Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 875 - Ze, This Demon!

Chapter 875 - Ze, This Demon!

Chapter 875 Ze, This Demon!

Lu Ze looked at the door and went over. When he opened it, he encountered Lu Li wearing some kind of loose pajamas. She appeared anxious.

Lu Ze asked, “Li? What is wrong?”

Lu Li smirked. She pushed Lu Ze inside and closed the door herself.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘What is she attempting now?’

‘Could it be…’

‘Cut him with a sword.’

Noticing his nervousness, Lu Li inched even closer. “Lu Ze, why are you so nervous?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. Well, her evil smile would never fail to agitate him. He had to be vigilant.

Beyond his expectations, Lu Li pushed Lu Ze into the bed.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘Oh s.h.i.+t!’

Lu Ze looked into the depth of her eyes. They seemed to be watery at this moment, allowing him to see through her emotions. ‘Emotions that he hasn’t seen before!

Likewise, Lin Ling exhibited the same behavior during that one morning too.

Before Lu Ze could properly react, Lu Li bent down and kissed his lips.

Lu Ze: “…”

The following morning, Lu Ze opened his eyes and looked at Lu Li who was in his arms. He grinned.

He never expected her to possess the guts to take control of the matters.

Her long lashes fluttered, and she slowly opened her eyes.

A hint of fatigue was evident on her face. Still, she pushed herself to hug Lu Ze tightly and lean on his chest.

Lu Li acted like a kitten. Lu Ze found it amusing and kissed her in the forehead as he hugged her even tighter.

The two reveled in the physical intimacy and indulge themselves in the heat of the moment.

Right at this juncture, something dawned on Lu Ze. Hence, he inquired, “Li, what about the others?

‘How come they allowed her to enter his room alone?’

She hadn’t been back for the entire night.

Supposedly, the other girls should be swarming them now. But… where are they? Lu Ze was ready to get beaten up. Lu Li pouted her lips and bit Lu Ze’s shoulder. “There’s only us right now. Why do you bother to ask about the other girls?”

Lu Ze immediately said seriously, “Li is the best in the world! If anyone objects, I’ll beat his head!”

Lu Li sneered and rolled her eyes. However, the smile never left her face.

She teased, “I used some Eternal Darkness Mist and blocked their senses. They were cultivating anyway, so of course, they didn’t discover my actions. Lu Ze: “…”

Did she use a cosmic cloud state divine art just for this purpose?

Lu Ze was appalled.

‘Are all girls this vicious?’


The others might be cultivating. However, the fox demon already exited the Pocket Hunting Dimension like him.

This meant…

‘S-she probably already knew about it, right?’

‘Perhaps, she is even enjoying the show.’

Lu Li grinned. “However, the mist is about to scatter soon. Let’s get up.”

She was smiling like a cunning little fox, but ‘little’ did she know, the fox demon already discovered her.

Lu Ze smiled and didn’t say anything. Otherwise, he will end up upsetting her.

Lu Li took away the sheets and opened the door.

Outside, Nangong Jing, Alice, Lin Ling, and Qiuyue Hesha were already standing at the door.

When it finally opened, they saw a sweet smile pasted on Lu Li The girls: “…” The atmosphere became very awkward.

Lu Li was planning to sneak back, but she was caught red-handed…

Nangong Jing called her out, “Wow Lu Li, you’re truly here indeed!”

She was seething with anger!’

‘She couldn’t take his first, but now, she wasn’t even his second either.’

How impudent was Li to employ such nefarious means?

The sneaky girl used her divine art to commit a crime while they were busy in their cultivation!

‘This was crossing the line!’

At the very least, she hoped she had divine art like hers…

Alice pouted her lips and looked at Lu Li in disbelief. “Li! You changed! We are supposed to be allies!”

Alice felt betrayed.

Lin Ling was taken aback.

‘Why are things like this?’

‘Isn’t she supposed to be next in line if the incident concerning the blade demons didn’t occur?’

‘Yet, it had only been a day but someone else took her spot!’

Lin Ling refused to say anything. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

Only Qiuyue Hesha was grinning like a troublemaker.

Nangong Jing, Lin Ling, and Alice all looked at Lu Ze as though they were aggrieved. ‘This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!’

‘Hmmph, they aren’t going to talk to him for at least a month… no… a week… no… three days!

Lu Ze coughed. “Then, how about tonight,


The three girls rolled their eyes and turned away from him.

Lu Ze laughed at their reaction.

Well, there were always more opportunities in the future.

He disappeared from the spot and returned in an instant.

Nangong Jing, Lin Ling, and Alice touched their mouths.

‘H-he kissed them!’

They were annoyed, but their hearts were beating fast.

After a moment of silence, Alice said, “I’ll go and cook breakfast.”

Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze. “I’ll go and help.”

Lu Li chimed in, “Me too…”

She followed the others to the kitchen.

Now, only Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha remained.

Qiuyue Hesha winked at Lu Ze and sat down.

Nangong Jing went to drink some golden fruit wine gloomily.

Lu Ze went to sit next to Nangong Jing.

Nangong Jing glanced at him and rolled her eyes before chugging more of her drink. Lu Ze took out a bucket of golden fruit wine. “Jing Jing, your wine is almost finished, right?”

She loved drinking so much that Lu Ze set a rule for her to only drink a bucket per month.

Despite this, she was still low on wine near the end of the month and always pleaded for more wine.

Today seemed about the right time too.

As soon as Lu Ze took it out, Nangong Jing stiffened.

Her face appeared to be torn.

After a long intense internal battle, she looked away and ignored Lu Ze.

‘If she drank slower, she could last three days!’

‘She wouldn’t succ.u.mb!’

Lu Ze grinned and took out another bucket. He seduced her like the devil. “You can drink two buckets this month. How about it?”

‘Should she take it?’

But they agreed to cut communications with him for three days!

She was the elder sister, she had to stay true to her words.

Nangong Jing gulped some saliva.

Lu Ze grinned again. He took out another bucket.

“Mhm, this month, Jing Jing can get three buckets of golden fruit wine. How about it?”

Nangong Jing: “…” She stopped breathing!

‘d.a.m.n it, this demon!’

‘He was tempting her!’

It was too hard.

Lu Ze sighed. “I knew it. Jing Jing doesn’t want to drink anymore. I’ll take them back now…”


Nangong Jing charged over and put all the wine in her storage ring.


‘She could drink three buckets this month!!’


Nangong Jing felt as though Qiuyue Hesha looked at her as if she was an idiot.

Her smile stiffened.

Lu Ze hugged Nangong Jing and rubbed her black long hair. “Don’t be angry anymore, okay?”