Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 894 - It's Quite Nice To Die And Come Out

Chapter 894 - It's Quite Nice To Die And Come Out

Chapter 894 It’s Quite Nice To Die And Come Out

Lu Ze flew towards the rock lizard at full force. Simultaneously, the fire clones coordinated with him and charged forward.

Nangong Jing concentrated her power.


Gray ripples flowed around the lizard’s body. Its chi was volatile. It felt delighted whenever it sensed the fire clones that were playing hide-and-seek with it. He locked onto their location and charged over.

Two of the ten fire clones were torn apart by the lizard.

At this juncture, a golden fist force penetrated the dark mist and struck the unsuspecting lizard. At the same time, Lu Ze appeared on the lizard’s left side, between the first and second leg. He glanced at the stomach.

There was nothing unusual, but since Lin Ling said it was its weakness, he didn’t question it further.

He clenched his fist as spirit flames soared up. Power surged as he directed a punch toward its weak point.

In return, the lizard made an unusually furious roar. The gray ripples around it tensed up, causing Lu Ze to feel an even potent stone transformation divine art. His speed slowed down.

The lizard was a little weakened after using its divine art at full power. However, it could still evade attacks. Unfortunately, Qiuyue Hesha employed her seduction divine art, making it halt in its tracks. It could only watch as Lu Ze successfully landed a blow on its body.

‘Rumble!!’ ‘Crack…’

The affected spot had fractured. As a result, the chi of their opponent dropped even lower.

Seeing the dense cracks he created, Lu Ze rejoiced. ‘It worked! A heavy injury!’


The lizard squirmed.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot. ‘What if this lizard deliberately commits suicide?’

The lizard was severely injured. After releasing its power for an instant, it withdrew it and attempted to escape. During this time, a golden fist force struck from afar. Thereafter, Lu Ze appeared next to its injury and punched heavily again.



Rocks were flung across every direction. Lu Ze’s fist force slammed the body of the beast into the ground, leaving out a crater before the entire figure bounced back.

In the air, the lizard’s chi continued to weaken. Despite its pitiable state, Lu Ze had no mercy. He kept striking its wound. ‘Rumble!



Soon enough, his fist force penetrated the body of the ma.s.sive lizard, causing its life force to fade away. A huge carca.s.s descended from the sky and dug out a wide crater in the ground.

Lu Ze stopped at the border while Nangong Jing and the other girls approached.

Nangong Jing felt proud. “We can’t even beat it at all yesterday, but now, it died! Lin Ling and Alice helped out big time.”

Alice and Lin Ling felt pleased by the compliment. It was good to know they were useful upon entering the dimension for the first time.

Moments later, the body turned to ashes.

Lu Ze happily collected the drop. He wondered whether he could use level-9 star state super red orbs. With his current cultivation level, perhaps he could try it.

He then ordered, “Okay, let’s proceed.”

Since even level-9 super-beasts were no match for the group, they only had to watch out for the overlord in the plain.

In just four days, they had acquired six divine art rune shards. Adding those to the previous three, they now possessed two complete divine art runes.

Another four days later, the group kept searching for prey on the plain.

Nangong Jing remarked, “We don’t create much commotion while killing beasts. It has been so many days, but the overlord still hasn’t found us.”

Lu Li smiled. “Perhaps we can stay here until we collect all the divine art runes. Just the resources we have acc.u.mulated these few days are enough for us to cultivate for half a month.”

Lu Ze added, “Perhaps we might leave the Pocket Hunting Dimension alive this time…”

Everyone didn’t expect it.

Nangong Jing asked, “Can you leave this dimension alive? I thought you could only go out after dying…”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “You can actually leave as long as you survive a certain period of time.”

Lu Li’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s eyes lit up.

Qiuyue Hesha asked, “Little brother Lu Ze, how many days do we have to stay here?”

Lu Ze was embarra.s.sed. “I don’t know.”

Everyone: “…”

‘How does he know they could leave without dying then?’

Lu Ze explained, “At the very beginning, the beasts weren’t too high-level. I went out alive at the time. But as my cultivation level progressed, I could stay longer in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. I don’t know how long 1 can stay inside anymore. After all, I only survived once.”

Lin Ling questioned, “Are you saying you only went out alive once after entering the dimension over a thousand times?”

Lu Ze nodded. “That was pure luck.”

Everyone: “…”

Alice offered, “I think needing to die just to exit the dimension is quite nice.”

Nangong Jing nodded. “We don’t have to live as long as we can exit the place.”

Just when Lu Ze wanted to tell them not to give up, there was suddenly a dazzling golden light in the sky. It was brighter than even the sun.

The group was dumbfounded. Before they could absorb what was happening, they already died.

Lin Ling and Alice woke up in confusion. ‘What just happened?’

Suddenly, an incredible pain from the depths of their soul overwhelmed their senses. They collapsed to the ground.

Alice cried out immediately as she trembled.

Lin Ling bit her lips and tried to hold it in, but the waves of pain charged at her. She couldn’t suppress it, and eventually, she cried as well.

‘Isn’t this too painful?’

Thinking about how Lu Ze handled this every time, they felt bad for him.

On the other hand, Lu Ze was speechless. They didn’t see the overlord but encountered a super-boss instead.

‘Mhm… it’s quite nice dying and coming out.’

Half an hour later, Lu Ze got up. He wanted to try the level-9 star state super red orbs. Immediately, the energy ravaged him. The surface of his body cracked as blood gushed out, painting him red.

Lu Ze used his healing G.o.d arts to stabilize the injury.


Eight hours later, Lu Ze barely finished digesting the energy. However, the entire process was too time-consuming.

He decided to wait until reaching level-7 star state before using the orbs again.

The night had pa.s.sed. Lu Ze felt a little hungry, so he walked out of his room.