Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 895 - A Never-Before-Seen Overlord

Chapter 895 - A Never-Before-Seen Overlord

Chapter 895 A Never-Before-Seen Overlord

In the following period of time, Lu Ze and the girls dedicated their morning to raising their cultivation level and used their evening to learn divine arts. Of course, their routine didn’t discard their usual three meals throughout the day.

The time during their solitary cultivation pa.s.sed peacefully. Fifteen days later, they had already gathered six stone transformation divine arts, as well as twenty-four one-time-use stone transformation divine art rune.

Lu Ze divided the resources among the group. Hence, everyone had a special divine art. If everyone completed learning the stone transformation divine art and locked on the same target, he wondered what the outcome would be.

Another five days later, Lu Ze’s Earth Shocking Blow reached perfect mastery. The power of its attack reached level two of the cosmic system state. Currently, it would be a breeze to fight level-9 star state super-beasts.

He only needed one strike at its weak point to send the beast to the afterlife.

Another ten days later, Lu Ze reached level seven of the star state. His speed and attack neared the peak of level-2 cosmic system state. Of course, this power alone was not enough to take on overlord beasts. The group still had to avoid overlords actively.

This time, Lu Ze attempted digesting the level-9 star state super red orbs again. It was a little painful, but he could handle it.

Nangong Jing and the other girls weren’t strong enough to the orbs. They could only settle with ordinary level-9 star state or level-5 star state super red orbs.

Twenty-seven days later, an eighth star ring was slowly forming in Lu Ze’s body, and moments late, it fully formed, causing him to open his eyes. With the aid of the level-9 star state super red orbs, it only took him a total of 27 days to reach level eight of the star state. Lu Ze felt proud of himself. After sensing the power within him, he estimated his full-powered attack and speed could be considered decent even among level-3 cosmic system states. He then pondered whether he could finally move on to beating overlords. After all, he had never fought one head-on for a long time. He came out of the spirit gathering room and walked to the resting room. Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha weren’t around, but there were a few dishes on the table. Alice and the other girls were probably cooking. Lu Ze checked one more time. No other person was present. ‘Great!’

He went over and grabbed a piece of meat. ‘Tasty!

He couldn’t resist grabbing another piece. His eyes even reddened from the heavenly taste. Alice’s cooking skill was definitely improving.

Although it was against his conscience to steal away some food, he wasn’t strong enough to resist the temptation. Moreover, Ying Ying wasn’t around. No one would deprive him of the right to eat.

At this moment, the door opened. Lu Ze immediately stood up and turned around casually. He saw Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha glaring at each other as they came inside. Well, they probably argued again. However, when they saw Lu Ze, a strange expression crossed their faces.

Nangong Jing reprimanded, “Ze, you’re stealing food again!”

Lu Ze: “???”

“No way! I didn’t! Stop the bulls.h.i.+t!”

Qiuyue Hesha found it amusing. She then approached him to wipe the red sauce off his lips. “What is this then?” Thereafter, she put the sauce into her mouth.

Lu Ze: “…”

He faked a cough. “I’m just testing whether it is actually cooked.”

The two girls rolled their eyes. Nangong Jing also grabbed a piece of meat and ate it. Since Lu Ze already ate something, it should be fine if she did as well. However, she was interrupted by someone’s arrival.

Alice and the other girls witnessed Nangong Jing sneaking a bite.

Alice exclaimed, “Sister Jing, you’re sneaking a bite of the food again!” Lu Ze immediately fanned the flames, “Yes, you are stealing food!”

Nangong Jing: “???”

She gawked at Lu Ze in disbelief. ‘How does he have the gall to accuse her of doing the same thing he just did?’

“You did it first!”

Lu Ze sneered, “Where is the evidence?” Hesha cleaned the evidence already. He can act innocent now.

Nangong Jing said, “… The remnants of the food should still be present in your mouth. Alice, if you don’t believe me, you should try tasting it!”

Alice: “…”

She blushed and rolled her eyes. “Okay, let’s


Sister Jing really wasn’t embarra.s.sed… Lu Li and Lin Ling looked at Nangong Jing helplessly. She was too shameless.

After dinner, everyone returned to their own rooms. Without fail, Lu Ze dragged all the girls into the Pocket Hunting Dimension. After their ritual, the group went into the mountains.

Lu Ze felt smug. “I reached level-8 star state today. Should we go and test if we can take on overlord beasts?”

The girls agreed.

Lu Li said, “Our stone transformation divine art has reached perfection mastery. Perhaps we can stand a chance.”

Everyone prioritized the stone transformation divine art during this time. It would greatly help them with the entire hunting process.

“Let’s take off then.” Lu Ze grinned.

Lu Ze and the girls had only encountered four overlords. The first was the 800-meter tall green tiger. The second one was a thousand-meter tall, bone-armored elephant. The third one was the cute little black ball. As for the last one, it was the cow with stone transformation divine art cow.

These overlords corresponded to the divine arts they acquired. ‘Maybe only beasts with divine arts could become overlords?’ He didn’t know the answer.

Each overlord was exceedingly powerful. After some negotiation, they decided to fight the elephant first. It wasn’t agile. More importantly, the beast didn’t possess any special divine art. If they couldn’t beat it, they should still be able to escape.

Five days later, they finally found the overlord in a small mountain range, where it was covered in thick gray bone armor. The only place left out was its eyes and mouth. Even at its joints, it wore some kind of a stretchable material.

With each step it took, the earth quaked. When it accidentally set foot on the mountains, the terrain was crushed by its power.

Alice retreated. “Senior, are we really going to fight it? It seems very dangerous.”

Lu Ze wasn’t confident either. “Let’s just try. If we can’t beat it, we’ll come back after we become stronger.”

Lin Ling nodded. “I have the same thoughts. We have to know more about it. It doesn’t matter if we die in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.”

Right then, Alice could only nod.

Lu Ze took a deep breath. “Like before, I’ll go up first.” Accordingly, he disappeared from the spot. ‘Rumble!’

His violent chi was released.

The full-powered Lu Ze now had a combat power of a level-3 cosmic system state. If this was released on a planet, the shockwave alone would be enough to annihilate the planet itself.

The elephant looked up and roared with authority. As a result, Lu Ze could feel the restriction on the s.p.a.ce around them. A white spirit light flashed.

Before he could react, he already died and returned to his room.

‘Oh s.h.i.+t? What happened? The overlord is that strong?” He thought he would still be able to run away, but that terrifying power had reached, at the very least, level-4 cosmic system state. It was even close to level-5 cosmic system state. The previous overlords weren’t this absurd!