Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 876 - Plans Can't Keep Up With Change

Chapter 876 - Plans Can't Keep Up With Change

Chapter 876 Plans Can’t Keep Up With Change

Moments later, the kitchen door opened. The three girls came out while conversing with each other. All three of them had smiles on their faces.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘Did they make up that quickly?’ At the same time, the three girls felt bewildered upon seeing Nangong Jing lean on Lu Ze’s shoulder while she lost herself in the alcohol. Alice and Lin Ling: “???”

‘What is this?’

‘What happened to their three-day agreement of refusing to talk to this guy?’

She didn’t even last three hours…

As though sensing Alice’s and Lin Ling’s glances upon her body, Nangong Jing acted as though she finally recalled something.

She sat upright and looked innocently at the other two girls. There was an awkward silence among them.

‘Sure enough, this drunkard was beyond help!’

“They would never trust her again!’

Alice put the dishes for breakfast down on the table and looked despondently at Lu Ze. “Time to eat.”

Lu Ze smiled and quickly went over to eat. He threw out some compliments. “Alice’s spirit food is truly amazing. It is the best food in the universe! I feel so happy just thinking about how I can eat this for the rest of my life!”

Alice finally couldn’t keep up her stiff expression. Her face cracked a smile before saying, “Then, eat some more, senior.”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Alice blushed and an even wider smile blossomed on her face.

At this moment, Lu Ze sensed Lin Ling’s misery. He smiled at her and conveyed telepathically, “Lin Ling, next time, we’ll go visit Uncle Lin again?” Hearing this, Lin Ling was perplexed. ‘Visit her father again?’ Lin Ling automatically recalled the series of events last time.

‘First, they went to see her dad. Thereafter, they returned to his room. Following such…’

She blushed and relented.

The foolish Alice and stupid Nangong Jing chose to make up with Lu Ze anyway. She couldn’t resist him alone.

Lu Ze felt relieved. At least, all of them were happy now.

‘Women were really tiring to deal with.’

Nevertheless, he shouldn’t neglect to cheer them up. After all, if they didn’t care about him, they wouldn’t get angry at all.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He should find an opportunity to get the last step done.

‘Mhm… if he did that, no one would lash out at him anymore, right?’


Lu Ze felt happy about his future life.

Not far away from Geka System, there was a fluctuation in s.p.a.ce. Following such, four figures exited the warp tunnel.

It was Elder Nangong and his fellow seniors.

Their face looked a bit exhausted. They were cosmic system states, but they were far from peak cosmic system states. In addition, their G.o.d art wasn’t related to speed, so they wasted a day traveling here.

But at the very least, they finally made it to Geka System.

Elder Nangong grinned. “Those old guys from the Blade Demon Race are about to arrive too. Let’s visit Ze first.”

The other three saints agreed.

The moment they attempted to take off, they stopped on their tracks and turned around suddenly.

A few powerful chis appeared. Elder Nangong’s eyes turned cold. “Speak of the devil.” Saint Lin Dong said, “Let’s go and meet them straight away.”

Shenwu grinned. “I haven’t fought them in a long time. I wonder if they have improved at all.”

Elder Lin added, “I wonder whether they still recognize me after disappearing for all these years.”

“Let’s go then!”

The four flew in the direction of the chis.

Near the territory of the Blade Demon Race, the s.p.a.ce was torn open, leaving out a large crevice.

The Blade Demon King, Bibi Nier, Keke Lisi, Beibei Lazi, and two other cosmic system state blade demons came out.

Six of them looked coldly at Geka System. They could sense there were barely any blade demons left in the area.

This was all committed by Lu Ze!

Their killing intent intensified.

Beibei Lazi asked, “King, while those old guys aren’t here yet, should we go over?”

The other four agreed.

They came here hoping to kill Lu Ze before the human cosmic system states arrived.

If they could kill the youth right now, it would be a major incident.

Right then, everyone looked in one direction.

The Blade Demon King noted, “It seems that they are here already.”

Keke Lisi remarked, “Even if those three old guys are here, we’re still going to kill Lu Ze!”

s.p.a.ce was ripped ajar once more. This time Elder Nangong and his companions flew out.

The blade demons were stunned.


‘How could there be four cosmic system states?’

‘Didn’t the Human Race only has three cosmic system states left?!’

Soon, they noticed Elder Lin.

Keke Lisi’s face changed. “Lin Heng?! It’s you! You’re still alive??”

They hadn’t seen Lin Heng in several years. They almost didn’t recognize him.

Elder Lin smiled. “Keke Lisi? You’re still alive too, so how can I die that quickly? What? Want to fight?”

Keke Li’s mouth twitched. He had fought Lin Heng many times.

Lin Heng had spirit eye G.o.d art and was very difficult to deal with. He almost ended up dying once. Hence, he instinctively tensed up after realizing Lin Heng was still alive.

The blade demons frowned.

The Blade Demon King looked coldly across the four of them.

Four cosmic system states…’

‘This was beyond their plan…’

Elder Nangong grinned. “What? Daodao Erdun? Do you want to attack our prodigy while we aren’t here? Do you have no shame attacking a minor?”

The blade demons didn’t know how to argue.

Even if it was just the three of them, they would still try to kill Lu Ze. However, they didn’t expect four cosmic system states would rescue him.

The plans couldn’t keep up with this development. This vexed them immensely.

The Blade Demon King looked coldly at the four. “Your humans have a good prodigy, but he can no longer be considered a minor. This time, the Human Race won, but if he dares to attack again, we won’t hold back.” Lu Ze hadn’t reached the cosmic system state yet, but there was too much uncertainty about him.

The next time Lu Ze appeared on the battlefield, they would send a cosmic system state over!

Elder Nangong and the other elders were shocked. The Blade Demon King was already treating Lu Ze as a cosmic system state.

The Blade Demon King turned around. “Let’s leave!”

He didn’t say any harsh words or even ask for any requests.

It was just pleasantries.

Their combat power could win against the four humans, but the gap wasn’t substantial enough to ensure victory.

They were all cosmic system states. Therefore, all of them had trump cards.

If one got away, then even if they annihilated the Human Race, the blade demons would still be living under the threat of such a cosmic system state.

It was lethal to a cosmic system state civilization.

Unless one side had enough numbers of cosmic system states to crush the other side, they must play by the rules first.

Cosmic system states wouldn’t attack unless they were forced to. The blade demons entered the s.p.a.ce tunnel without hesitation.

Only then did Elder Nangong and his fellow elders relax. They were scared the blade demons would suddenly attack. If that indeed occurred, the existence of Ying Ying couldn’t be hidden anymore.

By then, they would draw the attention of a cosmic realm state civilization.

The Human Race was still too weak for that right now.

Now, they still had a chance to develop.

Elder Nangong smiled. “Let’s go and see that kid.”

The four of them smiled proudly.