Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 900 - Enlightened

Chapter 900 - Enlightened

Chapter 900 Enlightened

Lu Ze appeared near the elephant’s stomach, and he looked up. Ordinary elephants didn’t have bone armor in this particular area, but this overlord had a special gray membrane covering it.

He gasped and tried to punch the membrane.


Lu Ze felt a very powerful rebound force, which was subdued by his spirit flames. He had the same body G.o.d art after all.

“Roar!” The pale spirit light of the overlord flashed vigorously. Thereafter, a huge, pale white energy ball started forming at its stomach and fired at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze: “???”

Other than mouth cannons, stomach cannons also existed? Wind encircled him as he disappeared from the spot, dodging the pale energy ball, which then exploded on the ground as the terrifying force soared up.

The slightly-dented earth was left with a deep crater that was a few thousand kilometers wide.

Lu Ze appeared in the air. He looked at the overlord searching for him and called out, “Lin Ling, have you found its weakness yet?” It would be a bit hard without knowing weakness. After all, although his attack surpa.s.sed that of the overlord’s, its turtle sh.e.l.l was quite tough to penetrate.

Lin Ling’s face became pale. The overlord’s power was much greater than hers. It was quite a burden to use her G.o.d art to locate its weakness. Hence, she panted. “No, I can’t find a weakness. The defense mechanism all over its body is the same. It seems to be some special trait.”

Lu Ze was taken aback. “Including those membranes?”

Lin Ling confirmed it. “Its defense is evenly distributed along its body. When you attack, it can increase the defense of an area to a certain extent.”

Lu Ze: “…”

The overlord was too tanky.

“Then, we’ll fight head-on.”

The group nodded.

Alice used a fire clone to hara.s.s the overlord. Nangong Jing used Earth Shocking Blow to overwhelm it too. Meanwhile, Lu Ze would attack its stomach from time to time.

Although the defenses were distributed evenly, Lu Ze was used to hitting the same body part for the elephants.

The tens of thousands of kilometers surrounding the area were shaved off. The ground was riddled with cracks and craters.

Spirit force storms brewed. This battlefield was akin to doomsday.

Their energy spread over hundreds of millions of kilometers.

In half a minute, Alice’s fire clones were completely torn apart and Lu Ze’s clothes were ruined. He was even panting a little.

In order to breach the defenses, he attacked with full power. This was extremely taxing. He couldn’t handle such energy consumption for


Nangong Jing and the girls were more exhausted than him. The quality of their spirit force and remaining stamina were far lesser than his.

Nevertheless, the overlord was still standing. The white spirit light around it was much dimmer, but it had no visible wounds at all.

It roared proudly. The darkness around it weakened. He could subtly sense those animals. Now, it could counterattack.

Lu Ze went next to Lu Li and the other girls. He grinned. “Time to run. We can’t beat it.”

They would have plenty of opportunities in the future. The elephant wasn’t the only overlord too. They could even opt for another one.

The girls laughed. They couldn’t hold on for long too.

The group hugged him as Lu Ze sped off.

At this moment, the dark mist disappeared, revealing the battlefield.

The elephant overlord looked around in confusion.

‘Oh s.h.i.+t, where did those two-legged beasts go?!’

The overlord bellowed furiously. The earth cracked even more.

Lu Ze and the girls appeared extremely far away. He saw the pale faces of the girls, so he asked, “Are you guys not doing well?”

The girls shook their heads. “We are fine. Just a bit exhausted.”

Lu Ze was the one fighting head-on. They were just supporting him. They didn’t really receive any injuries.

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s rest.”

They landed on a mountain that had a level-8 star state green tiger. It roared furiously upon seeing the group arrive. This area was its territory.

The tiger pounced at them.

Lu Ze looked and patted it with his right hand.

The tiger’s head was crushed into the ground while its limbs twitched in the air. It died on the spot.

The group found a place to sit while Lu Ze picked up the orbs.

Alice remarked, “What a pity! We were so close to winning.”

Lu Li nodded. “If we are just a little stronger, we can beat the overlord.”

Lin Ling, Qiuyue Hesha, and Nangong Jing nodded.

In the beginning, they were suppressing the overlord. The problem was its unbelievably tough defenses. It depleted all their powers just to breach it. Lin Ling asked, “How about fighting the green tiger overlord? Its defenses shouldn’t be too strong. We can counter its speed with the stone transformation divine art.”The eyes of the other people present lit up at the suggestion. The elephant overlord specialized in defenses. Their stone transformation divine art could immobilize it for a while to restrict its movements and land an attack on it.

What if it was the green tiger instead? The stone transformation divine art would become very effective then.

Lu Ze liked the idea a lot. “It seems we chose the wrong target from the start.” Nangong Jing rubbed Lin Ling’s face. “Hehe, Lin Ling is the smart one. Ze only knows how to fight crudely.” Lu Li flipped her hair. “Yes.” Lu Ze glared at the two girls. “You girls just wait!”

After the group rested, Lu Ze got up and smiled.

“Let’s go find the green tiger overlord.”