Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 87 - About Calibre and Coolness

Chapter 87 - About Calibre and Coolness

Chapter 87: About Calibre and Coolness


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In the end, Alice smiled awkwardly and said, “Ahahaha… um, Senior schoolmate, I’ll go deal with these spirit herbs with Li. I’ll leave the yellow stone crystal beast to you.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, it’ll be done soon!”

As he spoke, Lu Ze went to the yard and found a huge waterproof mat to prevent the yellow stone crystal beast’s blood from spilling to the ground.

Then, he took out a beast and placed it on the mat. A green light flashed under his eyes as he raised his right hand, and a sharp green wind blade appeared.


The green light arc flashed and instantly severed the yellow stone crystal beast.

His mastery of the foundation fist technique was perfect. Although using this on swords would be slightly less proficient, it would still be usable.

If you knew one way, all the other ways will be connected.

After the blood of the beast was drained, Lu Ze took out a huge alloy tub in order to gather and put the leg meat as well as the ribs in.

Then, he did the same to the other yellow stone crystal beast.

The tub was filled full.

After dealing with this, Lu Ze got up happily and carried the huge tub single-handedly back to the mansion.

Lu Ze pulled open the kitchen door and saw the two young girls chatting while cooking. He said, “Alice, the meat is prepared.”

Alice looked at Lu Ze’s huge alloy tub and said with shock, “That was quick. Then, Senior schoolmate just needs to wait for the cooking to be done.”

Lu Ze blinked his eyes. “What? I don’t need to help?”

He actually really wanted to learn cooking. If there was no one around, he would be able to cook things for himself.

Alice waved her hand. “It’s okay~ Senior schoolmate can go play~”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. ‘What was he going to play?’

He felt he was unwanted.

But since the head chef didn’t need his help, he could only put down the meat and leave the kitchen.

In the living room, Lu Ze took out his computer and connected to the martial arts site. He wanted to see what martial techniques he could buy with his federal contribution points.

After all, he only seemed to know a set of perfect mastery foundational fist technique.

Although the fist technique was strong, he felt he lacked some coolness.

When battles grew intense, enemies shouted out martial techniques like “Invincible palm, invincible fist”, which were extremely cool.

The only thing he could say was “Foundational fist technique!”

He felt his coolness was instantly lowered.

But soon, Lu Ze was shocked to find that before the mortal evolution state, the martial technique needed spirit force to flow in a special way in the meridians to amplify the power in order to reach the effect of expending spirit force to create powerful attacks.

After the mortal evolution state, the spirit force didn’t need to go through the meridians. One could control the spirit force accurately. Any simple move was a martial technique.

This meant that he didn’t even need to buy the fist technique!

Above mortal evolution state, there was no martial technique but only cultivation experience. It was about the use of physical power or spirit force or some special techniques.

Lu Ze searched for half a day and finally found a cultivation experience for using spirit force.

It was mainly about how to use spirit force with greater control and fluidity. In the end, spirit force moved with your will and turned into strands.

This was worth 10,000 federal contribution points.

Thus, Lu Ze’s federal contribution points instantly flew away.

Lu Ze glanced at the huge row of cultivation journals. His eyes revealed poverty.

He gritted his teeth and closed the martial arts site.

He would buy again when he was wealthy.

Lu Ze looked at the kitchen. Alice and Lu Li were cooking there. His parents weren’t back yet, so he started surfing the web.

Soon, Lu Ze’s eyes widened.

The headline of many news websites in the Telun system was about Lu Ze receiving level five honor badge and becoming a young duke candidate.

Lu Ze touched his chin. He looked at the photo he had with Elder Lin and nodded in satisfaction.

He was quite handsome there.

Lu Ze looked at the content. It was about the story he made up on the spot.

Then, he looked at the over ten thousand comments there were.

The hottest comment was “I’m 16, a cute girl. I beg for handsome brother Lu Ze’s contact details. The honest provider will be rewarded with 10 million star coins.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Oh my! She was a wealthy little girl!

Was his contact detail that valuable??

How about selling his own contact detail himself?

Then, he shook his head. As a young duke candidate, he needs to act cold.

He didn’t lack money. What if he sold his contact detail and was hara.s.sed?

Just when Lu Ze was enjoying the comments section, the door opened. Lu Wen and Fu Shuya charged in excitedly.

When they saw Lu Ze in the living room, they charged over like a hungry tiger hunting for prey.

“Good boy! Your photo looks really handsome!”

“You got a level five honor badge!”

The two voices came out in unison.

He looked at Fu Shuya and smiled. “Well, whose son am I? Of course, I’m handsome!”

Then, he nodded to Lu Wen. “Yes, Dad.”

Fu Shuya smiled and rubbed Lu Ze’s hair. “You know how to talk.”

She said, “In that case, mum will cook for you!”

Lu Ze heard this and said, “Mum, Li’s good friend is cooking at our house today. Her cooking is really nice. Can we let her cook?”

Lu Wen heard this and his eyes immediately lit up. He jabbed Lu Ze’s shoulder and smiled. “Li’s good friend? Is she your girlfriend?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. His dad wanted him to find a girlfriend this badly?!

He couldn’t tolerate this.

He smiled at Lu Wen and said, “No.”

Lu Wen’s smile instantly disappeared, and he looked at Lu Ze with contempt. “Useless!”

Fu Shuya smiled. “Then, I’ll go in and have a look. Even my good boy said it tastes good. What would it taste like?”

As a mother, her son complimented the cooking of another girl. She felt curious and challenged.

Then, Fu Shuya went in.

The father and son sat while chatting in the living room.

It was Lu Wen speaking and Lu Ze listening.

All Lu Wen said was for him to get a girlfriend. That was very awkward.

Luckily, after Fu Shuya went in, the cooking seemed to have sped up. Soon, the kitchen door opened and an intense aroma came out.

Lu Wen instantly shut his mouth and looked at the direction of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze started to gulp down his saliva.

Oh my!