. He was out of breath. After all, he unleashed all his power earlier. He felt he was drained completely. Likewise, his girls followed him despite their pale faces, which seemed to look better than his.

Lin Ling held Lu Ze who could barely stand up and asked worriedly, “Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze was about to honestly respond to the question, but a bold idea corrupted his mind. He pretended to look worse than he actually was. “No, take me into your arms quickly. I used up too much energy. The backlash is hurting me.” Lin Ling quickly followed his demands. She frowned a bit, thinking about how painful it must have been for him.

Lu Ze lay in the soft arms of one of his girls and felt triumphant. This was all too easy. He should trick the others as well!

At this juncture, however, his grin didn’t escape Lu Li’s cunning eyes. “Lin Ling, he is deceiving you.”

Lin Ling looked at his face. Finally, she noticed the blatant smirk on his face. She glared at Lu Ze, but she still blushed in the end. “Ze, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! If you do this again, I won’t be nice anymore!”

Lu Ze glanced at Lu Li in displeasure. He decided to exact his revenge. Following such, he faked a cough and got up from Lin Ling’s arms. “Ummm, those orbs are here.”

Everyone looked over. They hadn’t seen overlord drops yet.

Lu Ze picked up the orbs. There were 10 overlord red orbs, purple orbs, blood crystals, blue crystal, wind G.o.d art orb, a complete green divine art rune, and a milky white orb.

Lu Ze was taken aback. ‘He didn’t get the energy strand? Did it turn into an orb?’

Despite the doubts, he proceeded with gathering it. He could feel the bubbling power inside. ‘So powerful!’

If he had the orbs of the other three overlords, Lu Ze could almost see the cosmic system state waving at him.

Qiuyue Hesha asked curiously, “Little brother Lu Ze, what is this?”

Lu Ze smiled. “This is energy that only the overlord would drop. It is similar to the purple and red orbs but more advanced.”

Nangong Jing grinned. “It should be more precious. It may even have other uses in the future. It should belong to you.”

Lu Li and the rest of the girls nodded.

Lu Ze didn’t reject it either. “Okay.”

Alice looked over. “Don’t overlords have their own lair?”

Even super-beasts had their own territories and treasures.

Lu Ze thought of the troubles he had encountered while searching for lairs on the third map. He laughed it off. “We have to find the overlord lairs ourselves.”

The girls: “???”

Lu Li was speechless. “This is such a vast mountain range. How are we supposed to find the lairs?”

‘What could he even do?’ He himself was wis.h.i.+ng for an overlord lair map function inside the Pocket Hunting Dimension.



“Chit! Chit! Chit!”

Suddenly, three intimidating sounds reverberated. The group could feel the terrifying chi. Right then, Lu Ze’s expressions changed. “Run!”

It appeared as though the overlords had some kind of link among them. With the death of the green tiger, the other three went to check out the situation, right?

Just when Lu Ze planned to use s.p.a.ce transmission, the s.p.a.ce around him was bound. Thereafter, three figures appeared.

Lu Ze’s body went stiff first, and then, he died.