Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 878 - I'm Invincible Again?

Chapter 878 - I'm Invincible Again?

Chapter 878 I’m Invincible Again?!

Coming out of the meeting room, Elder Nangong asked some of the star states to guard the Geka System.

The rest had returned to their station at the void border.

After all, there were sightings of remnant insectoids. The more people present, the faster they could be cleared.

Lu Ze and the girls returned to Zuoqiu Xunshuang’s s.h.i.+p, who was also a general of the Shenwu Army. She had to go back too. Back in their room, Lu Ze said to the girls, “Go back and cultivate. Reach the cosmic system state quickly.”

Nangong Jing and the rest nodded. When they reached the cosmic system state, they would be able to a variety of things.

Lu Ze wanted to eradicate all the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race after reaching the cosmic system state. By then, the Human Race would have enough powerful beings to manage most of the territory.

They proceeded to their own rooms. Lu Ze began cultivating.

He didn’t work on his cultivation level. Instead, he chose to digest the body G.o.d art of the white bone-armored elephant. He should have done this last night, but Li interrupted him. Hence, he couldn’t cultivate the entire night.

Even so, Lu Ze grinned upon recalling the events last night. Later on, he shook his head and focused.

He drew out the pale G.o.d art orb in his mental dimension. The orb turned into a stream of light and entered his body. Knowledge about the G.o.d art orb began invading his mind. At the same time, severe pain emerged.

However, the sensation was fairly tolerable.

He used a blue crystal and purple orb before learning the body G.o.d art.

In the Blade Demon s.p.a.ce

The Blade Demon King’s entourage flew out. They looked in the Geka System’s direction with killing intent. After a moment of silence, Keke Lisi asked, “King, what do we do now?”

Bebe Laze was also worried. “Yes, our plan to ambush Lu Ze failed. Those humans are going to protect him well. We won’t have an opportunity anymore.”

The others were anxious too.

If Lu Ze was just an ordinary prodigy, it wouldn’t matter, but he progressed too quickly. He was only 20 years old or so, and his cultivation level already reached the star state. His combat power was even more absurd. He was on par even with those otherworldly prodigies who dominated the Demon Realm.

Their Blade Demon Race was only an average, or even slightly below average, cosmic system state civilization. If a prodigy like him had time to develop, it would be a disaster!

The Blade Demon King took a deep look at the Geka System and said nothing.

The other five blade demons hoped the Blade Demon King would offer a solution at least.

The Blade Demon King gradually said, “Contact the Dark Metal Demon Race, Black Smoke Race. Ask for their a.s.sistance. Also, get in touch with those races who don’t have a conflict with us. We will all attack the Human Race. If we have enough cosmic system states and ambush them, we will have better chances to kill those old humans.”

Beibei Lazi was concerned. “But… the Human Race also had allies.”

‘How could the Human Race not ask for help?’

The Blade Demon King took a deep breath. “That is why the matter should be done covertly.”

He looked at the five blade demons and said, “Beibei Lazi, Keke Lisi, Bibi Niuer, you three will personally contact all those who would join our cause in the following six months. You can’t leak the news out no matter what! Remember, don’t give Lu Ze too much time! At most, half a year! Contact all the races we


The three blade demons looked at each other and didn’t object.

Lu Ze’s progress was truly rapid. If he got more time, they were scared that he would suddenly reach the cosmic system state.

If that was the case, it would be ridiculous.

The three nodded.

Keke Lisi asked, “King, what about the bottom line conditions for the alliance?”

The Blade Demon King responded at an unhurried pace, “The bottom line is, as long as we annihilate the Human Race and kill all their cosmic system states, the blade demon won’t take any of the loot. Those can be split evenly between the members of the alliance.”

“Also…” He took a deep breath and added, “If these conditions aren’t enough to move them, tell them we’re willing to provide cultivation resources for twenty star states to every race who would be willing to partic.i.p.ate.”

Hearing this, the five blade demons inhaled deeply.

Bibi Niuer asked, “King, isn’t this price a bit burdensome?”

If they ended up recruiting five allies, that would be equivalent to cultivation resources of 100 star states!

That corresponded to 300 years of income of the Blade Demon Race!

The Blade Demon King shook his head. “Naturally, this would depend on you three. What sort of conditions we get will now depend on you.”

The three blade demons nodded with seriousness. “Rest a.s.sured King! For our race, we will do our best!”

The Blade Demon King nodded. “Go now.”

The three nodded and entered the warp dimension.

The Blade Demon King and the other two elders didn’t speak for a long time.

Moments later, one elder questioned worriedly, “King, what do we do if the attack fails?”

Their king answered, “If we fail, then we can only seek protection from the masters in the upper race.”

The other two elders could only look down without saying anything. The atmosphere was dead silent once again.

Moments later, the king said, “Let’s go. We can’t make a single mistake this time. We have to go back and prepare.”


Back in Lu Ze’s room, a dark golden and pale spirit light circling Lu Ze could be observed.

Gradually, the two lights began to merge and transform.

Lu Ze had finished learning the body G.o.d art of the elephant. Now, he was going to fuse it into his current body G.o.d art.

There were various types of body G.o.d art. Some purely improved power while the others solely improved speed. Then, there were types that could enhance all aspects.

‘What if you fused different body G.o.d arts together then?’ All paths lead to one destination. If the fused body G.o.d art kept evolving, it would naturally become stronger. Lu Ze’s body G.o.d art merged with the first body G.o.d art, strength G.o.d art, and golden body G.o.d art. It was rather powerful.

Now, his body G.o.d art would evolve once again.

As the pale spirit light and dark golden spirit light commingled, the pain grew more intense, which was enough for Lu Ze to even frown.

However, he could feel an invisible wave spreading. His body was swiftly progressing!

Especially his defensive capabilities.

The white-armored giant elephant’s body G.o.d art specialized in defense.

After combining its body G.o.d art with the others, Lu Ze’s defensive abilities were far beyond his other aspects. The dark golden spirit light and pale spirit light intertwined.

Different colors flashed.

Eventually, the white spirit light became half-transparent. The light was akin to a flickering fire that was ablaze.

More and more dark golden and white spirit light turned into a translucent white flame.

Lu Ze also emitted an exceedingly powerful chi.

A few hours later, the merging process was finished.

Lu Ze opened his eyes and looked at the spirit fire on his palm.

He clenched his fist.


A thunderous explosion occurred.

Cracks within s.p.a.ce manifested around Lu Ze’s fist. He could see the twisted s.p.a.ce inside.

Lu Ze slowly unclenched his fist, and the s.p.a.ce repaired itself.

He grinned excitedly.

‘He is really a prodigy!’

He felt his combat power was nearing level-9 star state.

‘What an explosive improvement!’

However, he couldn’t unleash his power in the s.h.i.+p right now. He should try it in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.


He and Li had finally done the deed last time.

‘In that case… could he drag her inside too?’

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

‘How will he explain the presence of the fox demon inside?!

Lu Ze’s felt a headache.