Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 899 - Underestimated Myself Too Much

Chapter 899 - Underestimated Myself Too Much

Chapter 899 Underestimated Myself Too Much

“Then, we will go out first. You guys should keep cultivating until you reach the cosmic system state.”

Lu Ze smiled and simply nodded. Solitary cultivation was boring, but the feeling brought about by their progress every day was pleasant. Most importantly, he had Alice at his beck and call to cook delicious meals for him.

Nangong Jing and the rest of the girls began cultivating again after the elders left. On the other hand, Lu Ze cleaned up the dishes before doing the same thing as the girls.

He was about to become a cosmic system state. He was thrilled.

Time pa.s.sed by. Twenty days later, Lu Ze was sitting on a cus.h.i.+on. The nine star rings were flas.h.i.+ng inside his body. The ninth ring was originally very small, but it was now about half the size of the other rings.

Lu Ze could understand the slow pace. After all, he exhausted the level-9 star state super red orb.

Being a level-9 star state already, he wouldn’t progress with just the level-9 star state super orbs. Otherwise, it will take him two months or even longer to complete a breakthrough.

Of course, the situation might be different if he could kill overlord beasts. Only then could he break through faster. After digesting the red energy orb, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes and calmed down his spirit force.

A day of cultivation was over. It was time to eat dinner.

With his current cultivation level, he should be able to fight some overlords, right?

Lu Ze walked out of the room. As long as he managed to kill an overlord, his cultivation resources would greatly improve. The white energy strands alone from the four overlords would allow a substantial increase in his cultivation level.

Currently, he needed more than a month to break through. If he used those white energy strands, perhaps he could successfully make a breakthrough on the spot. He should try it at night!

The group ate dinner and returned to their rooms. Thereafter, Lu Ze did their usual routine-enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension and drag the girls inside. After a long while, they proceeded to the fourth map.

Now, he didn’t even need to conceal his chi. He wanted the beasts to come after him.

Nangong Jing looked around. “Ze, are we going to split off and hunt beats like a few days ago?” Everyone had a cosmic system state combat power now, so they could pretty much treat the fourth map as their playground.

They couldn’t beat the overlords yet though, so they might as well split up for better efficiency.


As for gathering the resources, the orbs picked up by other people would automatically be sent to his mental dimension. Lu Ze had to give a good review for this function of the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

If only he didn’t have to experience pain in exiting the dimension.

Lu Ze shook his head. “Today, we are going to start trouble with the overlords.”

The girls were taken aback. Lin Ling asked, “Are you confident?”

Lu Ze grinned. “No, but we can always try. My combat power is at level-4 cosmic system state now. Jing Jing and Hesha are at level-3 cosmic system state. With your support as well, I feel we can attempt it.”

Nangong Jing was eager. “Hehe, I have long wanted to try.” Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Then, go. Our stone transformation divine art is at perfection now anyways.”

Lu Li and Alice nodded. Right now, they shouldn’t be considered weak. Lu Li asked, “Which one do we look for this time?”

Lu Ze answered, “The elephant again.”

They had to stand their ground at the place where they fell.

Of course, the most important reason was the vulnerability of the elephant. It appeared to be the easiest creature to bully.

The girls nodded.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Let’s split up and search.”

Two days later, a thousand-meter-tall elephant pa.s.sed by at a slow pace. It made the ground quake with every step as cracks formed on the mountain.

Lu Ze and the girls were at the top of a peak, watching the elephant.

Lu Ze said, “I’m going up.”

Qiuyue Hesha reminded, “Be careful.”

Lu Ze nodded. He disappeared from the spot.


Almost at the same time, a violent chi surged a few thousand meters in the air.

Lu Ze appeared.

Runes emerged around his body. Half-clear spirit flames burned as s.p.a.ce fluctuated. The devastating chi almost spread out within hundreds of millions of kilometers instantly.

All beasts that sensed this chi cowered to the ground in terror.

A level-4 cosmic system state chi would be considered a lord in this map.

The elephant looked over. White spirit light flashed around its body. It lifted up its two legs and bellowed.

Lu Ze felt the restrictions around him. There was an even more terrifying chi forming rapidly above his head.

Giant elephant legs formed in the air.

This was a level-4 cosmic system state. It was even approaching level five!

Lu Ze breathed out.

It was powerful indeed. No wonder he died last time before he could react. This difference was major.

Lu Ze roared as a spirit flame formed on his fist. It looked similar to the legs of the giant elephant. It was the same divine art after all.

Naturally, the fist differed greatly from the legs of the beast. Fortunately, Lu Ze wasn’t alone.

Pink mists appeared around Qiuyue Hesha. One eye turned pink as the other eye turned gray.

Lu Li’s eyes flashed with black runes. The dark mist spread out and instantly swept past the area. Gray ripples simultaneously appeared around her.

Blue flames spun around Alice. Demonic Flame Divine Art and fire-buffed fire clones appeared. They rushed over the mist. Thereafter, Alice also used the stone transformation divine art.

Nangong Jing didn’t join him directly this time. She used the stone transformation divine art as well. She had to wait for the right time to use the Earth Shocking Blow in the end.

Lin Ling didn’t use her stone transformation divine art. Instead, she searched for the weaknesses with her G.o.d art.

The chi of the beast weakened, and then, its movements slowed down. The elephant’s leg immediately became much weaker. The overlord: “???”

‘What is going on?’

It roared furiously. Its leg landed, which was then greeted by Lu Ze’s strike.


A shockwave spread across all directions, flattening the surface of the mountains. Lu Ze rejoiced.

His Earth Shocking Blow tore apart the elephant leg while not exhausting the rest of the power.

‘Did he just win a head-on clash?!’