Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 898 - Almost A Heart Attack From The Scar

Chapter 898 - Almost A Heart Attack From The Scar

Chapter 898 Almost A Heart Attack From The Scar

Everyone looked forward to the development of the Human Race.

Although their progress was heading in a weird direction, the power at the pinnacle was stronger.

With Lu Ze at the top, more and more cosmic system states would be produced soon. By then, the Human Race would be considered a powerful cosmic system state civilization.

All of these possibilities relied on the steady growth of Lu Ze.

Carrying those thoughts, Elder Nangong looked at Lu Ze and the girls. “By the way, did you progress in your cultivation?”

Lu Ze smiled. “My combat power is approaching level three of the cosmic system state. Soon, my cultivation level will breach the cosmic system state. My combat power will definitely surge exponentially at that time.”

Nangong Jing grinned. “Our power might be a bit weaker than his, but we already have a cosmic system state combat power.”

The four elders: “…”

They made their mental preparations beforehand. Even so, they couldn’t avoid being shocked by it.

‘Isn’t this progress unbelievably fast?’

It had only been four months since they last saw the group. But now, their cultivation level was approaching the cosmic system state already.

Elder Nangong coughed and patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Mhm, great, keep working hard.”

Elder Lin smiled. “With us now, you don’t need to worry about accidents. Just cultivate.” “Mhm.” Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

“By the way, Elder, I have some new resources here. You can give them to Aunty Xunshuang and the others.” Elder Nangong smiled. “You have new orbs? I’ll split it with the others.”

Lu Ze replied, “Mhm… There are also some other things too.”

Elder Nangong and his companions were taken aback. “Other things?”

Lu Ze had only been taking out red orbs. ‘Are there other things as well?’

Lu Ze took out a purple orb. He explained, “This is another type of energy. It can increase the mental force and learning capability for a while.”

He had a surplus of red and purple orbs piling in every day. He almost couldn’t fit them inside his mental dimension anymore.

Elder Nangong and the other elders: “???”

They looked at the purple orb in disbelief.

Elder Nangong asked shakily after a while, “You… are you saying this can increase learning ability?!”

This was too essential, whether it was learning secret techniques, G.o.d arts, or divine arts.

Except for the dao enlightenment room, they didn’t have any other means to improve their comprehension ability. This could only mean one thing. What Lu Ze gave them was similar to the dao enlightenment room…

No, it was even more precious! It could increase mental force wherever they were, not just at a fixed place. Basically, its only drawback was the limitation in usage.

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes.”

“Elders, you are now at the peak of the cosmic system state. With these orbs, you can probably learn the secrets of the cosmic cloud state faster. It would be easier for you to break through.”

The four elders were excited. Lu Ze was right. Their foundation had been established, but breaking through to the cosmic cloud state wasn’t just a matter of foundation. Understanding the cultivation state was also crucial. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be countless peak cosmic system states stuck on this level.

Now, they had greater chances of breaking through. The desperation of the four elders was quite blatant from the way they breathed.

Elder Nangong frowned. “This energy is precious. Don’t you need it yourself? Your cultivation level should be the priority.” The other three elders nodded too.

Elder Lin smiled. “We appreciate it, but you should use it.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Um, this energy orb has about the same quant.i.ty as the red one.”

He had been storing his purple orbs from the first map to the fourth. In fact, he was getting a headache from looking at all the purple orbs.

“???י :The elders

“Oh s.h.i.+t?’

“That many?!’

Lin Ling smiled. “Elders, don’t worry, Ze knows what he is doing.”

She had been hunting non-stop lately. Of course, she knew how full their inventory was.

The elders felt their hearts couldn’t handle the joy.

After some silence, Elder Nangong nodded. “Since Ze said it, then give it to us. We’ll divide them properly. We also finished researching how to make heritage crystals. From now on, it will be easier for the Human Race to learn divine art. Coupled with the purple orbs, it would be even better!”

“Heritage crystal?”

Lu Ze was perplexed. ‘Where did he hear this before?’

Elder Nangong’s mouth twitched. “… The thing you got from the secret realm of the Round Race.”

‘Did this kid forget something that important?!’

He didn’t feel too good. After thinking about it clearly, out of all the treasures taken out by Lu Ze, which one wasn’t precious?

Perhaps the heritage crystal didn’t mean much to him at all…

Lu Ze said, “Oh I remember, so it is that one.”

His New Dawn was taken to be upgraded at the time. However, he had never gotten to drive it after getting it back. He didn’t know how well it was either.

Lu Ze shook his head. “By the way, there is another thing.”

He decided to give some one-time-use divine art runes to the elders.

“There are more?” The elders’ hearts skipped a beat again.

‘How many times did this kid have to scare them?!’

They were hopeful and yet annoyed. Lu Ze took the runes out, which ranged from planetary state and star state ones. “This is a one-time-use divine art rune. After activating it, you can release a perfectly mastered divine art once without using your own power. This portion is a planetary state while this one is a star state…”

The elders: “…”

‘Resources like this truly existed?’

Elder Nangong asked, “Can it be enhanced with the power of the user?”

Lu Ze didn’t expect the question. “… Perhaps?”

When he used the Demonic Flame Divine Art, it enhanced it with his own power. What if the elders empowered these runes then? They were peak cosmic system states! Then… that power…

Lu Ze’s skin crawled thinking about it. It would be terrifying.

If they could use this at full power, perhaps the level of the attack would barely reach the cosmic cloud state?

Nangong Jing and the girls were dazed. The runes would be deemed tactical weapons if they were used by the elders.

Lu Ze said, “Mhm… I still have a few more. Elders take some more.”

Lu Ze took out ten more.

Seeing nearly a hundred divine art runes, the elders were confused.

‘How many of these things did he hide?’

Elder Nangong took them and said, “We will keep a few and split some with the others. The rest would be kept in the reserves.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Mhm, you guys can decide it.”

Elder Nangong asked again, “Nothing else, right?”

Lu Ze laughed. “No more.”

He still had a large pile of G.o.d art orbs. He still planned to give some to the elders. However, upon witnessing their stunned reactions, Lu Ze decided to leave it for next time.