Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 877 - Who Dares To TouChapter This?

Chapter 877 - Who Dares To TouChapter This?

Chapter 877 Who Dares To Touch This?

On the main s.h.i.+p, Lu Ze and the girls had their breakfast. As they were planning to cultivate, someone knocked on their door.

Accordingly, Lu Ze opened it and saw Zuoqiu Xunshuang standing outside.

He asked, “What’s wrong, Aunty Xunshuang?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang grinned and patted his shoulder. “The elders are here. They want you guys to go too.” They just communicated with the elders yesterday.

‘How did they come over so quickly?’

He nodded. “Okay.”

Then, he turned his head to the room. Nangong Jing and the girls stood up this time.

Naturally, they heard Zuoqiu Xunshuang’s words.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang opened a wormhole, and the group went over.

On Yiman’s main s.h.i.+p. Inside the meeting room.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang brought the group over.

Lu Ze looked around. Pretty much all the star states have arrived.

Elder Nangong and his companions were also present.

Everyone looked at the newly-arrived individuals.

What Lu Ze did yesterday earned the respect of all the star states!

Breaking the blade demon base’s defense barrier at the Geka System wasn’t something a star state could do.

Lu Ze’s actions were unprecedented in the history of the Federation.

The elders revealed a warm smile upon seeing Lu Ze.

The eagle was still young, but it possessed the power to soar already.

Seeing Lu Ze seated, Elder Nangong said, “We are all here. Now, I will address a few points.”

Elder Nangong smiled. “During the recent battle at Geka System, Lu Ze’s contribution is absolutely the greatest! Ever since feuding with the Blade Demon Race, the Federation has never achieved such glorious results!”

Hearing this, Lu Ze felt a little embarra.s.sed.

So what he did is that amazing?’

He didn’t even know…

“This time, after the base of the Blade Demon Race was destroyed, their control over the Geka System would definitely wane. This is good for the Human Race. In the next few years or even a few decades, the entire Geka System would belong to us until the blade demons could rebuild another decent base for war!”

Everyone was excited after hearing this.

The resources in the Geka System were too abundant.

If they could have a few decades to excavate it, it would greatly benefit the Human Race.

Spirit metals could forge large amounts of low-level armors to armors which were below aperture opening state and mortal evolution state.

Spirit metal marrows could even highly enhance the equipment of planetary states and star states.

For a soldier, good equipment comprised a major component of his combat power.

In addition, there were also some notable cultivation resources in the base too. These could all be turned into the power of the Human Race in a few years to a couple of decades.

Thinking about the possibility, the star states looked at Lu Ze with even more fervent eyes.

This was all thanks to him. Otherwise, how would the Geka System end up in the hands of the Federation?

Elder Nangong said, “Regarding the excavation of resources, General Yiman will be in charge of the entire operation.”

Yiman nodded. “Yes!”

There was no reason for the Blade Demon Race to give up the Geka System. Once they have a stable post, they would still return to reclaim their previous territory.

Hence, the question now was to figure out how to excavate efficiently while solidifying the control of the Human Race.

Elder Nangong nodded and continued, “We will give rewards according to contribution in this war.”

He looked at Lu Ze. “As for Lu Ze, he’s already Monarch of The New Dawn. He’s extremely talented, and the Human Race should do its best to provide for him. Does anyone object to this?”

The star states all shook their heads.

As long as they hadn’t lost their rationality, they would also choose to invest in Lu Ze. The Human Race would be relying on him to pave the path outside the Milky Way.

Elder Nangong nodded with satisfaction.

Thereafter, he looked at Lu Ze seriously. “Also, there is another thing about Lu Ze.” Lu Ze was taken aback. He asked, “What’s wrong, Elder Nangong?”

The old man replied, “Because you destroyed the base of the Blade Demon Race, their cosmic system states have become highly conscious of you now.”

Lu Ze questioned, “Isn’t that the case ages ago? They even sent a few prodigies after me…”

Elder Nangong responded, “This time, the Blade Demon King personally took charge of the matter. He and the elders of the Blade Demon Race went over, looking for you.”

Lu Ze: “…”

They were all cosmic system states… Coming to attack a level-2 star state noob like him was way over the top.

Lu Ze might only be a star state, but those cosmic system states from the Blade Demon Race weren’t going to play by the rules.

Elder Nangong slowly said, “Just recently, they were approaching the Geka System. Perhaps they already decided to attack. Fortunately, we stopped them in time.” “What?!”

The star states felt a cold sensation all over their bodies. The entire cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race were within their reach a while ago?! If Elder Nangong and his fellow elders didn’t stop them, they would all be dead right now.

Lu Ze was merely a level-2 star state.

‘How come the blade demons took him as an utmost threat who should be eliminated right away?’

The atmosphere fell silent. Elder Nangong smiled. “Don’t worry too much. This is our territory. They can’t do anything about Ze. However, if Ze wants to intervene next time, their cosmic system states would do so as well.”

Yiman’s mouth twitched. He still hoped Lu Ze would destroy the next base if the blade demons built one.

But his dreams were already shattered before they could even begin.

This was hard to bear.

Lu Ze felt the same. He knew his actual combat power. He was only a level-8 star state. If he didn’t have those one-time-use divine art runes, he would be slapped to death.

Lu Ze didn’t dare to partic.i.p.ate in the wars anymore.

Elder Nangong continued, “So, in the ensuing period, you guys should just focus on cultivation. Break through to the cosmic system state first. That way, the Human Race can suppress the Blade Demon Race completely. If we can subjugate their core members, it would be the best outcome.”

The star state: “…

Elder Nangong spoke as if the cosmic system state was really easy to reach…

Nevertheless, since they were talking about Lu Ze, they felt it won’t be difficult for him.

Lu Ze nodded. “I understand, Elder Nangong.”

Saint Shenwu grinned. “In that case, you guys can come with me to Shenwu for solitary cultivation. Planet Shenwu also has a spirit gathering room and a dao enlightenment room. It would be the best environment for your cultivation.”

The group agreed.