Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 86 - I Seem to Have Seen This Script Somewhere Before?

Chapter 86 - I Seem to Have Seen This Script Somewhere Before?

Chapter 86: I Seem to Have Seen This Script Somewhere Before?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Elder Lin’s words made Lu Ze smile in his heart. Elder Lin did all of this because he was a loving great grandfather.

Lu Ze looked at the storage ring and said with a smile, “Don’t worry Elder Lin, I will see to it.”

It should be pretty easy to beat her.

He just wanted to use his federal contribution points to buy Lu Li a storage ring but Elder Lin just gave him one.

He felt very great now.

Elder Lin also breathed easy after receiving Lu Ze’s reply.

Lu Ze’s talent and power were there. With Lu Ze watching over, he could feel more a.s.sured.

After all, the Blade Demon Race wasn’t going to show mercy on the battlefield.

Then, Elder Lin said, “In that case, I’ll leave Lin Ling to you. I’ll be going first.”

Lu Ze nodded and bid farewell to Elder Lin.

After such, Lu Ze came to the cla.s.sroom and found Li Liang.

He was praised so much that he even felt embarra.s.sed. Lu Ze was finally certain now that he had graduated early and didn’t need to come to school.

This made Lu Ze raise his lips. Going on holiday a month earlier, this felt very good.

After cla.s.s, Lu Ze walked out and bid farewell to Li Erhou, Xu Yang, and the others. Then, he left the school under everyone’s envious glances.

After getting home, Lu Ze started cultivating in his room again as Lu Li and his parents weren’t back.

One by one, the faint red little light orbs disappeared from his mental dimension. All of Lu Ze’s cells started to devour and vibrate. They became more lively. The inner crystal color flashed even brighter. At the same time, spirit force was being digested by him from the void into his cells.

His body kept growing stronger, and his spirit force power was also increasing.

Time flew by, and the window by the side was painted orange by the setting sun.

Lu Ze sat on the bed.

He had finished devouring the energy, and he slowly opened his eyes. A crystal color flashed under his eyes.

The physical attribute of the mortal evolution state meant barrierless cultivation. Lu Ze felt his power increase nonstop.

This satisfaction made his skin crawl.

Not too good, he was getting addicted.

Lu Ze got up and stretched his back. His bones made a cracking sound. He clutched his fists and there was this almost indiscernible twist in the air.

Would he be able to blow up a huge green wolf with his fist?

Lu Ze was full of antic.i.p.ation.

He looked outside and raised a brow.

In the matter of closing and opening his eyes, it was already night?

Lu Ze opened his door and walked downstairs.

As soon as he got down, Lu Ze found that Lu Li was back. She was sitting on the couch as though she was lost in her thoughts.

After seeing Lu Ze come down, her eyes flashed as she looked at him and smiled. “Brother, Alice came today.”

Lu Ze’s eyes immediately lit up.

The chef was here!

Lu Ze had never forgotten Alice’s culinary skills after tasting it once.

Indeed, Lu Li’s dark cooking can not compare with Alice’s at all!

He smiled and asked, “Where is she? The ingredients are in my storage ring.”

Lu Li’s mouth spasmed seeing Lu Ze react so much to Alice coming. Her smile became even more gentle. “She brought her own ingredients. She said she would be cooking a lot today, so she’s preparing in the kitchen.”

As soon as Lu Li spoke, the kitchen door opened and Alice walked out.

Seeing Lu Ze, Alice raised her lips and showed a bright smile. She bowed to Lu Ze. “Senior schoolmate, Junior schoolmate chef is here to report~”

Lu Ze smiled and returned the gesture, “Thank you for your hard work junior schoolmate, Alice!”

Alice smiled and said, “Hehe, since Senior schoolmate has already received guaranteed entry into Federal University, of course, I need to show my cooking to celebrate for Senior schoolmate!”

Looking at their interaction, Lu Li felt a little annoyed and rubbed her forehead helplessly.

Lu Ze, she was going to show it to him~~

Lu Ze was immersed in the antic.i.p.ation of appetizing food. He smiled at Alice. “Junior schoolmate Alice, how should I deal with the ingredients?”

With a smile, Alice said, “If it’s spirit herbs just give it to me. If it’s a yellow stone crystal beast, Senior schoolmate needs to cut it up first. After all, I only have the power of a martial warrior level one. It’ll take too long for me to deal with it~”

Lu Ze heard this and got dazed. He looked at Alice in shock. “Alice, you’re only a martial warrior level one?”

He only knew Alice to be Lu Li’s good friend. She was outgoing and humble.

He had never known she was only a martial warrior level one.

Such age, such power, how could she get into the number one high school?

Alice scratched her head and was a little embarra.s.sed. “Yeah, I’m too stupid. Other than spirit cooking, I don’t care about any other cultivation. My cultivation is dragging behind my spirit cooking.”

She looked up at Lu Ze. “Senior schoolmate wouldn’t detest me for being a lower leveled cultivator, right?”

In response, Lu Ze said with a smile, “How can I? There are many people whose cultivation talent is average. With Alice’s culinary skills, you can definitely become the queen chef of the Telun system!”

He looked at Alice and felt this script was familiar?

At the beginning, one was useless and weak. And then he got a cheat and stormed into the skies crus.h.i.+ng prodigies and catching all the beautiful girls. Cough, Alice was a beautiful girl.

What should he do? Should he suck up to her now?

Alice, after hearing his words, raised her head and looked at Lu Ze with s.h.i.+ning eyes. “No wonder you’re Li’s brother, you’re as nice as Li.”

Lu Li could no longer take their interaction anymore. She said, “Um, Alice, I’ll help you cook? Didn’t you say there were a lot of ingredients to handle?”

Alice just remembered this and quickly nodded. “Yes! Senior schoolmate, give me the spirit herbs and slice up the beast. I need meat from the leg and ribs.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Sure, it’ll be done soon!”

Then, he poured out all the spirit herbs he collected at planet Nanfeng and piled them up in the living room.

Alice’s eyes opened wide. She exclaimed, “Wow, so many. They’re all good quality spirit herb!”

Lu Ze smiled and felt a little proud. “I spent a long while to collect them all!”

Lu Li: “…”

Alice: “…”

The two thought of the not so right broadcast screen of the graduation trial.