Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 902 - Hurry Up And Make The Humans Disappear From The Universe

Chapter 902 - Hurry Up And Make The Humans Disappear From The Universe

Chapter 902 Hurry Up And Make The Humans Disappear From The Universe

Lu Ze regained his consciousness back in his room. He was in pain, but he felt proud of himself. After all, he successfully killed the overlord. Now, his cultivation should progress smoothly.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze couldn’t wait to use the white orb.

The energy went inside him, making him feel at peace. The relaxing sensation was akin to a day at a spa. He had completely forgotten about the pain. At the same time, the energy was being digested rapidly. His ninth star ring was expanding visibly. He could feel his cultivation level rapidly growing powerful.

Time pa.s.sed by. Nearly twenty hours later, the white energy in his body was fully absorbed. Hence, he opened his eyes, which were flas.h.i.+ng with starlight. Lu Ze was amazed by his own progress. His cultivation level drastically rose up!

With one or two more of those milky energy orbs, he should be able to reach the peak stage of the star state. Then, with some build-up, he would be able to reach the cosmic system state.

Four white energy orbs should be enough!

In that case, maybe his cultivation level would reach the cosmic system state in the coming week.

This was great!

Lu Ze walked out of his room and went to the resting room. Alice was cooking dinner.

When the night came, they entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension again. This time, they were going to a.s.sault the bone elephant overlord.

In the void universe. Within the ancestral planet of the Blade Demon Race. At the Blade Demon Palace.

The Blade Demon King, elders of the Blade Demon Race, and eighteen other cosmic system states were discussing.

The Blade Demon King felt a.s.sured. “Everyone, we have made adequate preparations during this time. Now is the time to invade the human territory.”

Everyone liked the idea. They had been preparing secretly. One reason was to prevent the cosmic system states from running away at all costs. The other reason was to prevent human allies from sending support. After a month of preparation, it was finally time to do it.

A dark metal demon snarled. “Head off. I can’t wait to take over their territory.”

The other races also smirked. The Blade Demon King promised that if they could kill all the human cosmic system states, the human territory would be divided among them.

This was a huge piece of cake. No cosmic system state civilization could reject such temptation.

The Blade Demon King felt relieved.

During this time, the Human Race exerted too much pressure on the Blade Demon Race, especially Lu Ze. He had become the nightmare of all blade demons.

If his power reached the cosmic cloud state, it would become extremely terrifying. Logically, if they could kill him and suppress his race, the plan would succeed without a hitch.

Of course, the heart of the king ached from giving up so many resources, but he had no choice.

“Head off! Let the Human Race disappear from the universe,” one of the blade demons snarled and flew out.

Inside the Pocket Hunting Dimension, Lu Ze and the girls were observing the bone elephant. After ensuring the other two overlords weren’t present, they felt elated.

Lu Ze said, “I’m going up.”

He was confident in his power. Accordingly, he disappeared from the spot.


The elephant looked up as soon as it sensed his chi. When it saw Luze, it was bewildered. ‘Didn’t they kill him? Why did he appear


However, it wasn’t overly anxious. After all, they had fought before. It knew Lu Ze couldn’t beat him.

The elephant flashed with white light as its power surged out. Thereafter, it felt the familiar debuff directed at him.

However, it wasn’t fazed by it. It could just stand and wait until they consumed their energy

Lu Ze appeared near its stomach, and his spirit flame formed a fist once again.

With the huge rise in his cultivation level, the chi emitted by his spirit flame fist also became extremely devastating. It caused the overlord to realize something wasn’t right. It desperately s.h.i.+fted its defensive power towards its stomach. ‘Rumble!’

The white spirit force flickered and then shattered like gla.s.s. The remaining power of the spirit flame finally struck its stomach. The bone armor cracked.

The elephant wailed in pain.

‘Why were its invincible defenses broken?’

The elephant sensed a lethal threat. It quickly tried to reform its barrier while roaring and flying up. It had to do it fast.

Lu Ze was about to release the second punch, but he didn’t expect the elephant to recover swiftly. Nevertheless, the dimmer spirit light revealed that its defenses were weaker than before.

Lu Ze clenched his fists and used the Earth Shocking Blow again.

‘Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!’

The elephant was not as fast as the green tiger. Being subjected to numerous stone transformation divine arts, he could only stand like a target practice.

Every time it tried to counterattack, Lu Ze would dodge it and continue to retaliate.

Its defenses were reforming slower and slower. Its pale spirit light was also getting dimmer. Blood began to gush out.

In a few short seconds, the elephant was heavily injured.

Right then, two chi came from the distance.

All of their expressions changed. This elephant overlord wasn’t dead yet.

Nangong Jing said, “Ze, you continue. We’ll hold off those two overlords.”

Lu Ze nodded and burned his spirit force like crazy to pummel the elephant.

The elephant wailed out, and its spirit light became vibrant again.

It wanted to block Lu Ze’s attacks, but it was so heavily injured. Hence, the vibrant light lost its s.h.i.+ne.

A few seconds later, the elephant turned into a corpse and fell to the ground.

Lu Ze also depleted his stamina. He panted as he looked into the distance.

The cow and furball had just arrived. They roared furiously upon seeing the body of the elephant.

At this juncture, Lu Li’s Eternal Darkness Mist fell upon them while Alice formed tens of fire clones to distract them.

Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling used stone transformation divine art and seduction G.o.d art to weaken their combat power.

They looked at Lu Ze who was recovering, and the dead body of the elephant. Their intent wasn’t to kill these two overlords. They just needed to stall for a few seconds. It wasn’t too hard for them.

A few seconds later, the body finally became ashes. Lu Ze quickly picked up the loot, which consisted of the usual resources and a pale crystal.

Lu Ze was taken aback.

‘A new drop? What is this?’

Lu Ze watched it curiously as it entered his mental dimension. Then, he quickly grabbed the girls and used s.p.a.ce transmission to leave.

When the mist was gone and the two overlords saw the empty battlefield, they roared furiously.

The group found their reactions entertaining. But suddenly, their bodies felt a cold sensation. A searing pain took over their senses. They died in the end.

Lu Ze woke up back in his room. That gut-wrenching pain and coldness made him quiver. It felt as though he was frozen to death.

This was definitely the pinnacle of painful death he experienced in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Meanwhile, Nangong Jing and the other girls were wailing already.