Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 893 - Try Again

Chapter 893 - Try Again

Chapter 893 Try Again

After dinner, Lu Ze went into the Pocket Hunting Dimension. He saw two more rainbow orbs inside and felt smug.

‘Yes, their hunting efficiency should improve a little bit now.’

Since he could drag Lin Ling and Alice inside, he finally managed to bring all the girls together.


An idea suddenly dawned on Lu Ze. Lin Ling’s G.o.d art was spirit eye G.o.d art. She could see the weaknesses of her opponents…

‘If that was the case, could she see the weakness of the level-9 star state super-beast?’

One of the pressing matters was his insufficient power, rendering him unable to subdue the beast.

‘If it actually had a weakness, then perhaps he might be able to kill it now?’

Lu Ze’s eyes twinkled at the thought. It was a great idea worth trying!

Time to drag her inside first.

Lu Ze connected with the orbs using his mental force. Accordingly, Lin Ling and Alice appeared inside the Pocket Hunting Dimension. Similar to the previous girls, they were also bewildered.

Naturally, Lu Ze explained the situation to them, causing Alice to look at him with admiration. “Senior is incomparable! A G.o.d art like this exist? I feel my source flame G.o.d art can’t compare with yours at all.” ‘Sure enough, he was her senior. Too outstanding!

Meanwhile, Lin Ling gawked at Lu Ze. She had always been very curious about his G.o.d art but never expected something like this.

Without fail, the newly-arrived girls realized something. They exchanged glances and directed their aggrieved gazes at Lu Ze.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Ling probed, “Have the other girls been here already?”

Lu Ze immediately knew what the two were thinking. His mouth twitched. Except for Hesha who had the privilege to enter the dimension first, the rest of the girls pointed out the issue straight away.

He laughed it off. “Yes, they have been here.”

Lin Ling and Alice didn’t feel too good. They a.s.sumed the rest of the girls were cultivating in their own rooms, leaving no chance for them to monopolize Lu Ze. As it turned out, they were the ones left out. Those traitors had been doing it here?! Their resolve to refrain was pretty idiotic then.

Lu Ze scratched his head. ‘Are they jealous?’

He attempted to appease them with his smile and pulled the two into his arms as he kissed them both, causing them to blush. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. The two girls soon broke free from his hold. They glared at him, but their anger subsided a bit.

Lu Ze was satisfied with their behavior. “I’ll pull the other people inside.”

Consequently, his mental force connected with the other three dots, making the other three girls emerged inside the dimension. All three of them felt pleased upon seeing Lin Ling and Alice. Nangong Jing even hugged the two.

“Hehe, Lin Ling, Alice, you guys are finally inside. This place is really fun.” Her smile carried malice in it. “It is quite exciting when you die and come out.”

The two broke free from Nangong Jing and questioned, “Exciting?” Lu Ze didn’t forget to tell them about dying and exiting the dimension. As expected, they were moved upon learning he had already died more than a thousand times. He had been generous enough to share the orbs that he gathered to the point of death to them. ‘But what about excitement? Why would it be exciting?”

Lu Li smirked and flipped her hair. “Don’t listen to her. Dying is actually a painful experience. You should best get mentally prepared for the first time.”

Lin Ling felt a.s.sured. “It’s just pain anyway. Don’t worry, I’m prepared.” Alice smiled and nodded too. “Don’t worry, me too.”

Well, it was not like they hadn’t been in pain before.

Qiuyue Hesha chimed in, “Since Lin Ling and Alice were up to date with the situation, let’s begin our daily ritual.”

Lin Ling and Alice: “???”

‘What is that?’

After a long while, everyone appeared in the mountains. Lin Ling and Alice were still blus.h.i.+ng. In the end, they could not escape the daily ritual.

Out of everybody, Lu Ze was the happiest, but he contained it. “Alright, now that we are in here, stay vigilant.”

Everyone nodded. Lu Ze said, “Let’s try killing a level-9 star state super-beast again.”

Qiuyue Hesha was hesitant. “Little brother Lu Ze, didn’t we try it already yesterday? That goal might be too ambitious for us.”

Lu Ze wasn’t dissuaded. “Today is different. Lin Ling and Alice are here with us.”

Lu Li understood his confidence. “Sister Lin Ling has spirit eye G.o.d art. Perhaps she can find the weakness of the beast!”

Nangong Jing nodded. “Our problem is the lack of powerful attacks. If we can find its weakness, we can exploit it!” Lin Ling and Alice were a bit dazed. ‘What are they talking about?’ Since they were the new initiates, they knew nothing of the world within. Lin Ling asked, “What do you need my spirit eye G.o.d art for?”

Lu Ze rubbed Lin Ling’s short black hair and said, “We will just tell you along the way.”

The group nodded and took off.

While looking for their target, Lu Ze and the girls killed all the beasts they encountered. Alice and Lin Ling finally understood how the orbs came to be. They also learned about the power levels of the beasts.

Three days later, the group found the gray stone plain. They set off to locate the chi of the super-beast.

In half a day, Lu Ze and the girls found a level-9 star state super-beast. It was a huge gray lizard with a horn. Its body was made of gray rocks. The creature had three pairs of legs, towering about 50 meters tall.

This lizard was resting in the valley. The bottom of the place was a deep crater, which was probably its lair.

Lu Ze raised his brow. “I’m going up.”

The girls nodded seriously as he disappeared from the spot.

The lizard suddenly looked up with vigilance. When it saw Lu Ze, gray ripples flowed from its body.

Lu Ze immediately felt he was affected by the stone transformation divine art. His speed slowed down drastically. He was much weaker in other aspects too. “Roar!!”

The stone lizard stomped on the ground. The earth cracked as it charged towards Lu Ze.

At this juncture, dark mist spread out, and the lizard also immobilized.

Lu Ze managed to dodge its huge mouth, but he didn’t counterattack. He was waiting for an opportunity.

Alice was ablaze with blue flames that were wrapped with demonic chi. It was the Demonic Flame Divine Art.

Similar to the fire buff, Alice applied the Demonic Flame Divine Art to her fire clones. The fire clones also became much stronger.

Ten fire clones surrounded the lizard, but they didn’t self-destruct. The lizard’s senses were greatly weakened in the darkness. The fire clones were enough to hold it off for a long time. Meanwhile, Lin Ling looked at the lizard. Within a few seconds, her face went pale, but it revealed a trace of joy. “I found it! There is a weakness! Its stomach on the left side, between its first and second leg!”

Lu Ze and the other girls were satisfied with her performance. It would be great if they could finally kill the beast.

Lu Ze grinned. “Got it!”