Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 897 - Strangely-Developing Human Race

Chapter 897 - Strangely-Developing Human Race

Chapter 897 Strangely-Developing Human Race

Planet Shenwu, Top Floor of Cultivation Building

Lu Ze was sitting in the spirit gathering room. Spirit force was being pulled from s.p.a.ce and converted into his power.

Currently, the ninth star ring was slowly forming in his cells.

A few hours later, the ring had completely formed. The star core was vibrant. It was s.h.i.+ning with starlight. The nine star rings, which appeared to be luminous and enigmatic, were outside the core.

He finally reached level nine of the star state. Right then, he slowly opened his eyes and felt proud of himself.

During this time, he also improved the Green Shadow Chant, stone transformation divine art, Earth Shocking Blow, and Demonic Flame Divine Art to achieve perfect mastery. Now, he was exceptionally strong!

His combat power was probably at the peak of level three of the cosmic system state and might even reach level four of the cosmic system state.

Lu Ze was fairly certain his combat power will step on level four of the ordinary cosmic system state when his cultivation level reached the peak of the star state. This was a greater amplification in his combat power, much higher when he was at the peak of the planetary state.

It could all be attributed to the consumption of blood crystals non-stop lately. Furthermore, he had perfected mastering a star state divine art.

If he broke through to the cosmic system state, how strong would his combat power be?

Lu Ze highly hoped his future would be promising

He could not help but grin. At most, it would take him a month to reach the cosmic system state.

Although he was already a level-9 star state, he didn’t dare to challenge the overlord beast yet. He wouldn’t even consider it before reaching the peak state of star state.

The group had slain quite a lot of super-beasts. They had nearly a hundred of each type of divine art rune. Lu Ze distributed them fairly among the group. Even though they perfected the mastery of these divine arts, the one-time-use divine art runes didn’t require exhausting their own power. Hence, he decided to give a few to Lin Kuang and his group by handing the runes to the elders. In return, the elders will be the ones who will directly give those divine arts to the latter.

Lu Ze proceeded to the resting room. Alice had finished preparing the food already. She asked, “Senior, you finished cultivation? Let’s eat then. Your favorite Sun Dragon Salmon is served today.”

Lu Ze’s eyes visibly brightened. “Alice, you are truly the best!”

This dish had a rare fish that lived in large stars. Its power ranged from the planetary state to the star state. It was a very precious beast. More importantly, it was rather tasty.

Lu Ze quickly sat down at the dinner table.

After the meal, the group relaxed on the couch together.

Lu Ze sighed. “I’m so full.”

Nangong Jing and the other girls rolled their eyes. Thereafter, Lu Li leaned against Lu Ze. “You are quite happy Ying Ying isn’t here to steal your portion.” Of course, Lu Ze was satisfied with the arrangements. Without Ying Ying, he could eat to his heart’s content!

He was curious though. “By the way, how is she doing? She doesn’t contact us too.”

Ying Ying went to find Xiao Xi on Weite a long time ago. There had been no news of her. Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Who says she didn’t contact us? Ying Ying always contacts me.”

Nangong Jing bragged, “And me.” “Me too!”

“Me three!”

“Me as well.”

Lu Ze: “???!”

‘So Ying Ying just didn’t want to talk to him.’

‘But he was so nice to her?!’

‘Whatever! He shouldn’t bother to care!’

Even so, he still asked, “How is she?”

Qiuyue Hesha found it amusing. “She is attending school with Xiao Xi.”

Lu Ze didn’t expect it. The first time he saw Ying Ying, she was also carrying a red bag with the desire to attend school…

Lin Ling smiled. “It is good she is happy.” Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing nodded. They all considered the nice and obedient Ying Ying as their little sister.

Nangong Jing said, “Rumor has it, she is very popular at school. There are even little boys confessing to her.” Lu Ze exploded. “What? Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d dares to confess to Ying Ying? I’ll break his leg!”

‘What a joke?!’

‘Ying Ying was still a kid!’

‘It was too early for her to date!’

Nangong Jing and the girls felt he was acting absurdly.

Alice smiled. “Don’t worry, senior. There are people watching over Ying Ying.”

“Who?” Lu Ze asked.

Lu Li explained, “Elder Nangong specially arranged for the teachers at school to be switched to planetary state and above teaching personnel after hearing Ying Ying was attending. He didn’t want any accidents to happen.” Lu Ze: “…”

His mouth twitched.

‘Why didn’t he get a treatment like that while studying?’ However, Lu Ze felt a.s.sured upon hearing Ying Ying was happy. During this point, someone knocked on the door, obligating Alice to open it. The four elders were outside. They looked ecstatic.

Alice invited, “Four elders, all of you are here. Please come in.”

Lu Ze asked, “Elders, why are you here? Did something happen?” He then asked curiously, “By the way, how are the orbs? Did you guys recover?”

Saint Shenwu laughed. “Hahaha! It’s very useful! Too useful!”

He patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Now, we have completely recovered. Our power also experienced a huge leap!”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He could feel their improvement too. ‘Oh s.h.i.+t…’

The force was much stronger than before. He was already a level-9 star state, but his shoulder still felt sore from the current pressure they were emitting. Nevertheless, he felt happy for them.

Nangong Jing looked at Elder Nangong with surprise and joy. “Old man, you guys have really recovered?”


Elder Nangong’s condition tormented her as well. This should mean he could live longer than two thousand years, right?’. Elder Nangong patted Nangong Jing’s head and smiled. “This is all thanks to Ze. We have recovered. Our cultivation level has reached the peak of the cosmic system state.”

“What?!” The group gawked at the four elders in disbelief.

‘Peak of the cosmic system state?!’

‘Aren’t they almost about to reach cosmic cloud state?!’

They didn’t expect the elders to grow this strong Elder Lin smiled. “We have lived for two thousand years. Although we couldn’t cultivate, we still learned a lot of things. Now that our essence has recovered and we have your energy orbs, it is natural our progress will be like this.”

Alice smiled brightly. “That is great. Four peak cosmic system states. We are quite strong now, right?”

Elder Lin shook his head helplessly. “Four peak cosmic system states are only considered above-average among cosmic system state civilizations. There is still a substantial gap when compared to those ancient cosmic system state civilizations.”

Those ancient cosmic system state civilizations might have over a hundred cosmic system states. They simply lacked a cosmic cloud state.

The Human Race and the Blade Demon Race were just budding civilizations. As such, their cosmic system states weren’t high-quality.

Usually, a peak cosmic system state was the minority of cosmic system states.

The Human Race developed weirdly.